EGYPTIAN media reporting that Muslim Brotherhood snipers are killing their own and blaming it on the Egyptian security forces

sddefaultMajor Egyptian media sources are reporting that these pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators are actually being killed by Muslim Brotherhood members. If these reports are correct, Egypt may be home to Pallywood on steroids. Is it possible that Muslim Brotherhood loyalists are killing their own in order to implicate the interim government?

Shoebat  Ahram reported that helicopters belonging to security forces buzzed the rooftops of residential towers in anticipation of Muslim Brotherhood snipers. Elfagr reported that Egyptian security forces were working to clear at least seven Muslim Brotherhood snipers from the area around Rabia Al-Adawiya mosque.


The very reputable Dostor reported that eight Brotherhood snipers were arrested near the Rabia Al-Adawiya mosque, which is an important landmark. The snipers were shooting from rooftops of buildings close to the mosque. Yesterday, we wrote about explosive claims made by Egyptian talk show host Ahmed Moussa on July 30th. He called out U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Anne Patterson for not acknowledging that the “assassin” of Christopher Stevens – a man Moussa identified as Mohsen Al-Azazi – was “present at Rabia Al-Adawiya” mosque with Safwat Higazy and Mohammed El-Beltagy.

Alamiya reports that Brotherhood snipers have been in place for more than a month and cites sources who claim that these snipers have been firing “indiscriminately” toward security forces.


Check out this translated excerpt from an analysis of a video posted on July 28th which claims to reveal that the shootings of Mursi’s supporters actually came from the direction of… Mursi’s supporters. In this particular case, the victim in question was shot in the head:

“The scandal of the terrorist group that kills its supporters and trades their blood for advantage, reveals and clarifies the picture of firing live bullets at the protesters… The distance between the first October Bridge area stationing police and the victim is more than 500 meters. The sense of impossibility that this person could be hit in the head from such a distance at ground level while amongst such a large crowd should be obvious.”