MUSLIM INBREEDING: The horrific results you never see

We often see the mental deficiencies of rampant Muslim inbreeding (first cousin marriages) resulting in aberrant, abusive, deviant and shockingly inhumane behavior. What we rarely see are the physical effects.

FYI: Up to 75% of all Muslim marriages involve first cousins.












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  1. I CAN’T watch anymore of this! I had no idea that a person could let this type of thing happen. It’s beyond cruel to know that some humans would do this knowing that by their actions they’re responsible for causing another innocent little human being to be born into this world to suffer so much pain, live in such agony! It truly makes you wonder – if these people are really mentally capable of being human beings or if they’re just pure demonic! This is awful, but after seeing this I don’t want any of them in my country – if they’ll do this to one of their own, I can’t imagine what they could do to a stranger!! President Trump needs to see this, for sure! He may not know these people are this bad either …

  2. Those poor, poor babies. However, video’s like THIS making fun of sick babies makes you a bully and incapable of compassion! These children are suffering and not to be made jokes of. Awful, simply awful.

  3. This almost brought tears from my eyes. Poor babies. Religions like Islam are so dumb. This is what happens when dumbfucks who believe in a dumbfuck faith procreate.

  4. For those of you shouting “RACIST BASTARDS!!!” and go on about how the United States has inbreeding, think about one thing before you put your hands to your keyboard;

    A) How many of those worshiping Islam have killed in the name of Allah, Jihad or any other reason associated with Islam? For what reasons? Usually, the reasoning behind it is among others, race. While yes, some of the people here are racists, how many of them are going to strap a bomb to their bodies and walk into a public area full of people and kill them? I’d be willing to vote none, if any.

    Before you say that other religions, such as Christianity have done the same, take a look around you. While it’s true, Catholics and Christians both did at one time practice cleansing, the key words here are “at one time” – they’ve all moved on and tried to do better by their fellow men and women, Islam has not.

    B) Yes, inbreeding occurs in probably every corner of the globe, including the United States – how many Islamists do it in the name of Allah? How many in other religions do it for any religious reason? I’d be willing to bet that the percentage of Islamists outweighs that of the percentage of just about any other religion.

    However, let’s take it one step further. How many other religions and people in general believe in “honor killings”? Have you bothered to even do a little bit of research into Sharia Law? If you don’t even know what an honor killing is, perhaps you don’t know as much as you think you do about Islam and the “evil racist bastards” here who post.

    TLDR: For those of you who defend Islam, maybe you should educate yourself and try to see beyond what the media in general tells you to believe.

  5. The worst part of Muslim inbreeding is not the physical defects, but the mental defects caused by it. How many times do we hear of a Muslim attack with the excuse, “He had mental problems”.
    Every Muslim you meet seems to have some mental or emotional problem.

    • AZ, it’s not the same. Inbreeding causes severe mental and physical disabilities, but usually doesn’t turn them into terrorists. The media and left wing politicians have grabbed onto the idea of “mental issues” in order to excuse the terrorist acts without ever haivng to place blame on the real cause – Islam.

      • You’re right, Bonnie. Between the inbreeding & their violent death cult brainwashing, Moslems are very messed up people.


    • I’m new to this site! In TOTAL AGREEMENT W/ 99% of the folks on here….but here’s a thought-why TRY to even slow down the inbreeding?? To my way of thinking, the more drooling hideously deformed mutants the better! Then let the mutants breed with other mutants!! The fewer even marginal mentally -functioning Ishmaelites there are, the better off the rest of civilized humanity will be! As one of your other posters wrote, just let them in-breed themselves out of existence! Thoughts?

      • Welcome Frank.

        The problem with that idea is that many of the inbreds are now living in the West and we have to pay for the extensive medical care they require for their mental and physical disabilities (much more than in the general population)

        • Good point-hadn’t considered that aspect of the situation…then given that, there should a way-how is for the scientists to figure out- to somehow render that sub-species of humanity incapable of reproduction…..something in there commonly consumed food, perhaps?….greater minds than mine SHOULD be working around the clock to facilitate this!!!!

        • They are already mutants leading more mutants, do think any one with a positive IQ would want to be a suicide bomber? They are perverts and need to be completely eliminated from the planet.

  6. I heard I was one of those red eye monsters go figure thanks mom showing family pictures again or should I say Janet Jackson. But this cant be real

  7. this is an anti Muslim campaign and orchestrated by a new Nazi group whom most possibly been abused by their own family.
    Hitler had a similar excuses when he ordered the destruction of many millions of Jews for some stupid reasons.

    • Hi Jordan. Love the comment about Nazis killing jews, have you noticed all the muslims killing jews, Muslims are the closest thing on the planet to nazis.Hitler as like muslims wanted to kill everyone who was not a nazi, does that sound familiar ?Does infidel pop into your brain ?And inbreeding is nothing short of a fact.Muslims next problem is there only fix is to breed with infidel lmao They need infidel but want to kill them what a delema

  8. The last one… When I thought I couldn’t see something more horrible, and I browse BestGore without a problem. Truly fucked up

  9. BNI

    Just to update general knowledge of everybody, they can marry their own real brother or sisters, the only condition is they should not be breastfed by the same mother

    Sick bastards!!

    I also wish to repeat the same message which I mentioned in my last post ” boycott them, dont do any business with them, don’t buy anything from them, stop paying huge commissions to middlemen / agents sitting in UAE

    Anyways, my favorite – Mohammad was a rapist, thief, paedophile, and so are his followers

    Dteaming to happen the same in India, what happeNed in Slovakia!

  10. Maybe they should write a paper and win a nobel peace prize
    for improving the gene pool of the human race
    by “keeping it in the family”.

  11. Just want to assert–in no uncertain terms–that I am NOT affiliated with this sniveling muslim-apologist “George,” with whom I’m embarrassed to share a namesake. Based on the turd he dropped here his name is likely Mohammad, anyway…

  12. This website makes me sick, you racist bastards should be ashamed of yourselves. People of the Islam religion are just as human as any of you, so grow some compassion and some religious tolerance. Every place in the world has inbreeding *cough cough Kentucky and West Virginia* and any of you that so choose to use the Christian religion or the Bible as support for your argument are hopelessly hypocritical. God does not approve of the sort of hate you project towards the Muslims; it’s all the same God, just different names and different rules. So, in the words of Jesus Christ, “let he who has not sinned cast the first stone.”

    • George, you have to be able to tell us what “race” Islam is before you are allowed to post here. Actually most Muslims are sub-human and inbred. Got a problem with that? Good. Scram. FYI: GOD APPROVES. Allah is not God.

      • Well said, I am sick to death of Islamic appeasers and defenders. George is just another ignorant, uneducated denier.

    • George, all one has to do is scroll down and read the comments sent by other idiots, many inbred themselves to the point of intellectual insolvency only to read several, in so many words, who have essentially said the same, tired, baseless, ill-conceived talking points that you just uttered. Yea, we’re all racists here at BNI (yawn), among other nasty, horrible things. The only thing you morons cannot grasp though is that we don’t shriek, gasp, and fold in horror when some P/C-addled, leftarded moron decides to call us such, never mind that many of us here are from all races, nationalities, and creeds around the globe, united in our opposition to the supremacist ideology of islam. If only you could see the diversity of IP addresses on this forum, yet we’re all racists here at BNI, “HORRORS!” “AHHHHHHH!” “I’ve been called a RACIST!” Gee George, can you explain to me the attributes of the Islamic race so I can at least understand what it is that I hate so much?

      Major fail here George. Inbred much?

      • God is the deity of Judaism and Christianity, allah is the deity of Islam, so different they are close to opposites. As you learn about islam you will find no upside to this genocidal cult.

      • Let us get this straight. God is God – Supreme Creator of our insignificant planet, the Solar System, and our Multiverse. One set of rules (OK, laws) that apply equally to everyone and everything. This “true” God has no need to micromanage any one’s lives. No special languages, words and phrases to communicate with Her Creation. It is a probabilistic world and multiverse. Not a deterministic one – contrary to that envisioned by Islam’s Prophet (or whatever) and other self-appointed puny human beings. Muslims who take Islam (“submission”) and Quran literally and act on injunctions by an “invisible” being referred to as Allah (la di da!) suffer from delusion and are psychotic and should be locked up in a Caliphate created for them in Saudi Arabia, the mother of all psychos, so they do not bother normal civilized people of the world ever. They’ll go to hell anyway, why not begin today in the hellish cauldron of present day Saudi Arabia (Home of Wahabiism)??

    • Hey George. Don’t be so upset. We know that if your mom and dad were to get divorced, they would still be brother and sister.

    • Hey george we make fun of our own country folk who inbreed in fact we laugh and make jokes about it but those are isolated pockets of mountain folk and it is not common. On the other hand you muslims havesex with mountain goats and it is the norm to marry your relative so we will make fun of you too and anyone else who inbreeds so learn to laugh. Im waiting to laugh at all the pissed off muslim jokes they are gonna make up because you people are ridiculously mad at everything. Do you hate rainbows and unicorns also? Get over it

    • Inbreeding is not cool ok u bastards need to be educated. Dont sleep with your sister dont sleep with your cousin.its not ok. Think about the offspring.

    • Hey George:
      I havent beheaded anyone, nor has anyone I know committed murder, rape or any other crime which ISIS seems to relish. Talk about “tolerance”…when even the “moderates” will tolerate nothing but Islam in their midsts…in Europe happening all over and beginning to happen in the USA.

      At least I am not guilty of THOSE sins.

    • Chumps like you ,snivelling lames,ohhh you should be tolerant of the religious gang that wants to behead you and rape your daughter and mother,they are the reason you can’t even say the word christmas anymore .they will destroy everything you love,and u say ‘cast the first stone’?u don’t come to a country and change its customs unless you want to take over.punks like you ain’t got the nuts to stand up.I’m ashamed of Americans like you.people like you are the reason these scumbag muzzies are just taking over the whole planet.gotta be kind to the murderous inbred death dealers?. Toall you politically correct pussy “Americans,and Europeans that just helped snivel these cowards into fruition with political correctness.they don’t care that you were ‘on their side’they will crucify you just like Christ,and in my opinion…oh well you deserve it,but what about the innocents they will kill cause of your weak sentiments!!,the blood is on your hands as well.yes it is honorable that I die for Christ,but I’ll defend ..tooth and nail, innocent children,women ,elderly.,people who have no clue what is headed their way.Islam is a warring religion plain n simple.the only time there has been Muslim peace is when they were whooped into signing a treaty,they get strong again and its back to pinky and the brain world conquest….stand up America!!Europe is already in tatters.

    • They do not belong in a civilized society’s
      They practice a barbaric religion that requires murder. And if you think your going to change them , please review the history of Bosnia Hertsogvina where Muslims and Christians have been fighting and murdErin each other for hundreds of years.

    • Thank you for your enlighten view, inbred moron. Let’s see how tolerant you are when their current crusade comes to neighborhood near you. They’re not coming here to conform to our way of life. They’re coming here to conform us to their way of life. If you don’t, they’ll cut your head off. This is an Invasion dumbass. Pull your head out of your ass you stupid fucking moron, before it’s too late.

  13. it is wrong think because inbreeding is leads to death of young ones………. so change your mentality,,its change your generation its my humble request

  14. They are threat to entire man kind.They settle down in various countries with their swines and multiply like cockroaches and rats.Once they feel that the host country is infested with enough of them, they slowly start to cause problems over trivial matters, slowly start claiming rights.Give me this give me that nagging complaining, that is their strategy, always create havoc.
    1400 years of inbreeding has resulted in the worst monsters one can ever imagine
    They are superior to monkeys and inferior to humans.
    It is good these sand monkeys are fighting in middle east so people can be at peace
    The one and only pesticide to eradicate these sick monkeys is uranium 235
    once for all so they evaporate and go to hell.

  15. I feel sorry for the poor children being born like that!!
    I never thought I’d hear myself say this but I think they should put these poor babies “out of their misery”
    What sort of a life would any of them have, esp the first and last ones in video!

  16. Muslims want everyone to be under their distorted religion. It is about time the non Islamic societies of the world woke up. Australia has been an immigrant nation with 99% integrating into the Australian way of life, respecting the Australian way of life and integrating into the Australian way of life. When the anti Islamic political group starts in Australia …. you all must vote for them.

  17. Why are you criticizing the muslims? They just follow their prophet, he himself was a pedophyle, he maried Aisha when she was 6 BUT, he screwed her only when she was 9…. see? What a gentleman, he waited soooooo long…

    Anyway, my point? They have a pedophyle as a prophet, they want to imitate him.

    • Of course! The bastards continually rape and molest even little babies ! I am most certain is has to do not only with their teachings, however the in-breeding as well. Probably the goats are more respected then females. I read an article on muslims that adult men “thigh” their own children. Thighing means to rub their genitals over the little girl’s thighs kissing them, but not allowed to penetrate them. And the Mullah permits this. Now how can any one say that the teachings are valid.

  18. Most if not all of these are from Iraq, where the glorious forces of Xristendom used DU and other very nasty stuff on a largely civilian population. AN experiment in radiation exposure.

    • And you’re a lying, obfuscating sack of pig testicles, especially considering how many, if not most of these cases have a Pakistani connection where there is absolutely no exposure to Depleted Uranium munitions. Western forces DO NOT target civilian populations, that’s what jihadists do (and hide behind them too.)Western forces are subject to the Hague and Geneva Conventions which defines such an action as a crime against humanity. When roughly 33% of cases of congenital birth defects in the UK occur among people of Pakistani descent, you tell me how Depleted Uranium factors into the equation, or just STFU! You are a blithering idiot, likely a muslim yourself, and judging by your level of cognitive functioning skills, you too must be either inbred or at the least, have a prayer bump (zabibba, i.e. shit stain) the size of a grapefruit on your forehead.

    • @therzal…what the fuck are you babbling about!!?? DU on civilian populations?? What kind of goat raping fuck-tard are you?? The only thing our forces have on the battlefield that uses DU is tanks…and the DU is in its armor you dipshit. True, we have DU anti-armor sabot rounds for shooting other tanks but those are only used if regular anti-armor rounds won’t work. Since Iraq’s military was armed with shitty old soviet & chinese tanks based on the T-54 we don’t need to use DU on them b/c regular anti-armor rounds cut through them like butter. Oh and by the way…DU is not radioactive…that’s why it’s called DEPLETED URANIUM you inbred twat. DU is no more radioactive than the smoke detector in your house. Let me remind you that it was the glorious (now non-existent) forces of piss-lam under Saddam Hussein that used Sarin gas on the Kurds. Now ISIS is using chlorine gas in Syria. Try removing your head from your vapor-lock…you’ll be able to see things a whole lot clearer that way. And stay the fuck off this site. Nobody here believes your bullshit.

  19. They look faked somehow. Nowadays you can´t trust anything on the screen.

    And from where you get the source that they´re from arabian countries and the disease is from inbreeding and not from something else?

  20. Holy fucking hell…. Ok, sorry but the first thing I thought was, please kill it.
    Nothing at all whatsoever deserves to be born like that. Disturbed for a good long while…

  21. finally i found a very good website like this 🙂 i really want to share with my friends.

  22. judging by the comments here i can’t bring myself to watch it.
    u don’t hv to go to school to know inbreeding is disastrous . in my tribe our ancestors chose totems for each man and this was the totem for all his descendants even after centuries.each totem has secific names. as a rule one can’t mate with anyone from their totem,their mother s totem or their grandmother s. in effect there’s never a chance of inbreeding . and these are people who first saw their reflection in mirror in the 19th century . so let someone explain how stupid and retarded can these moslems be to still inbreed in the 21st century . are there real schools anyway .

    • Now that is a good point. Excellent actually. They (muslims) are a stupid people. Now the totem custom of your ancestors was a sound social policy, not to mention a clever and ingenious idea.

      Your ancestors were a wise, resourceful people. I can’t and I won’t say the same for muslims.

    • Take a look at the spanish hapsburgs. They went extinct and crazy! In Catholicism you can’t marry your cousins, but royalty sometimes got an except to the rule. Now in Islam Mohammad said it was a good practice, so in the Islamic world it will never be stopped.

    • Kevine, even Hindus have these totems. Its called gotra & each gotra has a specific name. And same gotra descendants don’t marry.


  24. So Islam supporting first cousin marriages suddenly means these deformed children are everywhere in Islam-dominated regions?
    Deformities like these don’t happen that often from cousin+cousin breeding, unless inbreeding happens for many generations.
    One more thing, if this vid came from any other religion, y’all would likely ignore it completely. But since the “oh so evil” Muslims have given birth to that poor child, this suddenly means all Muslims are evil radicals who torture children.

    • Hmmm no my friend your wrong in your statement,” if this was any other religion”. Not the case at all! The uneducated and heathen practice of incest is repugnant and repulsive at the highest level! You also left out the mental illness that effects these stone age heathens that practice incest which effects 70% of the offspring of the incest practitioners.. And no this does not mean “suddenly” Islam has become evil! Islam has always been evil and a very bloody religion FACT! Everything God condemns Islam practices! Pedophilia, incest, murder, honor killings of girls and family members ect. Mohammad himself was a pedophile….
      With all the incest it is easy to see how they can find people willing to die in an act of terror, their inbred monsters without a whole lot upstairs!
      FREAKS! Satans puppets!

    • HG, Me, too, although I will watch it over any other when I do. Ever since they took on Saudi Royal family investors, their coverage of the Middle East and Islam just hasn’t been the same.

      • I thought you might be interested,… I only know that on DirecTV, channel 349 there is NewsMax, it’s a really good channel, better than Fox!

      • O’Rilley keeps bragging how the Muslims in America are so great and different from the ones in Europe (it’s their numbers, morom). He was a history teacher and he must know the truth, with the BS of moderate islam. Hannity used to say , as O’Reilley that the terrorists had hijacked the religion of peace, and one of the female commentators, Kirsten Powers (?) said islam is basically peaceful.It seems that Hannity is changing his tune after the CH slaughter in Paris. Saturday,1/17 the lady who subbed for M.Kelley interviewed a muslima by the name of Qanta ? (Didnt get her last name) who lied about islam, how peaceful it is , and those criminals are islamists and don’t represent the religion and other lies. The commentator kept a smile on her lipss and didn’t ask questions, especially how Mohammed spread his sick cult.
        For more on history of islam go to youtube and watch Bill Warner , Ph D lectures on islam. It’s very informative.
        We see how the “moderate muslims ” around the world are reacting to the cartoons.They don’t riot in protest against all the barbaric crimes perpetrated by the followers of the religion of pieces, only to protect the name of the sick religion and the prophet.

    • You stopped watching Fox, the only news source that provides the truthful reporting? Great decision. What will you watch now? Al Jazeera?

      • I read more and subscribe to foreign publications. It is more time consuming, but worth it. I will still watch Fox once in awhile as I do other news channels just to be aware of the lies they are telling the public. Hope this answers your question and appreciate your concern.

    • The sad is, this are not “things” this are human beings and they may be totally normal inside, I mean their brains functioning normally if they survive.

  25. The reason Western governments don’t outlaw marriage and breeding with first cousins is that they don’t want to upset the Muslims whose votes they want.

  26. Also I read your message about donation and I wouldn’t give you people a penny and I hope your Muslim enemies find you and end your unfounded hatred. If you are American I’m disgusted to be from the same country as you. If your not then I feel sorry for your county men. I’d love to hear from any of you pathetic excuses for humanity.

    • “I hope your Muslim enemies find you and end your unfounded hatred.”

      So, you are invoking MURDER as something superior to hatred, which is clearly founded?

      You seem to be depraved. I hope the authorities find YOU before you harm someone. What a foul person to defend the world’s most violent ideology and to wish its thuggish fanatics to hunt people down and murder them.

    • Thanks, Mark. I wholeheartedly agree with you and Serp, whether you guys are Muslim or not. It’s quite astounding to see how hateful this website is, and it’s even more so when you see the number of people choosing to agree with it.

      • there wouldn’t need to be a website like this if it wasn’t for muzzies pushing their evil agenda where it has no place to be

      • @ThisWebsiteis**** No, what is truly astounding is how far you and other like-minded morons have succeeded in shoving your own heads so far up your collective asses that you can actually lick your own tonsils from the bottom up.

        Any inbreeding in your genome much?

    • I hope you are disgusted enough to move the hell out of this country. Syria perhaps? Iran maybe. I don’t care where you go, just go. You are wasting oxygen that humans could use.

  27. Sorry about the truth people, and I do hate to say “I told you so”, but every muslim that hasn’t proved themselves mentaly defective by converting to that barbaric cult is bound to be inbred along the way somewhere. How much inbreeding does it take before that individual is either dangerous or defective ? Do you know ? Does anybody know ? How many generations of seemingly normal muslims will pile up before a given union will produce poor pitiful but alive humans like those seen here ? How long before the guy who works at the muslim owned quick mart goes camel sh*t, screams “Alley Snackbar!” and cuts the throat of some dhimi customer ? Maybe some canny company ought to start selling “wild, inbred muslim, instant jihad insurance”, eh ?

    • Simple genetics. Most everyone has perhaps a dozen or so lethal recessive genes. Exogamy assures that the chance of a couple of these being paired in one person is small. Inbreeding increases the chances of lethal pairing astronomically. The closer the relationship the more likely. Sibling marriages were common among the Egyptian Pharoahs and stillborn and sickly births also common.

    • Does nobody on this site have a heart or any fucking decency. That ‘pitiful’ human is a newborn baby. A seriously ill one at that. Shame on the lot of you. Yous have a go at the muhammed shaggers and rightly so but having that much hatred that entices you to speak about kids like that makes you no fucking better. Fucking fascists

  28. Interesting since new scientific research is discovering how our parent’s mutated genetics can be passed down to their children and children’s children. Research the causes of these disorders! For goodness sake people, are we attacking the Jewish community for all of their JEWISH disorders:
    •Bloom’s Syndrome
    •Canavan Disease
    •Cystic Fibrosis
    •Familial Dysautonomia
    •Familial Hyperinsulinism
    •Fanconi Anemia Group C
    •Gaucher Disease, Type I
    •Glycogen Storage Disease, Type I
    •Joubert Syndrome 2
    •Maple Syrup Urine Disease
    •Mucolipidosis IV
    •Nemaline Myopathy
    •Niemann-Pick Disease, Type A
    •Spinal Muscular Atrophy
    •Tay-Sachs Disease
    •Usher Syndrome (Type 1F and Type III)
    •Walker-Warburg Syndrome

    No, why because they are the “chosen”. Islam is not perfect and because the world like women to show off their tits and walk half naked down the street doesn’t mean everyone can do it. If you truley believe Islam is coming for you, you’re paranoid and need to get it checked out. I mean, how about the other religions that like having more than one wife? And has anyone here read the Bible? Seriously, it holds verse after verse of The Jews brutally murdering the poeple that lived in PALESTINE for their land. Read the Bible from front to back and then come talk to me.

    • “Seriously, it holds verse after verse of The Jews brutally murdering the poeple that lived in PALESTINE for their land.”

      Oh,really?When was Palestine ever recognized as a country?What was its capital city?What was its economy?What was its demographic?Religious views?My god, man,why doesn’t the Arab world take in these poor people?If anything it was part of Syria NOT a Sovereign state.I’m not even Jewish,but I guess if you lie to yourself long enough,your lie becomes truth.Islam is not perfect?Islam is a filthy,putrid way of life whose prophet married a six year old and consecrated their vows at age 9.All Islam has and will ever have is a dark ages view of life and a bloodlust to dominat the world. And I can only imagine what the world will be like at the turn of the next century when tolerance, compassion, charity, kindness, and love become arcane ideals in a world dominated by Islamic fundamentalism annihilating everything good and proper in its path.One need only look at the West and the Arab world and ask themselves:Where would you rather live,Canada or Pakistan?Australia or Somalia?Sweden or Morocco?Italy or Saudi Arabia?Don’t ever forget that its the separation of church and state and freedom of speech which allows you to defend Islam.Try stepping off a plane in Riyadh espousing the virtues of Christianity and see what happens.Western culture is 1,000 advanced/superior to Islamic life in EVERY WAY.

      • I sure AGREE!! The Hebrews killed many barbarians – as set forth and listed the Old Testament (to us Gentiles ). These barbarians practiced HUMAN SACRIFICE of their own children – kill them to make the crops grow as thanks and kill them when crops were bad to turn things around. I think the Palis are still doing it, hold a baby in their lap and shoot, at the IDF or fire rockets from a school. So the Hebrew people were right all along. I don’t think the muzzies are doing so well on their inbred stats either – I mean – look at them – murder, kill, rape, murder kill rape. Even beat their own women and stuff them under black gag bags. Only these barbarians do these things – we of the West can see this so clearly. Raping their female relatives seems to have gone on since Mohaha raping a girl and calling it a marriage.

    • Its not about the diseases , but the fact that inbreeding causes lower intelligence as well as a spike in horrific disorders that causes violent tendencies with no remorse. Thats why the men there have no self control and cannot maturely see an attractive female.also why they are so violent. I live In el cajon so I know many people of middle eastern and muslim decent. One thing I will never forget is that as a child I noticed that EVERY SINGLE DAY AND NIGHT I could hear the middle eastern females(adults & kids) scream while being beaten and not just my neighbors but also everyone of my friends middle eastern neighbors. You can hate on american women for showing skin and ill hate on middle eastern cowardly men who abuse their families and treat women like sub-humans.

    • Karla, do your parents bear the same surname? Really, do they? Does your father have a shit stain on his forehead? Does your mother have nasty bruises on her back and legs? Does your 11 year old brother drool? Was your big sister’s funeral a closed casket affair and did your older brother get out of town soon enough?

      • Yes to all of the above.
        Karla, go find a filthy arab to beat the crap out of you, cover u in burlap a nd copulate with ur child.

      • Yes, great find. Send it to everyone you know, post it on websites you visit. We must garner support and quickly. Within 30 years or less France and Britain will be lost… along with our 1,000+ intercontinental nuclear missiles.

        We must bring down the dhimmi, multi-culti leadership of the West, and soon, so we can meet this challenge with the sword.

      • I haven’t found what Dr. Warner is saying to be true when it comes to people not wanting to hear about the true nature of Islam. I’ve found that most average people do not like Islam. They see it for what it is, a twisted, violent cult and they want to fight against it. Our community would fire bomb a mosque if they were to try to build one here.

        Maybe this video was produced a few years ago.

      • Excellent video. Its a must watch for all muslims and non-muslims. Let the muslims understand why they are hated so much.

    • I have read the Bible, the Koran, as well as the book of Norman cover to cover. That is why I resigned from all religion. Just because other was ancient history of Jewish evil doesn’t make today’s evil of Islam OK. Islam I pure evil. It is satanic and demonic. There will never be peace in the works until Islam is crushed and eradicated.

      • I agree YB with every word you say, the world is doomed as we will never get rid of Islam their here to stay, poor us

      • Very good history – something he missed though – incredibly there is a record of slave raids on Ireland by Muslims in the 1600s!

      • White Gold , by Giles Milton.

        White Gold: The Extraordinary Story of Thomas Pellow and Islam’s One Million White Slaves

        “In the summer of 1716, a Cornish cabin boy named Thomas Pellow and fifty-one of his comrades were captured at sea by Barbary corsairs. Their captors–Ali Hakem and his network of Islamic slave traders–had declared war on the whole of Christendom. Pellow and his shipmates were bought by the tyrannical sultan of Morocco. Drawn from the unpublished letters and manuscripts of Pellow and survivors like him, White Gold is a fascinating glimpse at a time long forgotten by history.”

    • Hmmm Karla your forgetting one thing the rest of the world including the Jews can think for themselves unlike the Islam trash where old filthy perverted men “FORCE” ten year old girls to marry them!!! You forgot pedophilia! You forgot honor killings of girls! And as for the Jews killing Palestinians you are correct the Jews have a right to protect themselves from inbred monsters!! ISRAEL was given to the Hebrews by GOD!
      Reality check, Islams goal is to bring the world under Shire law! FACT! Great, now we all can be force to marry our cousins and populate the world with mentally disturb FREAKS and be entertain watching the freaks cut peoples heads off in the plaza for entertainment as the Islam inbreeds spill blood for the Arabic moon God and worshiping the black rock (vagina) which is paganism and not to mention other oxymoron, hypocritical statements that Islam makes like God could not have a son but God has three daughters! LOL.
      No sister you have it all wrong, Islam is not Gods chosen people, but as the bible says Ishmael was a wild ASS, a beast that cannot be controlled and one of the most stupidest beast in the field!
      It wont be long before Islam will be wipe from the face of the earth!
      Revelation 19th..

      • From Wikipedia – “The Sack of Baltimore took place on June 20, 1631, when the village of Baltimore, West Cork, Ireland, was attacked by Algerian pirates from the North African Barbary Coast. The attack was the biggest single attack by the Barbary pirates on Ireland or Britain.[1] The attack was led by a Dutch captain turned pirate, Jan Janszoon van Haarlem, also known as Murad Reis the Younger. Murad’s force was led to the village by a man called Hackett, the captain of a fishing boat he had captured earlier, in exchange for his freedom. Hackett was subsequently hanged from the clifftop outside the village for his conspiracy.””

        Murad’s crew, made up of Dutchmen, Algerians and Ottoman Turks, launched their covert attack on the remote village on June 20, 1631. They captured 108 English settlers, who worked a pilchard industry in the village, and some local Irish people.

    • Karla, you use a female name. You are NOT female! You are a muslim male who HATES Jews and HATES Christians. You are possessed with a savage, demonic HATE for infidel females. The overwhelming majority of non-muslim women dress MODESTLY!

      Our women don’t walk half naked down the street you DIRTY LIAR! Your filthy, degrading, DEHUMANIZING statement of our women reminds me of the comment made by a Briton in Britain who said a muslim told her, Your women have the right to be half naked. Muslims have the “RIGHT” to RAPE them.

      Get out of our countries you SATANIC muslim parasite infidel-female-HATER Rapist MONSTERS!

      I have read the entire Bible – Old and New Testaments. No country called Palestine existed in history! God has given us the human right of SELF-DEFENSE! In the Bible, God declares his requirement for ALL humanity is KINDNESS! And commands: YOU SHALL NOT MURDER.

      The Quran, all Islamic teachings and mosques command muslims to wage VIOLENT jihad against non-muslims, commit atrocities and barbarically mass murder non-muslims!

      Quran (9:5) – “So when the sacred months have passed away, then slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them captive and besiege them and lie in wait for them in every ambush.

      Barbaric mass murderer and HUGE slave trader, founder of Islam, Mohammad, is regarded as the perfect man and role model by practicing muslims! You are a muslim DECEIVER! Islam’s founder declared:


      • But isn’t it a bit of a contradiction to say that God gives us the right to self-defense, then say in the same sentence that He commands us all to show Kindness and command that we shall not kill? I understand self-defense, but that doesn’t give us free reign to attack someone based solely on their religion. And, wherever possible, we are to turn the other cheek and try to bring others to Christ. How does spewing all this ferocious hatred towards Muslims help bring them to Christ?

        I understand you are very passionate about your beliefs – everyone posting here is – but the level of hostility is scary. I would not want my children to be exposed to the childish name-calling which seems to happen so frequently here. No one can take you seriously and no true dialogue can occur when you’re calling someone a “SATANIC Muslim parasite infidel-female-HATER Rapist monster”. If you want to educate those of us who you feel have been deceived by the image of Islam here in the US, then attacking anyone who disagrees with you is not going to be very effective.

    • i think youre not a real woman using a karla name, or rather maybe a gay muslim hiding. ya know what karla? i have many muslim friend in malaysia and indonesia they are gay and i pitty them because they cant leave islam for the reason of death penalty or honor killing. honor killing my ass you stupid mulims

    • The Bible starts out in a Tribal society that evolves. In a tribal society there are no jails, so people are killed. Latter on we see, the people “grow” and begin to understand the others might be included (see book of Jonah) So the Tribal state is left behind. Not so in Islam, they are permanently in the Tribal state because Moahmmad said so. The Jewish community is not being encouraged to marry their cousins like Mohammad encouraged this practice. In fact, a lot of Jewish people are being tested for these diseases before they get married. Karla, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  29. Funniest thing I’ve watched in a long time and a long time since I’ve been a muslim. Yes this happens a lot in my ex religion a lot. Muhammad (Piss be upon him) created laws which would ultimately cause the downfall of the humankind unless islam is eradicated from the face of the earth and folks, you ain’t seen nothin yet. There are more horrors of the muslim society than you dare to think about.

    • Welcome Abdul. We love hearing from ex-Muslims here. Check out the Categories list in the sidebar to see the areas we focus on. Are you living in the West now? Or are you still in a Muslim country?

    • If you think that’s so funny then you deserve pity. These are innocent kids who have been rendered deformed through no fault of their own. Only someone with a Satanic mentality would wish the sins of the parents be visited on their children.

      • Dear Cranky, these people gave this to their kids on purpose because Mohammad said it was good to marry their cousins. They chose to believe Mohammad. MOhammad was illiterate and worse, stupid. Nobody thinks it’s funny.

    • Just curious Abdul, were you not punished/caned/threatened when you turned your back on islam?

    • Abdul, only an ex-muslim is a good muslim. Happy that you got out of that blood cult. Any religion other than islam is good. I have a friend here in India, who was born a muslim but got converted to Christianity. Then his siblings followed him. The parents objected a lot, but ultimately they too gave in.

  30. You people with all your racist comments are pathetic and childish. You all sound like a new breed of Ku Klux Klan. Grow up and listen to yourselves…so much hate!!

    • Sam….we are in the midst of a war with a cult that is determined that we should die if we are not muslim. It might be good for you to research the nightmares people are suffering all over the world at the hands of these savages. There are video clips of 12 year old boys beheading adult men, of babies cut apart, monks beheaded….very, very gruesome.

      YOU would be one of the very people who allowed Hitler to take over their country while he murdered MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of INNOCENT men, women and children of all races and religions.

      You can live in a touchy feely world…I have lived in the Middle East….they HATE you, I guarantee it.

    • Sam, your head-in-the-sand ignorance is appalling and all too common. Wait, let me rephrase that, your “head-up-ass” ignorance is appalling and all too common. You’re a pussy. A cowardly pussy who would secure your safety by being a reality-denying, willingly-compliant sycophant, not to mention a groveling, jizya-paying dhimmi, but I’m sure you are completely unfamiliar with the terminology used above, which incidentally, gives you absolutely no credibility in this discussion, so piss off and don’t come back until you can grow a spine and at least grasp the basics of situational awareness. It might save your life some day.

      In the meantime, I won’t hold my breath.

    • If Islam were created by European or North American whites people like you would (rightly) criticise it for being a new form of neo-Nazism, but as it comes from lands where the people are darker skinned, you defend it. That is an indication that it is you who is guilty of racism. Anti-white racism, that is.

  31. wow. these nudslims are like rabib dogs. in the west it’s considered humane to shoot animals like this. just gross. You just wait when this becomes common in the west.

  32. This breaks my heart for all those poor tiny babies, I can’t imagine what they will go through when they grow up into this cold, uneducated, cruel world. I can only hope God will not let them experience this place and take them back, where they’ll be safe and loved forever.

      • We were told that killing unwanted infant girls was common in the Middle East so killing a baby like this would not faze them in the least.

        I read some time ago that Germany’s health care system is totally overburdened caring for the inbred offspring of muslims. I wonder what it is costing the US right now…someone has to pay for it.

  33. Its so easy for anybody to blame it on islam &criticise against one religion , its so easy to put sound affects in the backround and make it seem like its all muslims , that is not true islam is being labelled by non believers who know nothing about it or what the media has put together to make it seem like its muslims just because they look or sound similar or play islamic music in the backround to make it seem like it is ? .. come on , you people are smarter than that .. dont always believe what you see , the media is capable of fooling all of us . We are all human beings that have different believes and I for one know that muslims are peaceful people and are being made into something they are not , stop believing false media!

  34. I can watch it. Yes its horrible, but some of us have seen great horror. Now, you may begin, to understand PTSD. To say you cant watch it, is weakness.
    Yes, its horrible. Now, you know a bit, of what battle vets carry all our days. To me, its harder to pick up the pieces of the man who a few minutes before, was my friend. Some yahoo, will rty to say this is why war is bad, truth is, sometimes, you must fight to save civilization. Those of you who laugh at PTSD, are shallow. Sleepless nights, taking years for some to get over, others , well, guess we can take it. Like bare naked said, watch it. Prepare yourself, get tough, and keep your humanity. Sorry, im speaking for my bros who killed themselves, they saw too much. Look upon reality, for it is reality. Choose, to put your head in the sand, and when horror happens, you will not be able to handle it. Keep your head, first rule, stay calm, in the face of horror.

    • What you have said here Anonomous was very well said. Very well said, indeed. I sometimes have to force myself to watch these things. It isn’t because I WANT to see it, it is because I NEED to see it. I need to keep myself informed, prepared, and I have to understand. I am an extremely emotional individual and very sensitive. I will cry hard to violence and hate, but to hide under the bed and pretend that monster isn’t there while crying and shaking isn’t going to make the monster go away. Thank you for saying that.

  35. Words Fail. Emotions Fail. All I can pray for is that the sacrifice of these tiny souls will awaken the WORLD to the degeneracy of this “ideology”. And that they pass on to the Other Side quickly and painlessly.

  36. Trying to get Americans to understand that 1,400 years of inbreeding is causing this and not depleted uranium is impossible! These people won’t accept the fact that it’s inbreeding, and are calling me the retard, wtf?!? I’m glad you guys are reporting on it, many wont in fear of backlash from people saying that chemical warfare is to blame.

    • Niki S, the only problem with those fools who believe that garbage is that these congenital birth defects also widely occur in places that have zero% contamination from depleted uranium munitions. The last time I checked, there was no war raging in the UK and other places in Europe like Denmark. For example, 33% of congenital birth defects in the UK are caused by that 3% of the UK population that is of Pakistani descent, and they have not been exposed to war any time recently. Tell the fools this when they try to ridicule you.

  37. Well, thinking of all what is happening in the world. Egypt, other arab countries… And this, such a caricaturic approach to family, marriage. It is pure hate of God’s given order, given beauty and freedom. We are getting closer and closer to the wnd of days. I do not think, God wants us, blind fools to carry on like this. We should pray for their sick/poor islam infected hearts, who do not feel love, mercy and peace. Peace be upon the souls of those children !

  38. THis is why obumma wants “his” health care law enforced. Also something I found, and I wish I could find the link, the koran okays a “man” marrying his daughter from an affair. According to the koran she is NOT related to him because she is born out of “wed lock”.

  39. Fortunately, in the Arab world Allah takes care of those little problems and very few even make it out of the hospital, none grow into adults. It is in the degenerate West that their health service spends untold millions – at the insistence of their families – to not only keep these vegetable alive, but 20 years late import them a bride so that they can pass on their rotten genes.

      • Immoral behavior is always a problem no matter what tag you put in front of it. But here is the wrench in your equivalency deflection. There is no justification or approval of crimes against humanity in Christianity, it is called sin and one must repent of it [repent btw means turn away and don’t do it anymore]. The Bible allows no grey area for Christians in doing it…

        “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?”
        1st Peter 4:17

  40. Those ones near the beginning have harlequin-type icthyosis, not harlequin syndrome which is not particularly serious or debilitating. HTI is usually fatal in infanthood – the oldest known survivor is Nusrit Shaheen, a British-resident Muslim who was born with it in 1984. Just 12 people in the United states, at the time of writing, have the condition.

  41. Those poor children after seeing this how can they carry on interbreeding as they are.How can they try to take the moral high ground against the western countries when they think that having sex with their own family is acceptable it made me want to weep.Maybe the people who think that this is acceptable will breed themselves into extinction and no more children will be made to suffer due to this

  42. Cousin marriage is common in all Muslim countries. It is in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Quran and our Prophet had married his daughter with his uncle son. There were no defects in the children. Cousin marriage is thought to generate more stable relationship. Children are born with defects whether it is cousin marriage or not. Among migrant Muslim communities the defects are due to many factors. The pressure of moving to a different cultural environment and moving from their families, problems of racism and employment are responsible for the defects during pregnancies. The defects are nothing to do with cousin marriages. The hidden agenda is that British society does not want Muslims to bring their spouses from Muslim countries. A man/woman has the right to marry anybody from anywhere. It is a question of human right and the right given to Muslims by the Holy Quran and the sayings of the Holy Prophet.

      • There’s some real no-brainer Islamo faux 8th century science for you. Gregor mendel must be an unknown in Pakistan.

    • @iftikhara…you are extremely dense or downright dumb…I’m leaning towards downright dumb in my opinion of you. Seriously…you’d even say racism is the cause for these birth defects???? Seriously? How dumb and callous can you be? You do realize that in the past our kings and queens and other royalty used to breed in the family instead of outside to insure that the royalty and nobility STAYED in the family rather than outside sources. They gave up on this when they realized the ill consequences of mating INSIDE the family. They realized that they were breeding mentally unable children, mentally UNSTABLE children, and other mutations grew about their inbreeding. This is the reason they do not do it anymore…RACISM and other cultural environments WILL NOT cause birth defects…I suggest you get your head out of your bum.

    • Iftikhar Ahmad of the London School of IslamoTARDics, this is a prophetic glimpse of the future of mankind if (a)llah’s religion is made supreme in the world. The only possible good that could come of that is there would no longer be any humans around to worship his sorry, smelly ass because the human race would be rendered extinct. You can bet your sweaty, brown zabibba that BNI is right. You’re the perfect example of consanguinity’s effects upon human cognative functioning, or rather disfunctioning.

      Now having said all that, I wish you this, may packs of black dogs and feral hogs piss in your footbath and fart in your mosque.

      • I had the misfortune to live in Saudi for five years. One thing I did notice was so many young children with ambliopea, distorted limbs and lack of any respectable medical care. The King, on the other hand, was drinking Jack Daniels in his perch overlooking the Hajj in Mecca and departing on his ocean liner for Marbella Spain in the Winter.
        This “culture” is not mature to say the very least and empathy for others does not exist.
        7th century folks not attempting to crawl out of their caves.

    • ifti,…. what an absolute muslim Pig idiot you are ! This is what muslims have given to the world!

      You should know that In 1272, the muslims invented the condom, using a goat’s lower intestine.

      In 1873, 601 years later, the British somewhat refined the idea, by taking the intestine out of the goat first!

      There is something I could tell you that would alleviate these birth defects you love so much, but I’m not going to tell or help you in any form or fashion. You idiots can keep on suffering, the more the merrier !

      • “You should know that In 1272, the muslims invented the condom, using a goat’s lower intestine.

        In 1873, 601 years later, the British somewhat refined the idea, by taking the intestine out of the goat first!”


    • Ifti….those good people of the UK take your people in and you call them liars? The Brits couldn’t care less where you get your brides…seriously…in fact, they would probably prefer that you don’t marry their daughters, but inbreeding is a serious problem in many places, not just with muslims.

      Google: INBREEDING and if those pictures don’t convince you not to try it, you deserve what you get.

      When I was growing up, we were taught that marriage by close relatives will result in either a genius savant OR a monstrously deformed infant.

      YOUR so-called *holy* book is a mad man’s ravings against people who did not bow down to him. How can you worship a *god* that encourages so much hate.

      And you are talking against the good people who are giving you a safe and secure home. Would you rather be in Pakistan or Syria? People are trying to help muslims and instead they get jihadists.

      I will never understand your logic here. The DEFECTS are mainly due to marrying close relatives…you need to study a little…judging by what you wrote here, you are capable, but you really don’t want to know the truth, do you? Sad, but if that is the way you live your life…sobeit.

      I think you should bow down and kiss the feet of every Brit you meet. They saved you from a nightmarish life.

      • Well said, Marilyn! But a muslim bow down and kiss the feet of Brits?

        And these inbred apes consider themselves superior to us? Incredible!


    • @iftikhara
      Birth defects are highest in groups that practice cousin marriage and all closed tribal style groups (as these people effectively are always close cousins after a few generations). This is true of the muslim populations that practice this, and of the non-muslim ie the amish, some isolated primitive groups and amongst the royal families of Europe.
      You state the birth defects are from stresses. They are not.
      You defy science and logic. You are either stupid, or you are ignorant.
      If you are stupid, sorry about that, good luck, you’ll need it in life.
      If you are ignorant, then go learn the scientific method, then go do some reading on the subject. There have been a lot of studies on European inbreeding. After that look at some of the studies on muslim inbreeding.
      Then if you are married to a cousin do yourselves a favour, divorce and go fuck someone who’s not from your family.
      And onto the BS about your religion…
      I have almost no time for the religious (spiritual types are fine, religious organisations go against freedom and personal responsibility), I treat all of the mild ones with a form of polite intolerance. If someone says something like “because I’m christian/jew/hindu” to me I mental replace that with them saying “because I’m gullible, conformist and easily led”. If someone says something similar to “my belief in god/lordjesus/vishnu” I replace that with “my belief in the easter bunny/santa/fairies”. But muslims I hold in a special sort of contempt, since they are mostly totally ignorant of their own religions teaching. The ones who tell us islam is a religion of peace may well believe it, since they probably don’t speak arabic, and almost certainly don’t read old arabic at all. But since the koran teaches that lies to non-muslims are gods work it’s hard to trust a muslims word on anything.
      Don’t blame me for that, I wasn’t the one who made it impossible to really trust a believing muslim, it was your “holy” book, or rather that insane old paedophile that you state was the “perfect” man.
      And another thing, claiming a child raping, mass murdering, thieving, sadistic, amoral, greedy, jealous, cowardly, lying, ungrateful, treacherous, wife stealing, raving madman is “perfect” is totally fucking nuts!
      So either learn to learn of go drink an extremely large glass of Shut the Fuck Up and go away.

  43. This is what happens when you take a psycho like Mohammed as your prophet.

    Mohammed actually married one of his own cousins and Muslims won’t dare speak out against consanguineous marriage because it means that their”perfect man” was wrong and therefore Islam itself is dangerously flawed as well.

  44. ………..fuck
    I read the comments here, I watched the whole video, I have no idea what to say.
    The way they cull their food in such a brutal and needless fashion, the barbaric way they treat other human beings and now this…if there were ways here to get guns…I have to be careful on the internet what I say but, I can say there would a few less of the bastards here. We all have to rise up on our Governments and stop the infiltration of Muslims here…they are not even worthy of being called animals because an animal behaves in a way I understand within its own environment, even my cat wouldn’t use a soiled litter tray but this lot would probably sing to it and have it distributed among its elderly for food…what the hell are we going to do?
    David Cameron, uk minister, allows these arseholes to flood our country, they get a lot more than anyone of us. And they are allowed to get away with it? Now we find sandwich shops here forced to stop selling pork, we get Halal fast food shops opening up everywhere. I like the British Nationalist Party and just hold hope they get in sooner rather than later.
    I find this too disturbing and it needs to stop and after reading what Doc just wrote Im sat here with my head in my hands contemplating a whole load of things…excuse me I think I need to go throw up

    • Look to China, they are forcing Muslim shopkeepers to sell alcohol. They are also passing laws to forbid religion being taught to children. They have zero tolerance for this nonsense.

      To get governments to listen we need to stop making it look like we’re nothing but a bunch of racists, after all you say boo about Muslims and that’s what you’re called.

      Get facts, get statistics, remind them that democracy is for the majority’s well being and not pandering and catering only to minorities. Even now in Canada, our new PM Trudeau can’t wait to bring in more of these people, ignoring the wishes of Canadians. Unfortunately for him, there’s no place to put them so he can’t jump the gun on this.

      Canada has yet to hear about this so it will be interesting when I email a ton of info about inbreeding and our already over taxed health care system.

      The UK and Europe should also only give them welfare for one year, like us.. Everything else Canada gives them is also a loan they must repay, including their flight here.

      If we don’t do something, remaining level headed though, western society and our way of life will cease to exist.

  45. here in the uk , 3% of births make up 35% of children born with defects ,yes paki muslims ,but the government are happy to stigmatize smokers , people who drink or are overweight as a drain on the health service ,nev

  46. I couldn’t watch it all -so sad -poor little kids -marrying -first cousins is -taboo in our western civilisation -they see the results -yet they continue to breed knowing this could happen -how cruel to do this to poor little babies-it’s heart breaking.

  47. And who do we think picks up their medicare bills – we do. No wonder they are breaking their necks to come to the West. However, in our own hospitals we stop feeding them but mostly they don’t live very long with situations like the video shows.

  48. Wow, Rosemarys demon Baby has nothing on these. This was truly the scarriest thing I have ever seen. Can you imagine seeing one of those babies in person? All with red glowing eyes, shit!!!

    On the subject, I have seen a muzzie female, and, I would guess her 30 something year old son. Who was completely mentally retarded. Running thru a store, and thru the clothes racks, with her chasing him. Today another muzzie and son, he was maybe mid 20’s, was in a wheel chair, and drooling. Not as scarry as these babies, but non the less harmed by the effects of muslim in-breeding.

  49. Kelly,
    My condolances.
    The inbred children with severe illnesses have done nothing wrong, but their irresponsible parents and grandparents have, and often see no harm, because it is the will of Allah for them to be irresponsible. And anyway, the pedophile pirate did it, so it is ‘good’.

    Moslems are mesmerized by the sickening, amoral example of Mohammed.

    However, doctors are having SOME, but not a huge effective in these stupidly backward, unscientific cultures.

    Nicolai Sennels saw this up close in the Danish prison system where a huge number of Moslems were overrepresented. These men had very low IQs and were unemployable. When you combine genetic disability with entitlement you have human time bombs.

    All the Gulf countries have compulsory genetic counselling for young people who wish to marry. However, they are not compelled to reject marrying a cousin after being advised.

    The inbreeding goes on after 50 generations. Saudi Arabia has about 500 genetic illnesses caused by inbreeding.

  50. It’s only going to get worse folks. Get used to seeing this deformation of the children. It will become rampant in the next few years.
    Remember what god they pray to! Remember what laws they follow!
    We can’t get sucked into pity and sympathy for these children when the Adults want to kill our children, and they want to blame us for their Satanic, gods laws, which bring this type of genetic mutilation into being.
    This is just another reason we don’t want mohommedist around us our in our country’s.

    • We cannot declare war on the children ICE. If we did, we would prove to be no better than the Islamic murders that roam the world now, spreading their infectious garbage. We can declare war on the teachings that create these poor results of their nauseating behavior. We can declare war on societies that take 8 year old girls and make them marriage slaves to 40 year old men, who show little to no concern when their new bride dies a year later in childbirth because their young bodies are not yet developed enough to give birth. They will just BUY another one! But I guess this is similar to the nauseating behavior of our countries Man-Boy love group that have gotten sodomy laws reduced to 12 years old in some states. I see both sects, Islam and homosexuality, as mental illnesses, not normal behavior as Obama and his hoards of sexual deviants want us to believe. The big problem being taught in this country, and across the world, is TOLERANCE! Tolerance and acceptance of the horrid teachings of the Islamic sect and homosexuals (who strangely think that the people of Islam will tolerate them). Since Obama and his ilk took the reigns of our country, the war on Christianity by Islam and atheists/agnostics as well as the acceptance of Islam as just a peace loving sect have had a mouthpiece and flag waver. Anyone who cannot see this either needs a hearing aid and glasses, or needs to update their prescription!

    • I doubt these babies live very long, Ice….they certainly look like they would be horribly miserable. I didn’t listen to the audio with that because the video was all I could handle. What a horrible thing to risk and allow your little children to suffer this way. I would think many are just miscarried and surprised any of them come to full term.

      Another good reason for our young women to stay away from these muslim males…their babies could be born terribly deformed even after a generation or two with everyone appearing okay.

  51. muslims you better run far and fast you caused this abomination ! we will hunt you to the gates of hell you deserve no less for your filthy foul habits and beliefs

  52. As the mother of a preemie (no inbreeding) this hurt my heart because as much as I can’t stand Islamists, these are babies and the pain they must feel from the defects must be terrible… I didn’t recoil, I felt sadness… these are human beings who haven’t done anything wrong… they have no agenda. I wonder about their fate…

    • I have deep sorrow for these children as well and although I’m not a bible thumper I do believe there is a passage and the Bible that states that the sin of the Father shall B visited upon the son

  53. Just heartbreaking for the children! My late grandmother told me that she thought that Muslim men were marrying American and other western nationality women since they were so inbred from centuries of cousins and other close relatives marrying each other that they had to find “fresh blood”. One couple from Jordan that I knew were double first cousins- as closely related as half siblings and who greatly resembled each other. My former husband’s parents were second cousins (common great grandparents) and I knew of many other situations where marriage partners were closely related. Here’s a link to another article on how much this kind of behavior costs Western governments. These horrific photos are only the worst case scenario, it’s the damage that you cannot see that is the scary part.

  54. They won’t kill them but they’ll leave them on the roof in the summer to die a slow horrific death. A friend in another platoon saw it first hand.

  55. oh those poor kids. the first one i think was stillborn. those ones with harlequin disorder or harlequin icthyosis rarely live past 48 hours. that really is scales on their skin and fatal infection is usually the cause of death. that last one actually took a breath and that was frightening. one said allahu fubar and there was laughter.
    i looked up harlequin disorder and it’s supposed to be a rare genetic disorder. but i guess that’s not the case.
    oogenhand i think
    God would forgive in this instance.

  56. I feel incredibly disturbed having watched that video. I was aware of the mental and emotional damage of inbreeding within Muslim populations, but I’ve never been confronted with such graphic images of the physical toll. Some of those defects were so horrific it literally caused me to recoil.

    No wonder the Middle East is in such a state of turmoil. The ideology of Islam is toxic enough, but then add in generations of inbreeding you have populations that are deficient in every possible manner. Of course, no one dares discuss this issue, or if they do, they’re careful to cloak it in terms of “cultural differences”. I do wonder what the average non-Muslim would think of Islam if they were aware of these shocking statistics and videos.

  57. I heard that mental retardation in the UAE is very prevalent caused by inbreeding ( due to centuries of close relatives marrying each other: marriage between cousins and between uncles and nieces, and members of the same tribe…)

  58. That’s totally true. These facts say it all. How incredibly stupid these radical followers are. It’s because they have shit for brains. It could also be that the halal meat they eat though a superstition of theirs. Maybe the animals are fighting back. I hope so, power to those poor animal souls. The majority of meat sold in Britain is halal. People are being hoodwinked. Britain will appease the Muzzies at any cost because they are so scared. I left the country I love for America. I though that no way America would give in, but they are. America is the next England. So sad. I love America, but quite honestly I am feeling very scared at the moment.

    • London, your honest, its OK to be afraid, we all are, if anyone says they arent, they are nuts, or lying. Fear, is a thing to use, without it, your adrenilin, would not perk. It is NOT a coward, to be afraid, fear, has kept many alive. Fear, is a natural reaction, and the adrenalin it produces, will give you the edge. Ur ok. Its ok to be afraid, you should be. I am, all that know what must be done are.

  59. Now here’s me thinking they couldn’t get any lower….oh my God that was wrong.

  60. That was easily the most horrific video I have ever seen, and I have seen several hundred to possibly over 1000 videos of Islamic atrocities and violence. Those images will haunt my nightmares for months. In my opinion the only humane thing for those poor children would have been a painless euthanasia. While horrific, I think this is something the world needs to see. You judge a tree by its fruits, and this is yet another rotten fruit from the horrific Islamic tree.

  61. This is sooooo disturbing. I’m wishing I hadn’t watched it. 🙁 I can’t even begin to describe the hurt I feel for these kids who didn’t deserve to be brought into such atrociousness. This is completely the fault of their families and the evil acts that bred them. Nobody should be brought up in this world like that! Nobody. 🙁