FRANCE: “Mohammed the Prophet Was a Pig” and other anti-Islam graffiti found in Avignon

Several graffiti messages of a racist anti-Islam character were detected in the city of Avignon, mostly on the Palace of the Popes. The suspect, an Italian national, thought to be responsible, has been arrested.


Le Figaro (h/t Islam vs Europe “Mohammed the prophet was a pig” was written in red letters close to the entrance to the palace and at least seven other graffiti messages of the same nature were observed in various parts of the city, according to a press release issued by the city council of Avignon.

…According to the vice-prosecutor of the republic of Avignon, Thierry Villardo, the man arrested, who was born in 1982 and is of Italian nationality, is only passing through France. He was held in custody after his arrest.

“He explained that before the incident he was in a discussion with some Moroccan (Muslims), that he had an argument with them and bought some spray cans. He’s not someone who is necessarily racist (What race is Islam?) and xenophobic in a chronic way,” he specifies, adding that the man “was angry”.