TA DAH! It took a few days but Hamas finally found a way to blame the violence in Egypt on the JOOOOOOS

Hamas: “Hitler killed Jews for his people; General Sisi kills his people for the Jews.”

Hitler-Sisi poster as seen on the Temple Mount
Sisi-Hitler poster as seen on the Temple Mount

Elder of Ziyon

Arab media is reporting that there was a Hamas rally on the Temple Mount on Friday. Hamas led the rally, which was against the current Egyptian government. One of the banners that they were carrying included the above slogan that is spreading through Facebook and other media.

So in one tiny slice of time, we have Arab justification of the Holocaust, antisemitic conspiracy theories, and a desecration of the Jews’ holiest place with people who want to ethnically cleanse all Jews from the region. In other words, it is barely worth reporting in the media.