Israeli official tells Washington, “Either back the Egyptian Army or good luck with your Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts”

Unknown-viAn Israeli official tells Wall Street Journal Middle East correspondent Charles Levinson that Washington must back Egypt’s military or “good luck with your peace efforts between Israel and Palestinians.”

INN  An Israeli official told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Monday that if the United States did not back Egypt’s army, it would negatively affect the renewed peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. The unnamed official, who spoke to WSJ’s Middle East correspondent Charles Levinson, reportedly said that Washington must back Egypt’s military or “good luck with your peace efforts between Israel and Palestinians.”

116431Levinson explained that the comments were not made as a threat to the U.S. but were a reflection of the importance of Israel’s cooperation with the Egyptian military, as part of the peace agreement signed between the two countries in 1979. “The Israeli position is that Saudi Arabia and Egypt have historically, and still today, have played a crucial role in supporting negotiations and giving the Palestinians the support they need to stay in negotiations,” he said. “This official basically said, ‘Look, if you alienate Egypt and if you lose Saudi [Arabia] – good luck seeing any progress in the peace talks,’” said Levinson.

ed7c37d6-08ea-11e3-8b32-00144feabdc0.imgHe added that Israel depends on Egypt to maintain law and order in the restive Sinai and to crack down on terrorists operating in that region. “Israel does not want to see chaos and anarchy on its southern border,” stressed Levinson. Israel plans this week to intensify its diplomatic campaign urging Europe and the United States to support the government in Egypt. (Good luck with that, now that Obama has pulled military aid to Egypt) 

Israel is quietly stepping up its military co-operation with Egypt as both countries confront security threats from jihadist groups in the Sinai region. Egypt made a rare public acknowledgment of Israel’s role in enforcing regional security on Monday.

In light of Obama Regime officials meeting with Muslim Brotherhood groups in Washington re: Israel-Palestinian peace talks, looks like the prediction above is correct – they are going nowhere.

On August 9, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, National Security Advisor Susan Rice and Special Envoy for Mid-East Peace Martin Indyk met with Arab and Muslim groups about Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Included in this group were leaders from the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, and the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC), another group with a sordid past. READ MORE