Barack Hussein Obama has a problem with what he calls “Egypt’s violence against the ‘peaceful’ pro-Morsi protesters and the Muslim Brotherhood”

Take a look at some clips of these “peaceful” protesters – the ones who CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, MSNBC, the NY Times, Washington Post, and other Western media outlets didn’t want to show you.

Emannabih (h/t Ramy)

This video shows hostages who were held in Alnahda Square, tortured by Muslim Brotherhood Militia, then burned alive, the minute police started to call on the demonstrators to leave.

Sameh Aladawy, a soccer player from Ismailia was shot dead in cold blood with bullets to the head, chest and foot. All he was doing was standing in the street, when Brotherhood thugs opened fire with machine guns randomly killing civilians.

Here, Muslim Brotherhood militias slaughtered police officers and the Chief of Police with gunfire and missiles in Kerdassa, Giza Area. Police were massacred simply because they were defending the police station.

The screaming voice you hear is from the man on a balcony who filmed this massacre of a Christian man. Brotherhood militias and Morsi supporters in Alexandria city stopped all cars, checked identities, then dragged a Christian taxi driver out of his car the minute they saw a cross hanging from the mirror. More that 100 crazed savages beat and tortured the man, then stabbed him to death. The massacre killed 5 others and injured more than 50.

Video shows the dead body and distraught mother of a Christian man, Adel Abanob who was shot in the neck and killed by the Brotherhood Militia in Assiut right in front the Governorate of Assiut Building.