EGYPT pokes another finger in the eye of Barack Hussein Obama

Egypt’s interim leader announced that Egypt would be recognizing the Armenian Genocide by Turkey, something Obama promised to do the first time he ran for President in 2008. Yet we have not heard a word on this subject since then. No surprise, Obama’s BFF is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of Turkey.


Raymond Ibrahim (h/t Jim Y)  Possibly as a response to Prime Minister Erdogan’s Islamist-led government of Turkey — which, like its U.S. counterpart, has been condemning and threatening Egypt for trying to liberate itself from the yoke of the Muslim Brotherhood — Veto news agency reports that:


Egypt today [August 17] decided to sign onto the international document recognizing the Armenian Genocide.  Said Egypt’s interim president, Adly Mansour, on his twitter account: “Our representatives at the United Nations will sign the international document that acknowledges the Armenian Genocide, which was committed by the Turkish military, leading to the deaths of one million.”

Sadly, inasmuch as Egypt moves in the right direction,  the United States – which was once the leader of freedom and human rights — condemns and attacks Egypt, under the Obama administration.