KANSAS Lawmaker “appalled” that ‘The Five Pillars of Islam’ mural in an elementary school, which has now been taken down, was ever put up at all

‘The Five Pillars of Islam’ display was removed from a Wichita elementary school after a photo of it went viralon the internet, causing a nationwide backlash. In response to the controversy, school administrators have agreed to ‘temporarily’ take down the display. Still, they say that the photo of the bulletin board was taken out of context.

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Watchdog  A display outlining the five pillars of Islam has been removed by Wichita school officials after some outraged parents took issue with the visual following the first day of class at Minneha Core Knowledge magnet school last week. (FYI: Far Left Wing ‘Core Knowledge’ public schools are known for low-epectation mediocrity, socialist ideology, multiculturalist promotion of the equality of all cultures and religions, anti-American exceptionalism, redistribution of wealth, climate change hysteria, with a  heavy emphasis on ‘racist’ policies of white Christians throughout history) 


Susan Arensman, marketing and communications director for Wichita Public Schools, acknowledged that Minneha had created a visual display of the five pillars of the Islamic faith, but said it was part of a curriculum the magnet school has utilized for years. Students study Islam, as well as ChristianityJudaismHinduismand Buddhism in the historical and geographical context of understanding the development of civilizations. 

“The bulletin board that originally caused the concern does represent the five pillars of Islam – in a historical context of their studies,” Arensman said. “There is also a painting of the Last Supper hanging in the school as part of the study of art and the Renaissance period.”  (But I bet you’ll never see a nativity scene or a crucifix hanging anywhere on the wall of this school)


But what’s lacking, some argue, is full disclosure. A concerned parent, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal against herself or her child, said if students are going to be taught about Islam, they should also be made aware of what she views as violent ideology. “If you’re not going to include all the facts, then there’s now a bias,” said the parent, who is Jewish.

The actual 5 Pillars of Islam
The actual 5 Pillars of Islam

Arensman said that’s not what the district is aiming for. “The purpose is not to explore the matters of theology, but to understand the place of religion and religious ideas in history,” Arensman said. “The Core Knowledge goal is to familiarize, not proselytize; to be descriptive, not prescriptive.”

200px-Dennis_HedkeState Rep. Dennis Hedke, (photo right) R-Wichita, said he was “appalled” when he first heard of the display. He said the way the school teaches about Islam glosses over some of the more unsavory aspects of the religion, such as Jihad and the annihilation ofIsrael. “If you’re going to talk about Islam and make it sound like it’s another one of those religions that needs to be understood and contemplated by mankind, there’s a serious misunderstanding,” Hedke said.