‘Pallywood’ comes to Sweden? [UPDATED!]

stock-photo-portrait-of-pregnant-muslim-woman-prayer-93247414Recently there’s been a spate of suspicious media stories coming out about alleged ‘attacks’ on Muslim women wearing headbags in the UK, Europe, and the US. Upping the ante, it seems that pregnant Muslim women are now the popular target of such alleged anti-Muslim attacks. Of course, the one thing missing from all these stories is a witness or camera images. Muslim women claim to be attacked in broad daylight in public places where cameras abound, yet there is never a photo of the alleged perpetrator or a witness to the assault.

When I saw this story out of Sweden about another alleged attack on a headbag-wearing pregnant Muslim woman, also unwitnessed, that has Swedish women donning headbags in sympathy with her, I can only conclude this reminds me of ‘Pallywood,’ where Palestinians make videos of fake deaths and injuries, blame it on Israeli soldiers, then send it out to all the Western media who are happy to spread the propaganda. The CBS investigative program, ’60 Minutes’ blew the whistle on Pallywood (video below), exposing the fake video reports and showing the parts where the ‘victims’ got up and walked away or pretended to be dead or injured in several parts of town.

I have to ask, where are all the Muslim women wearing blonde wigs in solidarity with Swedish women and children being raped all over Stockholm by gangs of Muslim men? Like Norway, Sweden’s surge in rape assaults seems to be perpetrated by Muslim men nearly 100% of the time, virtually all immigrants.  

This latest story from Sweden smells to high heaven. Here’s what they say:

IHR Times  (h/t Robert & Anne) Swedish women have been posting photos of themselves in hijabs in solidarity with a pregnant Muslim woman attacked for wearing a veil last week in Stockholm. Among the protesters from various faiths were politicians and TV hosts. The campaigners urged the government to “ensure that Swedish Muslim women are guaranteed the right to religious freedom”.


It follows the incident when a pregnant woman wearing a headscarf was harassed and assaulted in a south Stockholm suburb prompting a call on Monday urging woman to bear headscarves in show of support, regardless of their religious affiliation.

The woman was hospitalized with a concussion late on Friday night after having her head slammed into a car and passing out, she told Sveriges Television (SVT). (Where are the witnesses? Who found her in the street, or did she take herself to the hospital?)


“She was wearing a headscarf and she thinks her faith is the reason she was assaulted,” Klas Jensgård of Stockholm’s southern district police told the media. (Oh, she “thinks,” therefore it is?)

A friend of the pregnant woman explained that the victim had her headscarf ripped off during the incident. Several other women have since come forward with their own accounts of being harassed because they wear headscarves. (Yet no witnesses to any of these alleged assaults? And no camera evidence? Just their say so?)


The incident, which also involved racist taunts, (And nobody else heard them?) has sparked a call for all women to don headscarves in a show of solidarity with the pregnant woman.

“People view headscarves and Muslims as something alien. This could be a good opportunity to acknowledge what Muslim women go currently through,” said Bilan Osman, one of the initiators of the campaign.

Even Swedish men got in on this charade
Even Swedish men got in on this charade

Police are now investigating the incident. (Not to worry, they never come up with anything in these cases. They just fade away)

SKY News The Hijab Outcry campaigners are demanding the Swedish government “ensure Swedish Muslim women are guaranteed the right to religious freedom”. Among the activists using the hashtag #hijabuppropet (hijab call-to-action in Swedish) to upload pictures to Twitter were television presenter Gina Dirawi and lawyer Asa Romson. They hope to raise awareness of the “discrimination that affects Muslim women” in Sweden.


One Muslim woman has come forth with criticism you might not expect:

 Hanna Gadban, a feminist Muslim commentator, believes the (headbag-wearing) campaign is counterproductive. “We talk naive about human rights. Should we give men power and confirmation that they have the right to force their women and children to veil themselves?” she told Aftonbladet

“It is ridiculous. I became angry yesterday when I read about it. Many people emailed me: ‘What are they doing?’, ‘What is going on in Sweden?’ “This reinforces racism (What race is Islam?) … I see the veil as a cultural, religious, sexual and political symbol.


UPDATE from BNI Reader Hassan Aro:

A muslim man, named Ali, called Radio1 in Sweden. He is a neighbour to the “attacked woman”, and he said he and his friends were having a barbeque right were it was supposed to have happened, and that it didn’t happen, that there are no white christian swedes in this part of town, and that it was her own husband who beat her, because she was visiting a friend, and he was home with their children. He also said that she had no bruises, and were walking by herself from the car after the man had fetched her:

I also read on a forum, that it has been established that the muslim woman was a ethnic swede from Lapland. But that i can’t verify, so i don’t know if it’s true.

I do know though, that a few days earlier three Swedes were brutally beaten and robbed by arabs, and taken to hospital:  Lokalavisen

But that hasn’t made any outcry from the Swedish elite. Yeah, the fact that they were beaten by arabs hasn’t even been told by swedish media.

Just as the current trial against 4 of the 6-7 immigrants who beat up 4 swedes, of which two were mentally handicapped, stomping and kicking their heads etc:

PC media: Skanskan

The truth: Exponerat