Well, well…not only did Obama bribe Mohamed Morsi with $8 billion to give up 40% of Sinai to Hamas, apparently a lot of Muslim Brotherhood leaders were receiving bribes from the U.S., as well

unnamedEgypt’s Attorney General Hisham Barakat is looking into evidence that arrested Muslim Brotherhood leaders accepted bribes from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, according to a report from Almesryoon, an Egyptian newspaper that cites a “judicial source.”

BNI broke this story first in America: 


Shoebat  The trials that are scheduled to begin in Cairo on August 25th will feature a litany of charges against the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Included among them are murders, assassinations, prison escapes, sniping, indiscriminate killing of demonstrators, and collaborating with foreign governments, to include both the United States and Qatar.

Most of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have been rounded up and arrested by the Egyptian Army and Security Forces

Most of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt have been rounded up and arrested by the Egyptian Army and Security Forces

Evidence we have obtained lends credibility to the charges of “gifts” (bribes) being taken in U.S. dollars from the U.S. Embassy in Cairo” that were distributed to top ministerial level officials in the Mursi government.

Via Almesryoon:

“A judicial source stated that over the past few days, a number of complaints have beenfiled with the Attorney General Hisham Barakat. These complaints accuse the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and leaders of the centrist party of receiving gifts from the American embassy in Cairo. The sponsors of these complaints stated that among these leaders are Mohamed Badie, General Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat Al-Shater, deputy leader and businessman, Mohamed Beltagy leading the group, Essam el-Erian, deputy head of the Freedom and Justice Party of, and Abu Ela Mady, head of the Wasat Party, Essam Sultan, deputy head of the Wasat Party.”

The strength of these allegations is seemingly bolstered by another case alluded to by the newspaper in which a document is referenced. This document reportedly reveals monthly “gifts” being paid to Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt by the Prime Minister Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani, Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Mursi government. These monthly payments were said to be denominated in U.S. dollars to each leader.


Evidence for such allegations are substantiated by a document we have obtained. It includes the names of several recipients of funds and even includes their signatures acknowledging receipt of the funds.

This ledger, obtained from inside the Mursi government, lends additional credibility to the report published – in Arabic – by Almesryoon, which claims that U.S. bribes were paid to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Figure 1: Official Document from Morsi Government, Egypt “Direction of Grants and Gifts for 2013,” submitted by HE Sheikh/ Hamad bin Jasim bin Jabor Al Thani, Prime Minister – Minister of Foreign Affairs


The names listed on the Qatar document match several names mentioned in the Almesryoon article, including Mohamed Beltagy, listed as the last name in the Qatari document as being paid an annual “gift”/bribe of $850,000 annually in U.S. dollars.

The document above lists “gifts” which amount to bribes being paid to the Mursi government members in annual payments of between $750,000 and $850,000 in U.S. dollars each. The sums amount to tens of millions of dollars in bribes. The nature or purpose for these payments is unknown but is definitely marked as “gifts”.

Here is a direct translation from the newspaper:

“A judicial source stated that the Attorney General Hisham Barakat received a number of filed complaints over the past few days. These complaints accuse leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and leaders of the centrist party of receiving bribes thinly disguised as ‘gifts’, paid through the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.”

Almesryoon reports that both the U.S. and Qatar paid bribes to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders. The document above serves as very strong evidence that Qatar did in fact do just that. The signatures seen in Figure 1 means the document will be used as evidence in the upcoming trials set to begin on the 25th.



58 comments on “Well, well…not only did Obama bribe Mohamed Morsi with $8 billion to give up 40% of Sinai to Hamas, apparently a lot of Muslim Brotherhood leaders were receiving bribes from the U.S., as well

  1. well well.. Obama DID say he was going to “Spread The Wealth ” didn’t he? WE just thought he meant within our own borders… fooled you again huh? Much of the money going over seas are under false pretence… it is going mostly to Muslim based countries and much of the money will come back to Obama when he is in the leadership role at the United Nations. There he will use our our own money, the UniPol and the U.N. Forces against us as one of the political world leaders.

  2. The U.S does scandalous and evil shit regardless of who is in “power”. I don’t put much stock in blaming individuals (it takes multiple dicks to screw at this scale) when our whole political system is a joke and insanely broken and dysfunctional. What separates a good president from a bad one in my eyes is simply how much of their dirty laundry gets discovered, the politicians hands are dirty and shifty, that’s just the game. I don’t think our current president has a master plan to strip away our rights and send us into perpetual war in the middle east. I do however think many people/entities (corporations and various S.I.Gs) that have the funding, power and political sway are doing their best to try and further the pacification on its citizens that has been well under way since the 60s at least. The real decision makers responsible for much of the shit we are in now go unnoticed in the shadows as the media machine focuses our limited attention spans on the few people in the “top” of our government.

    Want to see real CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN?????? Firing congress would be a good start.

    • That’s bullshit. Congress appears to be doing nothing but in reality they are stopping the Obama agenda which is a full time job in itself. Doing nothing is doing something right now and the right thing to do. The Senate is the culprit right now under the horrific leadership of Harry Reid.

    • Well, actually, he was not ‘legally’ elected. It is amazing how many dead people voted as well as illegals and those voting multiple times.

  3. Maybe Amb. Patterson should be given the Benghazi treatment – i.e., left to her own devices after the Egyptian military “have their way” with her… NOT a pretty picture, but it won’t be the first US Ambassador the Ogime has left out to dry…

  4. obama is saddled with scandal after scandal..the terrorist president is besieged with so many HIGH TREASON acts…It would seem obama’s interest is to serve the terrorist hamas, alquaeda, and probably taliban, rather than the interests of americans..

  5. Obama a muslim??? lol yeah right with a jewish mother and a wife linked to a great Rabbi Capers Funnye ? Obama isn’t against Israel as you want us to believe but he works for the establishment of the Great Israel and all the wars against the muslim world prove it

  6. Is it possible that after Obama gave the $8 B and agreed to the 40% Hamas deal, the MB threatened to make the deal public, thus the bribes to remain silent?

      • It is the only theory that makes sense since no reason is given for the bribes aka gifts. And the deal was kept secret until El Sisi intervened.

        • Susan, I know McCain and Graham went there to try and get the incriminating documents, though I cannot fathom why. Apparently Sisi told them to take a hike because they returned more enraged at Egypt than ever before.

        • There is only one reason that will enrage an experienced politician: MONEY.

          Both those guys know what’s happening and remain silent. If anything, their behavior towards El Sisi is worse. Therefore, they lost MONEY somewhere… maybe Obama had promised them a nice reward if they came back with the documents.

        • Susan, I don’t know about Miss Lindsay, but McCain’s wife is filthy rich. He won’t run for President anymore & probably not the Senate. What could he have to gain by helping Obama?

        • B, in response, what could he have to gain by helping Obama, answer loyalty, royalty, and a place at the table of the new world order, maybe, only God knows.

  7. The one important item left out of this mess is this: Obama’s bin lyn’, his own brother, Melik Obama just happens to be on the board of supervisors for the muslim brotherhood’s world financial investment matters.
    Yeah another bit of incriminating evidence that Obama’s bin lyn’ is being compensated for the crime of supporting our enemies, using tax payers funds to enrich himself and the brothers from their hood, islam/ receiving financial aid from our enemies through crony back door deals/methods through his brother, and who is doing what about it. Can’t wait for the report about to be exposed from of the Vice-President of the Egyptian Supreme Court has on our so called leader from behind the brotherhood scene. The VP of the ESC is saying, and its all over the middle east news outlets, he has the evidence that will land this mutt in a prison cell. he, he he, he
    I Sincerely pray the truth is put out for the rest of the world to see, maybe we will be witnesses to the first ever time an American pResident pretending to be a leader will be sent to the gallows for his TREASON against these United States of America, its people and the entire world. Lets pray people, pray hard GOD will hear our pleas and give us relief from this mutt and his gangster government. I have been really sick and tired lately of this mutt making my Country to be the fools they keep saying we are, the fact of the matter is we ARE NOT, it is people like Obama, the demonrat party and such who are the damned fools hiding behind their positions in their deceitful grubmint, and they are about to be exposed. Maybe this was the real reason those two old fools, mclame excuse for a representative of Az. and Gramnasty were there recently, maybe they were trying to bribe the Egyptian military to not expose Obama’s crimes against us and the world?, weirder thing have happened in the history of this world.
    I, mohareb…………………………………………………approve this message.
    Semper Fi. Keep the powder dry fellow Patriots, something huge is headed our way, the warning sign surround us and its getting worse as the days go by. Keep them high, dry, well oiled, stacked, racked, locked, loaded and at the ready. God Bless our United States and all who fight for righteousness in this world-I pray.

  8. If the Americans dont get rid of Obama one way or another they are doomed. He needs to be arrested and tried for treason and crimes against humanity.

  9. 40% of Sinai given to Hamas: It makes sense. Obama did say, to whom I cannot remember, that he was committed to the destruction of Israel.

  10. Can the U.S. do anything to neutralise this traitor President Obama who has no loyalty to U.S. He is an open supporter of terrorists Al Queada in Syria , the Muslim Brotherhood who are closely alligned with all the terrorists. If Obama is not stopped soon , it is quite likely that something terrible will happen to world peace.

  11. Obama is a Muslim. It is the charge of every Muslim to work towards the establishment of a worldwide caliphate. The MB is the chief organ planning this. Obama is pumping money, now that he has access to lots of money , into the MB to advance their cause. This is an enormous amount of money, though. What is his source? I thought the House of Reps held the purse strings of the nation? How can he get access to so much money without the House’s approval? Writing to my democratic congressman won’t accomplish anything.

    • The idea that Money the president wants has to come for Congress is part of the intent of the founding fathers to limit the power of the President by balancing the President5ial power with the elected “We the people” of elected congressmen.
      That was then…
      The creation of the Federal reserve private banking system that prints money for America and is the reserve currency of the world – The Fed can PRINT MONEY WHENEVER NEEDED for other governments and entities.
      We actually have no law that states the President cannot get funding directly from the Federal Reserve bank.
      The GAO can only audit funds released by congress – if funds come from somewhere else the GAO cannot comment on them.
      It is already known that in the three year period that congress did receive an audit from the hitherto unaudited Fed – the Fed printed 16 trillion in additional funds that congress knew nothing about.
      Ron Paul has now retired, and no one cares any more, nor is congress looking back any further.
      And people are thinking Obama can’t get Money?
      No he can’t for Americans but there are many means by which to get FED money and have it outside of America. To the Fed it is just paper and it really and truly can be printed like confetti…and sent wherever needed.

  12. phony president obomba has a brother named Morsi. Where does fake obomba get all the money for gifts and bribes for America’s enemies? obomba’s stash?!

    • He is using the American taxpayer’s money (without consent) to support regimes that loathe the US. He is one of them, and the fools in this country have voted for and protect this monster while he orchestrates their downfall. The fools include not only those who shouldn’t be voting, such as welfare leeches, but those elected to national office who stand by and do nothing to stop him.

    • Watergate looks like a Sunday picnic compared to the atrocities of this foul and corrupt administration. They have so much blood on their hands, Satan must be proud.

  13. How is it that some of your best presidents have been assassinated or an attempt to assassinate them, and the really really evil ones, stay in place when you have so much evidence against them. What is wrong with the other side of politics in your country. They could have a field day on this stuff, but no, they do and say nothing so it would seem.

    With thousands of young American families losing their homes, people sleeping on the streets, the elderly left to their own devices, and yet you can vote this Muslim man take over your country. Why is it so?

    When I watch a movie like Pearl Harbor last week end, and how I so admired the American spirit and determination to work together to get through that war, I am just amazed at what I am reading here every day, and not one person takes you up on what you are tell the American people and the world. It just doesn’t make any sense, just no sense at all. Where have all your good guys gone?

    • We have lost our way in the USA. Think of Nazi Germany with the slaughter going on right under the noses of the people, and no one stops it until the Allies come. That is us today, and our lives aren’t in danger for speaking up, just the fear of the label of “racism.” Those of us that go to rallies and speak publicly about what is going on in this country feel frustrated that the change hasn’t come.

    • Therese, thank you for your beautiful words. They echo the sentiments of so many of us here in the US, who long for the days of men of honor defending freedom here and around the world. There are still men who will do this, but their leaders are so thoroughly corrupt and cowardly that we are sinking fast. The best presidents have drawn the murderous ire of the Evil One, who seeks to rob, kill, and destroy those that do God’s will.

    • I will try to answer some of these points for you Therese.
      “How is it of your best presidents have been assassinated or an attempt”, yeah many have thought of that very thing even though only two successful assassinations are recorded in our history. As best as I can figure out, there have been forces since the inception of these United States, among us who were hell bend upon keeping the feudal society, as in kings, monarchs etc., etc., in power, hungry for political and financial gains for themselves and are threatened when a God fearing man. any person, as in the assassinated ones, tries to show the rest of the people of these societies how evil (destructive actions as a whole) their actions really were, individually all are responsible for their own actions, but talked about as a whole. Take for example the democratic institution, not to be mistaken for the Republican system, as we are a Representative Republic, not a damned democracy, but the word since the establishment of this Republic has been shouted about as fact, when it is no where in any of the Founding Documents of this Republic, and was in fact discouraged as a form of self governance, but, that doesn’t stop them for doing their best to turn others around in the understanding. As human nature goes and is best explained, the lazy, the don’t give a shit’s, natural dissenters, haters of good and wise counsel and such go, these types of people invent their own versions of good versus evil intentions, just look at the division this recent administration deliberately keeps shoving down their peoples throats and these very people use it as a means to separate all among each other, ( gay versus straight man and woman of God’s creation, dependent versus productive, rich versus poor, choice over dictations of the party rulers, racial strife versus social acceptance of each other, why can’t we just all get alone,) Ds versus Rs, really, there is literally no differences between the two, each with the acceptance of their leadership are racing towards the same goals, one on a direct path to make slaves for their plantations, (dependency on the government through excuses and programs designed to keep them voting for their party) the other just doing it in a slower attempt to cover/ write the rule of laws for their personal gains by legislation of the same, in a difference cover up method. The old evil versus good among man has always been a “beef ” so to speak.

      ” with thousands of young families losing their homes, people living in the streets” that is the very definition of a democracy, mob rule, the minority over the majority, good sound economics versus democratic (mob rule)) principles dictate, someone who worked hard for what they have is not in a position to deserve it, the usual excuses of the left, they stole it from you, they didn’t deserve it because they had and you didn’t because they made it that way to get back at you, because if you make the argument the left ( democrats) use, its not fair, so in response, steal from one, give to the other, that’s considered “fair” but, really what the hell does fair have anything to do with a system where the harder one works to provide for their families and future the better their lives are for it, and then when a democrat ( Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Clinton etc., etc.,) comes along and whispers the word FAIR in the heads of the , “I deserve it because I exist” people, well it seems to change the old traditions of hard work, personal responsibility, self reliance and respect for one self get thrown out with the baby and bath water, and for what, again personal power over others less educated about the system of a Republic, which for the past 60+ years is not even taught in our federally funded education system, ( hard working folks once again being cheated of their personal private property by force of law) on purpose, an educated person is far more likely to understand the principle and the less educated learns to rely upon those promising ( hope and change) them to make it fair, code word for justification to mooch off others hard earnings, being lazy, don’t give a shit because it allows these people to excuse away for being less productive ( a responsible and productive citizen of their Nation) and a parasite on those who do provide for them through laws meant to steal from them, giving the hard working and productive no recourse or redress towards the theft of their personal property, hard earned money.

      I know you probably knew all the above, I didn’t respond because you ask these questions but rather some may not realize the whys, education, a mind is a terrible thing to waste as hate begets more hatred, envy despises hard work and success , self reliance, faith does make a difference in one life, and a strong and righteous man is in his right mind according to our ( Christian Bible) as prescribed by our creator and a left minded individual is the bastion of the devil’s workshop.
      Semper Fi.

  14. there is no confusion. and congress is hamstrung to do anything he should be impeached and run out of the country along with all of Congress

  15. this is so disturbingly disgusting there are no words.
    on another note Mubarek is out of prison and under house arrest and major hasan has been found GUILTY
    I would love to see patterson arrested and formally shipped by force out of egypt

  16. BNI you forgot to write, it’s from Qatar, financed and funded by USA Obama Bin Laden …
    HE never gets his hands dirty, he employs others …

      • The monies came from Quatar and the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt…In order for our people at the Embassy to do this, then the Obummer knew this…This is treason giving monies to our enemies and they are the enemies of Saudi Arabia and Jordan also…We are gonna have to answer to them over this and I am sure it is going to be sent to the UN, but upchuck the UN…I have read this same article at a few other places also…

      • BNI, zoom well at the first 3 lines of that salary/checks/wages paper you have , you will find the name of Hamad Bin Jassem – Minister of Foreign Affairs , he remained in office until 26 July 2013

  17. This activity transcends what may be called Normal Diplomatic relations – it enters into being “Squarely” criminal.
    In such a situation Egypt is not obliged to recognize any diplomatic immunity. They can proceed criminally or view it as an act of war against the Egyptian people.
    Obama et al have been giving financial aid to the Islamic Brotherhood which is a group that are viewed as enemies by both the Saudi Royal family and the Jordanian Royal family.
    It has been no secret that the US has been training the PA in military tactics in Jordan and (ostensibly due to a lack of proper vetting) has also been training the Hamas and Hezbollah at the same U.S. Jordanian military bases. The graduates of much of the the training are currently part of the FSA in Syria.

    For once – instead of the usual Arab Paranoia abut the U.S. there is actual evidence.

    So will Egypt supported by the Saudis and Jordanians take this to the U.N.?

    BNI – What is Al Jazeera (Arabic) saying about this?

    • The sad part is that if you try to lay this at Barack Obama’s feet, he will deny any knowledge, involvement, or connection with it. It will be couched as the initiative of a low ranking bureaucrat who made an error, but Obama will say he didn’t know until he read it in the newspapers. Have we ever had a president who was so void of knowledge of his own administration, or experienced such failures in his checks and balances, or who was absent any modicum of common sense?

      • Joe, The Egyptian Army have all the documents they need on this to bury Obama. They raided Morsi’s files as soon as they arrested him. Just wait until they get the security situation stabilized there. Why do you think John McCain and Miss Lindsey rushed to Egypt as soon as Morsi was deposed? They wanted to get back those documents, but failed. That’s why they have been trashing General Sisi and the Army.

        • And since Egypt does not want an attack on Syria, it could explain why the two lying traitors want to go all the way on Assad.

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