DHIMMI DUBLIN: Muslim women stopped from prostrating themselves in the park want an apology and a donation to Islamic terror-linked charity

Two Muslim women told to stop praying in a public park are asking for a formal apology and a donation to Islamic Relief* charity, a well-known funder of terrorist groups like Hamas, from Dublin City Council (DCC) and the security company involved.


Irish Examiner  One of the women, whose first name is Sajida, said they felt threatened and humiliated when the driver of a security van drew up and shouted that there was “no praying in the park” as they knelt in Griffith Park, Drumcondra, for one of the five daily calls to prayer that Muslims must observe.

Sajida, who moved to Ireland from Britain 17 years ago, said the women had “never experienced anything like it before”. Sajida said she and her friend had picked a quiet spot but had barely begun praying when she heard a loud honking. 


A Manguard Plus van — Manguard is contracted by Dublin City Council to provide an out-of-hours park warden service — drew up a few metres away and, Sajida claims, the driver shouted at them there was no praying in the park. Sajida claims the man told them they needed a permit to pray.

“I asked him where did it say that, to show me the policy,” said Sajida. “He then said we could break our backs when we stood up and sue Dublin City Council. I told him five million people gather to pray in Mecca and we never heard of people breaking their backs.” 

The women say they are now seeking legal advice in an advance of the inevitable litigation jihad (Does CAIR operate in Ireland?).


Last night, the women’s solicitor, Derek Stewart of Dublin-based Derek Stewart and Co Solicitors, said the women had not engaged him for the sake of personal financial gain. The threat of suing either Manguard or DCC could be averted if an agreement was reached on a charitable donation and an apology, he said. 

“One area that appeals to them is that a donation be made to an Islamic Relief Fund*, said Mr Stewart.  “What they are looking for is a goodwill gesture, coupled with an acceptable apology.” Both women felt the actions of the security man were “totally offensive and insulting”, Mr Stewart said. 


*Islamic Relief is tied to several terrorist groups, including al-Qaeda and Hamas

May 15, 2013

download-6Financial statements show that Islamic Relief Worldwide has received over £62,000 (nearly 100,000 U.S. dollars) from the Al Qaeda-linked, Yemen-based Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) over the past 10 years. CSSW donated funds to Islamic Relief in 2003, 2004, 2007, and 2008, mostly for “Palestinian relief” activities.  The 2004 funds transfer was recently discovered by Stand for Peace. The CSSW came under FBI surveillance in 1999.  In 2004, CSSW’s Brooklyn branch chief Numan Maflahi was convicted for obstructing the FBI investigation into the charity’s fundraising.  In 2008, the Washington Post revisited the matter, writing that “federal prosecutors in [the Maflahi] New York terrorism-financing case described the charity [CSSW] as ‘a front organization’ that was ‘used to support al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden’.”

IUnknownn 2010, IntelWire revealed that the U.S. Department of Labor awarded a $3.5 million grant for a partnership that included CSSW. CSSW has previously denied terrorist connections by claiming mistaken identity, despite evidence to the contrary from the Maflahi prosecutors and IntelWire. Islamic Relief itself has previously been under fire for receiving $50,000 from a Bin Laden front in 1999, for financing Hamas in 2005-06, for cooperating with pro-Hamas Union of Good charities on an ongoing basis, and for its leadership being dominated by Muslim Brotherhood officials.