Looks like the Sharia police are hard at work in America now. Just received this email:

“Your post against the President has been forwarded to the proper authorities.”

 From: San Diego Rainbow <sdrainbow@hotmail.com> to barenakedislam@gmail.com

We have reported your website and your Video as below to the FBI, the CIA, The Obama Administration and the International Hague court for Crimes against Humanity. 

The Office of our President has been Notified of your deceitful LIES that your webpage engages in against him. 

This here that you have posted on your website, has already been downloaded for evidence that you are defaming, without any evidence, President Obama. 

So even if you delete it, we already have a copy of your Post and your article here.


Too bad I didn’t include this photo in the above post. –BNI



157 comments on “Looks like the Sharia police are hard at work in America now. Just received this email:

  1. OMG these Rainbow weenies take themselves much too seriously! Bwahahahaha!! Methinks they smoked their last brain cells into oblivion. So bereft of anything resembling intelligence. Stupid neo-hippies, bloated with their own corpulent self-importance. They’re hypocrites all especially after the dirt BLR dug up on them. I wonder how many of them are practicing mud people on the weekends?

    Typical waste of good oxygen.

  2. Americans need to wake the F@#k up and stop muslims from trying to take over. Jesus Christ is Lord and will prevail.

  3. Liz,

    I enjoyed your excellent humour. Your thinking is far superior to that dickhead ‘Bill Shelly’ that clearly does not have ‘Emotional Intelligence’ or sense of humour and worse lacks complete logical thinking. Immature Shelly needs to grow up and think before he writes and speaks.

  4. You know the goverment should not silence anyone. You say peace and love huh? You are saying that we should all fear the goverment because “authorities will enlighten you with a heavy hand.” Is this who you would like to use to scare people but you also wou And you want them to be have the right to bear arms? To be feared by people who don’t agree with your liberal philosphies? Its like keeping a lion as a pet threatning others who dont agree with you but you believe you are immune to what that aniaml is capable of doing.. YOU ARE WHATS wrong with this country!

    • There are currently 100 million Law abiding Citizens in this country, in possession of +300 million Firearms. Have you seen any of them force their beliefs on the other 200 million at the point of a gun? They could quite easily you know, as they’re armed. The difference between these these people and the Modern Liberals/Social Marxists/Collectivist’s that are diligently working towards this Country’s destruction, is that they “Believe in” the Rule of Law, and not the Rule of Feelings.

      The People will not load their guns for war until ALL other avenue’s of correcting our Gov’t have been exhausted. It will be difficult for anyone not paying close attention to notice. But the Revolution has in fact already begun. There is still plenty of time for correction, before we reach the inevitable conclusion of ALL Revolutions.

  5. You know what makes me chuckle, everytime I notice that I hear your news first and then later it makes mainstream media. Which shows that it is factual.

  6. Reality check for the towel heads, it is not against the law to speak your opinion in the US of A. If you don’t like that about us, then get the hell outta our country. Furthermore, regardless of weather it is inflammatory or not, it is the truth, Obama is a traitor to the Constitution of the US of A, and all she stands for. He has betrayed and killed Americans abroad, mislead, lied, manipulated, cheated, and most likely other sins we don’t even know about. He and his wife have a sick sense of entitlement, as evidenced by the way they spend the tax payers money. I have new for the obummers too, they put their panties on one leg at a time just like the rest of us peasants!!!!!!

  7. Hey I’ll take a piece of that action as well, they can report me no problems. If I am going to be burned on this Earth…let it be for telling the truth and being honest. But be warned I am going with a gun in one hand, a Bible in the other, a stomach full of fresh BBQ pork or bacon, and a smile on my lips!

  8. My keen powers of observation can easily surmise fraom the lack of response that you are alone in this world, BNI, and that no one cares about you or participates in your blog. (York-York)
    This idiot,mushroom muncher is trying to be real spooky, isn’t he, she, or it ?
    As for defaming our SLITWH * he has historically and recently done that pretty well himself. He “Rainbowed” his wy through college wearing a wedding ring and living with a qu uh whoops!. Almost said it. My baaaad! Recentaly, he has kept up his image by being complicit to the murder by raghead of four Americans.
    Oh ! But let’s not defame him. We may find ourselves reported by some mega-poof to the FBI, the CIA, the NSA, the NAACP, the ASPCA, the WCTU, the AKC, the PBA, the DAR and the BPOE ! OH HORRORS !! EEEK !

  9. I’m glad I didn’t have coffee at the moment I read this or I’d be scrubbing my monitor dry right now.

    “Defaming our president”? “You have been reported to the Hague”?

    Who do these dumb cunts think they are? LOL!

    It would only be defamation if any of this was NOT true. That is a BASIC PREMISE OF JOURNALISM. Bonni has always sourced her articles and made sure they were as accurate as possible. Short of a kangaroo court, any lawyer or judge worth their salt would laugh them out of the courtroom for trying to bring these laughable charges against BNI.

    Besides, do they really think lies will ever erase the truth? God knows all, and he will never be deceived.

  10. That’s real funny, an organization of metro men and hairy smelly butch women that are loyal to the government. Of course that government, including the FBI and NSA etc., consists of communists and muscum appeasers. And their Dear Leader is an illegal, and a communist and muslum so that makes him even more Dear to them. I remember as a kid being proud of the FBI and our government, now they are the enemy, very sad.

  11. Google San Diego rainbow and you will feel as if you have entered the world of Woodstock. The people look much the same. And, probably are.


  12. Ain’t nothing gonna to happen. That “threat” was made by an immature, stupid individual who probably has no position in any any type of print media. It’s really rather junior high schoolish. For me it’s the proverbial water off a ducks back. I’m chuckling a bit at the fussiness of some of the comments because it’s just simply too ridiculous to take seriously. However, there are lots of good negative comments by many regarding obamaSS. It’s clear he’s got no buddies blogging here.

  13. Clearly no poverty of support for BNI. Mr./Ms.rainbow will have to stand in line, I’m sure, to report your website. But too bad no one is listening, eh? No one is going to shut you down and these idle threats just become less and less powerful to intimidate. Keep up the good work. We are ALL being watched. Last week, police were around to harass and try to intimidate me again and surprised me, although I don’t know why I’d be surprised really, with the detail of information they had about my online presence. They are well aware, for example, of my subscription to BNI. That I follow the EDL and Liberty GB. That I follow GI, Clarion Project, and etc. A great global groundswell of resistance is arising.

  14. Looks like you’ve stuck yet another “nerve” on the ass of the great deceit, Bonni. Good for you!
    Keep up the great works and no worries about those pesky mosquitoes (a similar but different blood-sucking organism that frequently annoys the human race).

  15. Ain’t nothin’ gonna happen. That “threat” was made by an immature, pretty stupid individual, and it’s so junior high schoolish. It’s the proverbial water off a ducks back for me. I’m chuckling a bit over some of the fussy attention it’s gotten here because it’s just too ridiculous. But, from it lots of good points have been made by many here on obamaSS. One thing seems clear, barrack ain’t got no buddies here at BNI.

  16. I am sure that CIA and other agencies get most of their FIRSTS from BNI. It probably has the best resources in the world.

  17. Raindow is code for homosexuality. I noticed on the internet some people online think they can get rid of freedom of speech or shut the truth up (if they do not like what they hear). I have witnessed it and had people try to shut me up for telling the truth. This is probably a troll who does not realize that you have to forward all death threats you get to the FBI. These trolls get made if someone tells the truth. They try to moan that they are a victim when someone lips off to them or tells them they are insane.

  18. Wait, wait they forgot to report you to the UN and the Ministry of Truth. Ah ha ha you’ve had too much to think!
    Sounds like a petulant, bored 8 year old wrote the e-mail.

  19. How silly is the San Diego Rainbow,they sound a bit light in the sneekers,but that’s OK,they would’nt know free speech if it bit them in the ass. BNI is a web site full of facts and satire,therefore it is protected speech under the first amendment. Now,if SDR wants to hear someone “rave” about President Obama,listen to the Most Reverend James David Manning @www.atlah.org . Not only is President Obama’s Ma Ma ripped on,you should here what he says about the First Lady !! And The Reverend Manning has been doing this for several years. So…in the spirit of free speech and the first amendment and satire, SDR…Go fuck yourself.

  20. Oh my! Seems you’re hurt some Muzzie’s feelwings. He/she probably escaped out of a 3rd grade class on HOW TO WEAR THE APPROPRIATE VEST (wink) to send you that email tut tut tut. I laugh.

    “I’m going to report you to (sniff bohoho) to the Hague, President Obummer, the FBI, or whoever will listen to my trite”.

    Some people really need to grow up and get a life! I’m not an American, so asshole, report me to Prez Obama as much as you feel fit, as well as Cair, the Hague whatever and try not to knock yourself out in the process – who gives a f#ck!

    IMO Obama is a traitor to his country and the American constitution.

  21. Ms BNI, I don’t know what to do. I’m sitting here, spewing kaufey all over my screen, Screaming my fool head off and scaring the crap out of my cats, and laughing like a raving mad African Hyena.,,,

    This is TOO bloomin’ rich~!

    All your Regulars, and theys a BUNCH of us, are with you, and ever will be.

    And HEY~! When you and Gunny make it to The Hague, con you post some pics??? L O L ~!~!~!

    • Having worked for the National Park Service many years ago..I am wondering if this so-called gathering is even legal. I have my doubts. Would the Park Service really approve a permit for the type of gathering he described? Is he just a nut who is making the whole thing up?

      • A fluffy black dog with cuts on his legs was recently found tied to an abandoned car in a Dillon parking lot with a note reading “Gone Home.”
        Susie Brown, managing director of the Beaverhead County Humane Society, suspects the dog was left by its owner at the end of the 2013 Rainbow Gathering, held earlier this month in the Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest in southwest Montana. While attendees were discouraged from bringing their pets to the event, they were by no means prohibited as dozens of dogs were seen running around the camp.

        As of July 18, Brown said 13 new animals have been taken into the Humane Society Shelter in Dillon, and she presumes all were left behind from the gathering.

        “I picked up two at McDonalds last night,” she said.

        Brown said the U.S. Forest Service is working with the Beaverhead County Sheriff’s Department to retrieve animals from the area and bring them to her shelter in Dillon. She expected all animals remaining at the site would be rounded up by July 21.

        “Everybody’s trying to make sure that we don’t have dogs left up there,” Brown said. “Hopefully they haven’t been eaten by coyotes and bears and lions up there.”

        Brown believed some of the animals wound up at the shelter because their former owners were hitchhiking out of the area and if a potential ride refused to transport the pet, the owners opted to leave the pet behind.

        Brown said some of the dogs brought in are suffering from injuries or malnutrition. One 8- or 9-month-old pitbull crossbreed was brought in covered in bloody feces, suffering from what Brown thought was a version of dog flu. The dog died four hours after arriving at the shelter, despite Brown’s attempts to revive it.

        “I put $200 worth of fluid in it, and it still died,” she said.

        Far fewer abandoned animals were found this year compared to the last Rainbow Gathering held in the area in 2000. Brown said 56 animals were left behind last time, including dogs, cats and even a parakeet that Brown scaled a tree to retrieve. Brown hoped this was the last time she would have to see the effects of a gathering in Montana.

        “Please, God, don’t let them come back, ever,” she said. – – Lady I contract clean up work for USFS it ain.t your beloved forest managers any more under obama

  22. That peice of shit Rainbow outfit about six thousand of them came on a camp out this summer to MT , They left two and a half tons of garbage about two dozen abandoned pets mostly cats also did not pay for the damage to the roads trails and campsites they tore up came to the tune of 7,900 .00 besides the fact we had to run them out of every small town for being a nuances on there way back out of here to wherever they came from . They left an impression around this state that ain’t going to be forgot .

    • dragon, either way it doesn’t matter. The NSA monitors sites like this one 24/7. Several people have already reported this site to the FBI, and I send them my weekly death threats, so they know who I am and what I do.

  23. What really slays me is how they say your post is deceitful lies. They don’t say why it is deceitful. They don’t explain what is untrue about it. They employ an idle threat. They don’t discuss real consequences. And besides that, they come at you with a posture which seems like they are scared (which they are and should be). Lol.

  24. We will not be intimidated. Truth is the best defense against accusations of libel and slander. The infamous can not be defamed.

    “Rainbow” is code for QUEER Sodomy is prohibited by Allah and Moe prescribed hudud: “Kill the one who does it and the one who lets him do it to him”. The orthodox method is to shove a stone wall onto the Queer or toss him off the roof of a tall building.

  25. Below Is a Snapshot of the U.S. Economy Under President Obama, As of September 2012

    • 23,136,000 Americans are unemployed, underemployed, or have stopped looking for work.

    • 12,544,000 Americans are unemployed.

    • 8,031,000 Americans are underemployed, working part-time but seeking full-time work.

    • 5,033,000 workers have been unemployed for 27 weeks or longer.

    • 1,043,000 construction jobs have been lost since President Obama took office.

    • 582,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost since President Obama took office.

    • The unemployment rate when President Obama took office was7.8%. Under Obama, the country experienced 43 consecutive months of unemployment above 8% (though the administration predicted that the January 2009 passage of the stimulus bill would keep unemployment from ever reaching 8%, and would reduce it to 5.4% by 2012).

    • The nation’s labor-force participation rate is 63.5%, the lowest level since 1981.

    • Had the labor-force participation rate remained steady since President Obama took office, the official unemployment rate would now be 11.2%.

    • The government’s official unemployment rate does not include those unemployed individuals who have entirely given up looking for work (and thus have dropped out of the job market); nor does it include the underemployed—i.e., those with part-time jobs who rare seeking full-time employment. The most significant unemployment-related statistic, known as the U-6 figure, does factor these two important categories of individuals into the equation. When these workers are included, the U-6 un/underemployment rate stood at 14.7% as of September 2012.

    • Between January 2009 and September 2012, median gasoline prices nationwide more than doubled, from $1.84 per gallon to $3.85 per gallon. (Note: In 2008, Obama’s energy secretary, Steven Chu, advocated steep rises in gasoline prices as a means of coaxing Americans into being more fuel-efficient and purchasing green energy cars: “Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe”—i.e., approximately $10 per gallon. In March 2011, Chu reiterated his support for high gasoline prices.)

    • Throughout the 2012 presidential campaign, President Obama hasclaimed credit for “creating 4.5 million new jobs.” But “jobs created” is only half of the equation; the other half is “jobs lost.” When both figures are considered, the Obama presidency has overseen a net jobs gain of just 325,000. As Washington Post Fact Checker Glenn Kesslerputs it, “Obama is on track to have the worst jobs record of any president since World War II.”


  26. CAIR, we know your office location and we know your personnel, we know that are in collusion with this government in its treacherous activities agains the american people.

  27. As a caring and considerate member of the human race I know that respect for all brings peace and justice.

    If I believe your words are hurtful and not helping the greater good it is my duty silence your speech.

    I do not have to prove your words are false only that they are hurtful. I believe in free speech but for the greater good you must be silenced by the government.

    Once all opposing voices are stopped then the agenda of coexistence, peace, harmony, and love will fill the planet.

    May the earth mother goddess enlighten you or else the authorities will enlighten you with a heavy hand.

    Now I command you to drive a Prius, wipe yourself with post consumer waste toilet paper on your low flush toilet, and may there be a solar panel in every home.

    Peace and Love or else


      • I hope it is a parody, the poster sounds like they are five.

        ….stop the mean words.

        Some people have to learn lessons the hard way. Just because you may respect others, it does not mean they respect you back.

        Good luck, with that.

        May the Goddess keep you when your being smacked about by some bearded man in a dress screaming Allah Fubar.

      • Again, to “Rainbow”:

        We here know what filth, sludge, dung, vomit and urine ALL totalitarians truly ARE!!!!! We want NOTHING to do with you, and we DESPISE ALL your “enlightenment” – especially because even “the foolishness of God is better than ALL of Mankind’s ‘intelligence'”, either individually or collectively!!!!

    • Hey rainbow freak. One can be a right wing Zionist and want to drive a Prius and have a solar panel their home because it will mean less money to OPEC. Nuclear and renewable energy means Energy Independence.

      • got no problem with solar on your own roof , got a big problem with them big ugly eyesores wind towers obama is pushing for they destroy the winged enviorment as well as the ground . and have to be subsidized just like obamas bio fuel .

  28. There is nothing wrong with the truth. When obama decided he wanted to be president he should have known that the truth always comes out. Bengazi gate, Egyptgate and so on. There are some people who will hold obama to the truth that he himself denies.

  29. there watching and listing to us all any way so who cares, even here in Australia wether the government likes it or not if a desert rat gives us a hard time out come the base ball bats

  30. KMA, you illegal muslim socialist. You should be tried for treason and sedition against the United States. I will never call you “president”. That is a title whose honor belongs to NATURAL BORN CITIZENS. And those rainbow morons, who are most likely inbred followers of the pedophile-who-was-no-prophet, can cram it sideways, too.

    • My Dog is smarter than the illegal alien muslim half-breed.

      As a matter of fact,… my Dog is smarter than a muslim, or the entire muslim hell hole !

  31. Thank goodness I didn’t post anything on that website or video that they can use against me, I wouldn’t want them to catch me saying that Obama is a terrorists and is giving money to the TERRORIST group the muslim brotherhood and that Obama should be arrested and sent to Gitmo to be waterboarded and abused for being a traitor. BNI I know that I have had one death threat against me but Facebook deleted it and said nothing about it to me. Peace to all non-muslims that know that Obama is going down, not soon enough, but going down.

  32. ROFLMAO! Oh my, but leftists and their mohammadan masters are such pathetically puerile creatures. No doubt the clown that sent that believes it actually frightens you, BNI.

  33. Isn’t it odd that they are going to “investigate” your post against the president but not investigate the group that wanted to put a hit on you and Your Daily Muslim and offer a million dollar reward for your demise?!

      • I just sent an email the those fine folks at the Rainbow club
        and it came back “mailbox unavailable. We all know Obama
        supporters are involved in voter fraud. And because the FBI
        is just a puppet of the white house it will never get investigated.
        Those child molesting supporters at Rainbow have convinced me that
        giving money to BNI is the right thing to do. I will talk others into doing
        the same.

  34. Quote “the office of OUR president has been notified” etc.
    Well, they got one thing right. obama certainly IS their president, and he sure as HELL isn’t mine!

  35. Give them my name too. I hate what Obama is doing. Islam is the most evil thing on this earth. It is a sin it disguises itself as a religion.

    • ENC
      The problem is they know our laws and rights and they also know that Hussein Obama doesn’t care or follow our Constitution. They also know that this administration from top to bottom is going to do whatever is necessary to undermine the foundation of this country. If the Justice Department was all that critical about hate speech why don’t they go after that little monkey faced tattooed moron Shabazz NBPP and the original Muslim American hater Farrakhan NOI. They have both openly called for the death of “ALL” white people and the violent overthrow of our government. These Islamic groups have powerful friends like the Clintons, Obamas and ACLU and have lots of oil money in the coffers. Plus 38 or so of the unregulated and non-vetted Czars that hate the American value system. Anybody that speaks the truth about Islam like BNI knows the battle they will face sooner or later.

  36. If anyone ever wonders why you consistently win the Zilla Award for Righteous Badassery, well, that there above is a pretty good example. Rock on, Bonni.

    And hey, you totalitarian jackasses who are trying to intimidate my friend: you are FAILING, and now here is a message personally from me (Zilla of the Resistance at MareZilla.com, in case you wanna report me too): Eff you and the braying jackass you rode in on. May a festering hoard of sand flies take up residence in your orifices and plug up your noise holes. Take your faux outrage, rub some pork grease on it, and shove it straight up your trifling patooties, you whiny little babies. Also, go to hell; where you may meet up with the pedophile pervo mohammed who is surely waiting there for you, you stupid ignorant fruitcakes. I pee on your threats, and may piss be upon you all. Bacon Akbar!

  37. Not to Mention the ONE who murdered four of our men in Benghazi! You do remember Benghazi!? The one you parties while they were being slaugtherd! Yeah, you’re real honorable aren’t you!

  38. Guess what assholes, it’s called FREE SPEECH, you remember, our Consitutional Right to Express ourselves – maybe you should be investigating the Brotherhooder in the WH! You know, the TRAITOR to this country! The ONE who ARMS the Terrorists, bribes the Terrorists…. The ONE who wants to destroy this country! What a bunch of asswipes!

  39. “This here that you have posted”??? Are you kidding… I usually don’t point out poor ebonic English usage but if you are going to send it to the FBI, I know for a fact, they will spit back ANYTHING submitted with spelling errors or improper line spacing. They are very anal.

      • The San Diego Rainbow?
        They are the people that support child molestation.
        Since Obama the muslim is going to see this I’d like
        share the following with him.

        Isaiah 5:20
        Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
        that put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
        that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

        Isaiah 5:21
        Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes,
        and prudent in their own sight!

        Galatians 6:7
        Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever
        a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

        Obama is truly an evil person.

        • I know Isaiah, I also like chapters 17 and 19, The burden of Egypt and Damascus. Happening now. I am not afraid to tell you Obama I am a Christian, I love Jesus Christ who you hate, I love The God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, who you also hate. God will win. Jesus Christ forgives. Your boss hates the cross. I love the cross.

        • Amen! They might win the battle but God wins the war! See you all in heaven Lord Jesus come soon!

        • thank you NEPatriots12 I applaud you for standing and I am a Christian and I say since he is watching anyway and hey has demeaned my faith..i stand with my jesus my God the one and only true God..who gives no virgins but did give his son to die upon the cross for all of us all who has sinned..his word says that false prophets would come n the end days-stand on his word with faith and patience and love knowing he loved us while we were yet sinners…he is evil but yet he has time to turn..will he?that is only up to him..but with his upbringing and ties and faith/religion I doubt it but with God all things are possible!!

      • I reported you to the Saudi govt a long time ago, so if you attempt to visit there you WILL be detained by the virtue-vice/blasphemy morality police.

      • They only know what we type. I copied and pasted this on my FB page. Just incase they remove this page, be sure to contact me and tell me your new link.

        • KL, do you know how many people have threatened to report me to the “authorities?” I lost count, but this one was more creative. That said, there may come a day under this traitor in the White House where people like me will be rounded up and sent to re-education camp.

  40. Tell those Aholes the same stuff is on other websites too. He cannot run from it. When the Egyptians have their court case, it will all come out.

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