SWEDISH citizen brutalized by Muslim immigrant gang in unprovoked attack

The ‘PC’ article from Sweden never mentions that the attacker is Muslim, but virtually all the immigrant gangs in Sweden are, as are virtually all the immigrants. Erik Bjorkman describes the vicious unprovoked assault, which occurred in the Muslim immigrant area of Uppsala after he left a restaurant.


Exponerat  (h/t Lill) Erik writes: “I had eaten at my gyros and left the Greek restaurant when I got hit in the back of the head and fell to the the asphalt by  a complete stranger and then got hit in the fce about 7 more times by him.

I know I was beaten because I look typically Swedish. It feels horrible to write, but at some point you have to be honest. But I can not print the whole story here  The only thing I heard was someone shouting “Powel bastard.”Why do they do things like this? Has it always been like this? 



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  1. I was Born in Sweden and have lived in Australia for 40 years. I can’t believe what they are doing to this country. Sweden has never stuck their noses in any other countries business. They have welcomed these people with open arms and look what there doing. Why doesn’t the Swedish government do something? Kick them out send them back from were they came from. SWEDEN START DOING SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BEFORE ITS TO LATE…………

  2. You said, that you got rid of them. I doubt: there’re only 2 ways to get rid of them – either to die, or to eradicate them. I believe, you’re still alive, if you use Internet. Muslims still exist, so you have not yet got rid of them. Nobody had. But we are to get rid of them if we want our peoples, countries, cultures and civilization survive.

  3. Act like a victim and you will be a victim. He didn’t like even writing the truth because it wasn’t PC, ha ha, no wonder the Swedes are pounded on. If it was the norm that the muslums had to be careful where they went and how they acted or they would get a beat down then this wouldn’t happen. The Swedes better Man up , and that goes for all non muzz everywhere.

  4. Citizens of the West: What more you need to realize that Islam is your most vicious enemy?
    I am sorry to say we (In the West) deserve what we are suffering from Islam, we allowed Muslims to invade our countries!!!

  5. Sweden deserves this…In 1966 I was 18 and I wanted to stay there but to have a work permit as dishwasher they gave me so many problems… Now they imported so many muslims and in 2049 swedes will be a minority…

  6. This kind of attack is happening every day in the UK as well. It goes on and on unchecked and unpunished. Even if our poor excuse for police arrest anyone, the leftard judges let them walk free from court. God help us all.

  7. We the people should fight back,have to fight back and will fight back. Islam is not a peacefull religion and islamists are not peacefull people either,they are barbaric evil people who should be permanantly evicted from every country on this planet but their own and they should never be allowed to enter another country ever again.

  8. What happened to the descendants of the mighty Vikings???? They have been deballed by liberalism and multiculturalism. Stop Islamic invasion to the west!!!!

    • I wouldn’t say “deballed” as much as forgotten who they are. Eventually, they will have enough.

      And those responsible for these brutal assaults will know why so many churches had prayers which read “God save us from the Vikings!”

  9. Well, dear Swedish friends and neighbors, aren’t those the spirits (or shouldn’t I better say the “monsters”?) that you yourselves have cited… to the millions? And still do… with no end in sight? To the contrary I must state, if I watch your politicians’ actions in this regard.

    This is what they have done (and still do, day by day!!!) to Kalle Svensson… not to mention the far worse things these bastards do to Kalle Svensson’s wife and daughters – if you permit me a glance onto Sweden’s rape figures.

    So, what do you do? Present the other cheek? Give’em your other daughter, too?
    Congratulations, Sweden… ! Have a happy future!

  10. You are wrong that this attack was unprovoked. The filthy kaffir’s mere existence is provocation.

    The infidel was put on Earth for sport, as Allah has ordained his righteous jihadis to hunt down and slaughter these dirty creatures. (When the holy warriors are done raping them, of course, or perhaps just before.)

  11. gee i hope sweden gets p’od over this ans start to wake up all this leftist ri;omg c;ass wo bring down this contry

  12. We have our own sudden jihad attacks and our own inbred, born in America muslim terrorists such as the Ft. Hood cowardly terrorist. I hope he gets the death sentence. Never forget that he murdered a pregnant women, who, before the monster shot her, told him that she was having a baby. Because the soldier was having a baby I always count the the monster murdered 14, not 13. We need purple hearts and war type of benefits for the brave soldiers at Ft Hood.

  13. I notice nearly all these attacks are from behind. Cowards. Time for the public to start kicking muslim arse. Fight fire with fire . I hate to say but Muslims only understand violence. Vigilante groups ,followed by a civil war is the only answer.

  14. Sadly, I laughed… I have become a monster.

    Having read so many Scandinavian stories, I’m astonished that he’s wondering why they are doing that and if it has always been like that. When will the Swedes start reacting… forgot… they are too P.C.

    • This victim and everybody needs to educate himself about the realities of Islam. Read Nonnie Darwish, Cruel and Usual Punishment.This has been happening since Islam was created by the pedophile, robber,slave owner, liar, murderer, and the list goes on name Mohammed.Islam is a cult of HATE AND DEATH and perversion!!!!

    • Susan, maybe i had something in mind when i wrote that? Of course i know myself but to wake other ppl up yeah have to write it good so to say. You are right about the swedish ppl and how blind they are about our problems but as fast as they media can they use the racist card. Thats why i “calmed” my post down to make people wake up by themself and think about it.

      Yes i have read sevral books about islam etc awell since i find religion interesting since its the one thing that brings most hate to the whole word

      So no, not all of us are what we in Sweden call it PK which would translate to Politic correct. But if you are public about your opinion you get stamped as a racist fast as hell both at your work, by the unions, your co-workers etc. But the younger generations that have grown up with these problems are well aware of them. I think things will change or atleast hope so..

  15. BNI,

    Have you seen this article?

    I am very pleased….finally! Little girls in Britain who were sacrificed to Muslim predators by the PC Authorities, i.e., children services, local councils and police are fighting back against the very people who were supposed to protect them against Muslim predators but, deliberately turned a blind eye.



  16. Of course, it was a gang. They only travel in gangs and will only ever act as one big heaving mass of group courage. Other then that they won’t say boo.

    That is unless, you are elderly, a women, a child, handicap or inebriated, then game on.

    Never forget, it takes a entire group of Muslim men to have one pair of cojones.

    • This poor guy is lucky the Satan incarnated didn’t slaughter him the way they did to Lee Rigby in England (and 2 others that had their neck cut but the media kept the crimes quiet lest it would promote hate). What will be the breaking point until the natives really react? It won’t be pretty.Too bad those things don’t happen to the politicians who force these scums on the rest of the population.

  17. TOTALLY UNPROVOKED apparently!!! The next thing is for them to kill or – worse yet!! – also torture people merely on the basis of who they areand yet the whole truth STILL has to be kept under wraps because to do otherwise “spreads hate” (as those two former “friends” would STILL insist!!)??? [The more I read about such things while bearing in mind just how DICTATORIAL those good-for-nothings became, the happier I am that I’m rid of them – and they of me!!!!]

    Those muzturds guilty of this are TRULY asking for a civil war where they could end up massacredthis is so IRRATIONAL!!! Even though they are planning to exterminate ethnic Swedes and force their “pure Islam” upon Sweden (and the rest of the whole world!!!), this will show them up for who they are before they’re TRULY ready to win, I suspect. Thanks to Western communications, they’ll find people spontaneously fighting back, especially once they remember who they were once upon a time!! Then even the army, police and everybody else who’s bribed and/or intimidated by Moslem power will be tempted to fight back – and when that happens, it will be so bloody horrible…

    Perhaps that’s what Satan REALLY wants: not civilisational takeover and destruction any more as simply killing for killing’s sake… That in itself could indicate that his time is REALLY getting short…God Almighty Grant!!!

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