ALL TOGETHER NOW….Awwwww! Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Leader now in custody claims he has been assaulted and insulted by police

998292_413048082138786_1804170813_nLeaked records of the interrogation of the supreme leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, reveal that he has been “beaten by the police” until his dentures fell out. “They also insulted the names of my father and mother,” he alleged.

Middle East Monitor  Badie described the indifference of the Deputy Attorney General about what had happened to him and said that the government official hurriedly terminated the interview with him before he had even read his statement: “When I described this to Mr. Deputy Attorney General at Heliopolis police department, and before I made sure that he read my statement, the decision to imprison me was issued on the basis of all charges against me although the investigation was not yet finished.”


Official media channels in Egypt broadcast details of the charges against him even before the interrogation was over, he added. “My defence attorney informed me that official media channels had broadcast the news at 5pm whereas the investigation with me finished at 11pm. This shows that the justice system in the country has collapsed under the coup authorities.” Badie accused the Attorney General of “dishonesty in handling the public affairs of the Egyptians.”

Conspiring with Mohammed Badie, US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, has been called a ‘Muslim Brotherhood Lackey’
Conspiring with Mohammed Badie, US Ambassador to Egypt, Anne Patterson, has been called a ‘Muslim Brotherhood Lackey’ by the Egyptian people

According to the leaked documents, the Brotherhood Supreme Guide denied all charges against him and the movement. The charges include terrorism, violation of citizens’ rights and harming national unity and social peace. Badie said that the charges aim to convert the Brotherhood from “victim to offender; they are inaccurate; what is built on falsehood is false”. He accused the security forces of fabricating all of the charges and so-called evidence, including the burning of churches and other crimes, in order to incriminate the organisation.

In his defence, Badie called on the Attorney General to hear the testimony of Assistant Secretary of Defence General Mohamed Al-Assar. He knows, said, Badie, that the former regime of Hosni Mubarak used the same tactics to drive a wedge between the army and the Muslim Brotherhood. “Burning churches and suchlike is not the Brotherhood’s way,” he insisted. “In all our long history there is no evidence that we have ever done such things. Despite the many trials and the thousands of our members who have faced torture and hardship in prison, they came out with great love for the army.” The records show that General Al-Assar agreed that this was the case.