JUSTIN TRUDEAU, left wing loon, condemns Quebec’s proposed ban on all religious symbols

imagesOh, he wouldn’t care if only Christian/Jewish symbols were banned, but because the unstated but widely understood intent of the bill is to ban face-covering Muslim attire, he grabs the chance to continue his noxious Muslim pandering, the one group whose support he seems to covet over all others.

ORIGINAL STORY: this-is-what-happens-when-you-allow-muslims-into-your-country-everyone-suffers

Global Post  Justin Trudeau became the first prominent federal politician to oppose Quebec’s controversial plan to ban religious wear for public employees. The Liberal leader castigated the idea and said the Parti Quebecois government would damage Quebec’s reputation if it proceeded with such a policy.

Trudeau (uncovered head) seen praying a mosque. Has he converted?

Trudeau (Center, uncovered head) seen praying a mosque. Has he converted?

A media report this week published leaked details of the controversial PQ proposal — saying it would prohibit people like doctors, teachers and public-daycare workers from donning turbans, kippas, hijabs and visible crucifixes. After his meeting with Marois, Trudeau said they agreed to disagree. The Liberal leader said the plan was motivated by a defensive “fear of the other” (no ONLY Muslims) and unworthy of modern Quebec.

“I don’t think it’s who we are and I don’t think it honours us to have a government that does not represent our generosity and openness of spirit as a people.” Trudeau said the purported plan was responding to a non-existent problem and said he couldn’t understand which rights the PQ was seeking to protect that weren’t already protected in the Canadian or Quebec charters of rights.

Trudeau is among the supporters of Islamic Relief, a well-known supporter of terrorist groups like Hamas

Trudeau joins the radical Islamist supporters of Islamic Relief, a well-known funder of terrorist groups like Hamas

He said state institutions should indeed be neutral, like the Quebec government says, but he added that the individuals who work there are entitled to their religion and freedom of expression.

Past polls have suggested such a plan would have strong public support in Quebec. However, news of the impending details has drawn the wrath of several Quebecers. (They favor the security issues with the Muslim face veil ban but not the banning of crosses, turbans, etc.)

“It’s actually very sad that they’re using people’s sentiments and this kind of subject, which is very sensitive, as a political tool,” said Malas, a born-and-raised Montrealer who wears a Muslim veil. She said the government should focus its attention on creating programs to teach Quebecers about each other, rather than proposing bans. 


In recent days, Malas said she’s been asked many times whether she would quit her job or remove her veil if such a policy were eventually passed. She said she would do neither. “I would actually fight for my rights to keep my veil and stay at work because I sincerely believe it’s a fundamental right,” said Malas, who doesn’t believe the proposed policy will ever become law.

The same newspaper has interviewed headscarf-wearing daycare workers who say they would quit their jobs if forced to choose between their religious beliefs and their work. “I left my country and my family behind for a better life here. Now, I get the impression I’m being told to drop everything and go back home,” Zakia Maali told the Journal de Montreal. (BINGO!) “There’s nothing that will make me remove this. If I lose my job, it’ll be unemployment for me, and then welfare. Too bad.” (The real reason you came to Canada)



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  1. Every time this dhimmi idiot Shiny Pony opens his mouth, I share it on the show (I even have his own music – pathetic high school band music). He’s an embarrassment to Canada.

    I did ANOTHER expose on him last week over his attending a mosque run by the British Columbia Muslim Association, which in 2004, they banned a female politician from speaking, because she was pro gay marriage and a woman. Did I mention she’s also a muslima?

    Trudeau is a hypocrite – he didn’t care (I think he “reverted”).


  2. The apple does not fall far from the tree, his father was a twit as well.
    He definitely should go to Saudi or Iran and of course STAY THERE
    Norwegians had quislings, here in Canada we have Justin.

  3. Tarak Fatah believes only a Moslem can pray next to the imam like Justin Trudeau did.

    Trudeau is being taking as a Moslem by this congregation. They previously refused to let a Moslem woman pray with them or address them. It’s now fine for Justin…what’s happening here?

    Is Justin a secret Moslem?

  4. The problem with this proposed law is that it s overly broad, in that it should NOT reference “religious” symbols at all,but rather, refer only to masks, and/or face coverings.
    The lumping in of small items of jewelry is just an attempt to appear to be not singling Muslims out in any way.
    Just more PC obfuscation,..
    If you think that things are bad now, wherever Muslims are setting up housekeeping, in the west, then, just you wait another 10 or 20 years.
    Islam should be declared to be a ‘contagious mental illness’ and/or a ‘criminal conspiracy’ & all Muslims should be deported to existing Muslim infected areas.
    And ALL PC liberals types need to be sent long with them.

    • Nord, I don’t know how it is in Canada, but down here, the ‘head coverings for religious reasons’ gets them a pass, security be damned, where someone in any other kind of mask would not be allowed. I think that’s why they wrote the bill as they did, so it wouldn’t look like they were singling out one religion, even though everyone knows they are.

      • False, it also included Hindu and Jewish headware. Like everything else in Quebec the laws generally don’t come down to religion but ANYTHING (especially language) that may negatively affect the prominence of French Culture. Most bans in Quebec target Anglophones, as that is the single biggest threat they see. These other bans are simply more of the same.

        • mp, I understand that it includes religious headwear and other religious items of every type, but it is targeted mainly at Muslims. Funny, this was never an issue in Quebec until hordes of muslims started invading Canada, which is why the headline I did on this story said, Thanks to Muslims, everyone suffers.” Just like ALL the new intrusive security tactics are thanks to Muslims.

        • Having spent time living in Montreal and then Ottawa-Hull, I would say that the biggest minority you seem to see are Sikhs and Hindus with their turbans compared to Muslim women with head scarves (and to a lesser degree burqas). It was also not so surprising when the Quebec Soccer Federation specifically banned turbans in soccer matches. Once FIFA intervened and gave clarification the ban was lifted.

        • Things have changed since you have been in Mtl. Trust me. Entire neighborhoods, just muslims. Hidjabs everywhere. Sikhs have taken refuge in West Island but muslims are now following… mosques popping up everywhere.

          I used to love Montreal. No more. Refuse to go unless emergency.

        • Sikhs have generally been heavily targeted, as the Supreme Court of Canada overturned a ban on Sikh kirpans in a school previously.

        • BNI: It really started in 2007 when a bus full of muslims arrived at a sugarshack and demanded everyone leave the place because it was prayer time.

          The band stopped playing music and Quebecers were out in the snow… while they were praying on the floor inside. Photos and videos were taken of them on the floor inside and the Québécois outside in the snow while their dinners were on the table inside. Made the headlines…

          Then, we find out that our famous pork recipes had been replaced with something else.

          That was the kick-off point for us.

    • You said “The lumping in of small items of jewelry is just an attempt to appear to be not singling Muslims out in any way.”. Actually if you have ever followed how minorities are treated in Quebec you’d probably come to realize that the target for jewelry is NOT to make it appear this isn’t some ban on Muslim religious customs. The reality is that if you have lived and follow Quebec politics you would that the jewelry was to deal with a nagging problem Quebec has with Sikhs. As I have mentioned in my other posts Sikhs are actually a highly targeted group in Quebec including their turbans (ie the ban specifically on Turbans by the Quebec Soccer Federation etc). The jewerly aspect is no red herring as French schools attempted to ban Sikh kirpans (religious knives) which was overturned by the Supreme Court of Canada. If you look at what they are trying to ban, I would say the way it is worded is to make good on previous bans they didn’t get away with especially with Sikhs. But not they can target all the visible religious minorities and now one can try to include Muslims as well.

  5. There’s a new poll that came out today: overwhelming support for new law. Parti Québécois government has full support of the French Québécois. They say rarely has a poll elicited as much support.

    Average is 65%, keeping in mind questions asked ranging from 69% TO 93%. What brings the percentage down to 65% is the ‘ANGLOPHONES’ who rated only 25% in favor of changes. Allophones, even lower.

    These Anglophones are also against French being the official language of Québec.

    • This comment “These Anglophones are also against French being the official language of Québec.” is actually very skewed and incorrect. In fact the Anglophones want English along aside French. However what diehard Quebecers who want to promote the culture fear that giving English any more prominence will kill French and then the culture.

      • Yes. You are right. I am an Anglophone Québécoise. However, I agree that French should be the main official language and English, secondary language.

        Go to Vancouver and you’ll see a lot of Chinese only signs.

        Québec is a tiny island in the middle of the English ocean that surrounds it. Drastic measures must be taken to preserve the language. And the Anglos don’t like it.

        • Quebec is the main language in the province and it is clearly the most prevalent. Quebec’s sign laws and the Office quebecois de la langue francaise made sure of that. At least in Vancouver and other provinces outside of Quebec is that you CAN have Chinese, Korean, AND French etc. signs entirely in an non-English language. The rest of Canada is far more tolerant in that regard. But try to put up a Chinese only sign in Quebec… well…

          I’d like to point out (As an Albertan) that I prefer Quebec as part of Canada, and I believe that it is a distinct society. In principle I supported some form of what the Meech Lake Accord tried to bring about. With that being said, I realize it would have been easier on this nation had the British subjogated the French rather than allow them to have their own culture.

        • I thank you. I looked and looked… finally, gave up.

          Yes. That Sugar Shack did burn down. It was doing great business up until the moment we found out they were accommodating muslims and they had changed the recipe and taken out the pork.

          The story was carried on French media for about one month, fed piece by piece, every week, more nuggets of info. It would come back in the media when another accommodation story popped up.

          We are good at that in Québec. It’s as if the Québécois have a silent pact not to let anything go by. We know which medias and papers to go to that publicise with great outrage the stories. They put them on front page always.

          There was an episode of a Québécois witnessing a muslim’s demand for a male employee when renewing his driver’s licence. He was accommodated right away. So, the Québécois tried it also but he was told to go back at the end of the line. Made front page news.

          And so many other stories… nothing is missed.

          The finalized document will be coming out soon. There’s much more to the changes than what was leaked in this story. It even protects private companies and businesses from litigation lawsuits.

          The group I am with contributed heavily to this new law. Without us, it would never have seen the light of day.

  6. That pathetic twit belongs on Obama’s staff but Canada is probably lucky that he is pandering to the Muslims because that will lose him Quebec and that should be enough to keep him out of Government. If he got in, Canada, which is presently prospering and making the U.S. look very bad, would perish.

    • The idiot has no chance of winning Québec. The French Québécois would vote for Green Party before even touching Trudeau, the twit.

      The only votes he will get in Québec will be from the Anglophone community who are still heavily minority as well as some allophones, but not all.

      Let’s hope the rest of Canada has some brains left…

      • Quebec still remembers Trudeau Liberalism when his father Pierre ran the country. At present federal polls have have the Liberals (lead by Justin) at over 40% of the popular vote, well above the NDP (who currently have the most federal seats) and other parties.

        Parties that do well in Quebec usually accept Quebec’s right to determination within the framework of a united Canada (Which the majority of Quebecers believe in). The Liberals run on such a platform as did the NDP. Disagreements on much bigger things like sovereignty don’t always affect how Quebec votes federally, so the differing view on this ban won’t do much. What Quebec fears most is the anglophonization of Quebec and the loss of their distinct society.

        Overall Quebecers do like Trudeau.

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