JUSTIN TRUDEAU, left wing loon, condemns Quebec’s proposed ban on all religious symbols

imagesOh, he wouldn’t care if only Christian/Jewish symbols were banned, but because the unstated but widely understood intent of the bill is to ban face-covering Muslim attire, he grabs the chance to continue his noxious Muslim pandering, the one group whose support he seems to covet over all others.

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Global Post  Justin Trudeau became the first prominent federal politician to oppose Quebec’s controversial plan to ban religious wear for public employees. The Liberal leader castigated the idea and said the Parti Quebecois government would damage Quebec’s reputation if it proceeded with such a policy.

Trudeau (uncovered head) seen praying a mosque. Has he converted?
Trudeau (Center, uncovered head) seen praying a mosque. Has he converted?

A media report this week published leaked details of the controversial PQ proposal — saying it would prohibit people like doctors, teachers and public-daycare workers from donning turbans, kippas, hijabs and visible crucifixes. After his meeting with Marois, Trudeau said they agreed to disagree. The Liberal leader said the plan was motivated by a defensive “fear of the other” (no ONLY Muslims) and unworthy of modern Quebec.

“I don’t think it’s who we are and I don’t think it honours us to have a government that does not represent our generosity and openness of spirit as a people.” Trudeau said the purported plan was responding to a non-existent problem and said he couldn’t understand which rights the PQ was seeking to protect that weren’t already protected in the Canadian or Quebec charters of rights.

Trudeau is among the supporters of Islamic Relief, a well-known supporter of terrorist groups like Hamas
Trudeau joins the radical Islamist supporters of Islamic Relief, a well-known funder of terrorist groups like Hamas

He said state institutions should indeed be neutral, like the Quebec government says, but he added that the individuals who work there are entitled to their religion and freedom of expression.

Past polls have suggested such a plan would have strong public support in Quebec. However, news of the impending details has drawn the wrath of several Quebecers. (They favor the security issues with the Muslim face veil ban but not the banning of crosses, turbans, etc.)

“It’s actually very sad that they’re using people’s sentiments and this kind of subject, which is very sensitive, as a political tool,” said Malas, a born-and-raised Montrealer who wears a Muslim veil. She said the government should focus its attention on creating programs to teach Quebecers about each other, rather than proposing bans. 


In recent days, Malas said she’s been asked many times whether she would quit her job or remove her veil if such a policy were eventually passed. She said she would do neither. “I would actually fight for my rights to keep my veil and stay at work because I sincerely believe it’s a fundamental right,” said Malas, who doesn’t believe the proposed policy will ever become law.

The same newspaper has interviewed headscarf-wearing daycare workers who say they would quit their jobs if forced to choose between their religious beliefs and their work. “I left my country and my family behind for a better life here. Now, I get the impression I’m being told to drop everything and go back home,” Zakia Maali told the Journal de Montreal. (BINGO!) “There’s nothing that will make me remove this. If I lose my job, it’ll be unemployment for me, and then welfare. Too bad.” (The real reason you came to Canada)