IDAHO: CAIR demands graffiti on Muslim-owned restaurant be investigated as a ‘hate crime” even though police say ‘nothing tells investigators this is a hate crime’

8.25+mazzah+vandals+2Vandals have struck Mazzah Mediterranean Grill in Boise, 4 times in the past several months. The first two times, eggs were thrown at the door, then the word ‘murder’ was spelled out in the parking lot, then, a rock was thrown through the front door. Boise Police Lt. Stan Niccolls says they are looking into the matter, but as of now, nothing indicates a hate crime. as there have been no racial or faith based slurs that have been written out on the property.


In a Press Release from terror-linked CAIR  (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) today called on state and federal law enforcement authorities to investigate a possible bias motive for repeated acts of vandalism targeting a Muslim-owned business in Idaho. “The repeated nature of the incidents, coupled with the word ‘murder’ and the religious background of the victims, requires that a possible bias motive be investigated,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper. “Too often, Muslims or those who are perceived to be Muslim are being singled out for discrimination.”

KTVB Family members, who are Muslims of Middle Eastern background, say their restaurant has been vandalized at least four times in the last few months, the first two times with eggs thrown at the door. In the third incident, the word “murder” was written in the parking lot. On Sunday, a rock was thrown through the front door, shattering the glass. Boise police are investigating the incidents.



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  1. Incredible isn’t it?

    Having just looked at the previous post of shootings and decapitation in Syria which in truth replicates everywhere they are whether Egypt, Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan and then compare with a spot of grafitti what gets CAIR’s ire?

    Remember those decapitees are Muslims too.

    It is insane.

  2. Seems to me that if any of the vandalism occurring at this muslime owned restaurant was REALLY a hate crime that someone would toss a large ham hock and/or a few pig feet through their front window, BUT thus far no pork products or pork bombs have been used in these supposed “hate crimes”!!

  3. This is just teenage vegan vandalism. But on a side note I just had a thought. Who would have thought our salvation FROM the Muslim invasion MIGHT be the Mormon’s?

  4. Who the hell would actually EAT in a muslim restaurant ?
    Flatulence producing, fattening, junk and tortured to death meat.

  5. I think that any of us who have service dogs need to visit all the halal shops in our areas and then when we get kicked out, sue the crap outta it for discrimination under the ADA!!

  6. Sounds to me, anything that the Muslims don’t like, the want their own personal F.B.I. Agents on standby, thanks to Obama and Holder. The problem is they run like a bunch sheep to bow to their wishes!! F__k , must be nice to have your own personal detachment of F.B.I. Agents! I mean, they are great people tasked w/ a difficult job! They (F.B.I.) shouldn’t nor do they want to put up w/ “Bullshit” like this! I feel pity for the F.B.I. Agents!

  7. If it was an islam hate crime, they would have thrown pork ribs, pig guts, pig parts, bacon, etc.
    This sounds like some young misguided youths out doing things they should not be doing.
    As usual, CAIR is paranoid. CAIR should be banned from the USA as a hate group, IMHO.

  8. a bit out of my territory do know it is heavily populated by mormons maybe a clash of ideas ,not to spread any rumors ! zoinist probably