BROOKLYN: Pakistani Muslim killed by African-American in robbery attempt

CAIR is already trying to find a way to turn this into an anti-Muslim hate crime. Mohamed Bilal, 32, was shot in the chest at New Attitude Printing, Ink and Internet Cafe in East New York, where he sold cell phones and fixed computers.


ABC  An arrest has been made in connection with the shooting death. Robert Bullock was grilled by cops and then charged with murder, attempted robbery and criminal possession of a weapon, police said. A coworker says Bullock was trying to rob Bilal, but panicked and the gun went off, hitting the 32-year-old in the chest. Bilal, a native of Pakistan, came to the city a few months ago. Police say the shooting may have stemmed from a botched robbery, and they say that Bullock gave Bilal a bag to put money in.