Is the real purpose of Obama’s planned attack on Syria to start a war with Israel using his Islamic proxies?

Senior Syrian Official warns: If U.S. strikes Damascus, we’ll set Tel Aviv on fire. The official warned that U.S. intervention on the side of jihadi, Al Qaeda-linked rebels could, in fact, create a more dangerous scenario for Israel.


The Blaze  A senior Syrian military official says if the U.S. or a coalition of nations attacks Syrian government forces, Syria and its allies will launch an immediate attack on Israel. “If Damascus comes under attack, Tel Aviv will be targeted too and a full-scale war against Syria will actually issue a license for attacking Israel,” said the Syrian army official who spoke to Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency on condition of anonymity.

“We are rest assured that if Syria is attacked, Israel will also be set on fire and such an attack will, in turn, engage Syria’s neighbors,” he said in the Tuesday interview. “Therefore, weakening the central government in Damascus will actually start growing attacks on Israel and will create insecurity for that regime,” he said.

Israel prepares for Syrian attack by making sure all citizens have gas masks
Israel prepares for Syrian attack by making sure all citizens have gas masks

“Thus, a U.S. attack on Syria will herald frequent strikes and attacks on Israel, not just by Damascus and its allies in retaliation, but by extremist groups who will find a ground for staging their aspirations,” he added.

The unnamed Syrian military official’s threats come on the heels of a similar threat from a senior Iranian parliamentary official who also said Israel would be targeted in the event of an American strike.

Another threat in recent days came from Syrian Deputy Information Minister Halaf Al-Maftah who told an Arabic-language radio station that Syria and its allies Iran, Iraq and Lebanon – along with terrorist groups – could attack Israel, according to Israel National News.