SAUDI ARABIA: Yemeni restaurant gives new meaning to the term ‘mystery meat’

question-mark-mystery-meatSaudi authorities shut a restaurant after finding out it served meat which does not belong to any known livestock, a newspaper reported. A customer who had a meal at the Yemeni restaurant in the town of Laith reported it to authorities after finding strange bones in his dish.

Mystery Bone
Mystery Bone

Emirates 24/7  “When the customer told the owner about the strange bones, he tried to give him SR500 bribe to have the bones back,” Sabq newspaper said. “Health authorities then raided the restaurant and found that the bones and some meat do not belong to livestock. A large quantity of other meat was also found unfit for human consumption,” it added without specifying which to animals the bones belong.

Saudi Arabian Airlines: “For our in-flight meal service today, we have chicken or donkey.”

Emirates 24/7  Saudi Arabian Airlines could have served its passengers donkey meat, ignoring warnings by a local government food control body that imported meat from Tunisia could be diseased or is donkey meat.


Abdullah Al Bubou, a senior inspector at the supply division in the Airlines, said Saudi Arabia’s General Food and Drugs Authority had repeatedly warned the airlines to stop import of foodstuffs from Tunisia and serving them on its aircraft following reports on the spread of diseases among cattle in that Arab country.

“This has prompted the Authority to stop all the meat and other food items imported by the airlines from Tunisia…but after nearly one month, these food items appeared on board Saudi aircraft, including meat without certificates of origin… the stuff could be diseased or donkey meat… the problem is that they (Saudi Airlines) started to opt for foodstuffs that are about to expire as they are cheaper.”