ORLANDO, FL: Our friends at The United West filmed a pro-Muslim Brotherhood rally

The so-called ‘Egyptian and Arab Americans for Democracy and Human Rights’ held a rally in Orlando supporting al-Qaeda linked Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi. 

55887_10151822917732673_33355864_o-e1377754682547 Rally leaders, Ibrahim Taman and Dr. Ali El-Menshawi said they were promoting Democracy and had no connections to Morsi or the Muslim Brotherhood which was a lie. On the group’s FaceBook Page these same rally members are shown holding pictures of Morsi contradicting everything they say here on camera. In the photo above, one of their signs says, “Go away, (General) Sisi, Morsi is my president, Anti-coup.”

They were countered by some American patriots and veterans who were protesting the Muslim Brotherhood’s mass destruction of churches in Egypt and persecution of Christians.

One of the more chilling exchanges caught on film was during the post rally when the protestors congregated ironically at the Lake Eola WW2 Memorial. Ibrahim Taman asked me to stop filming explaining that “You are among us now”.  I understood Mr. Taman’s words to mean that I was not welcome as a Non-Muslim and that you are ‘among us now’ so you better do as we say. Dr. Ali El-Menshawi understood immediately what Ibrahim Taman was doing and got Ibrahim Taman to back off. For the record – Anyone can film any gathering without restriction in the public square because there is no expectation of Privacy – Ibrahim Taman did not get that memo.

h/t connect742

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