SYRIA: Barack Hussein Obama is supporting, funding, and ordering the US military train the people in this video (WARNING: Very Graphic Images)

The U.S.-backed FSA (Free Syrian Army) now is comprised mainly of al-Qaeda and other terrorist-linked rebels, whom the UN says were likely behind the recent chemical attacks.  Obama doesn’t care. The missiles he is planning to launch will help them.

There are approx. 1,000 U.S. troops training these jihadist ‘rebels’ in Jordan. And the money he is using to fund and train them is coming from the American taxpayers. Send this video to your representatives and tell them to stop funding this Islamic savagery.


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  1. By the way, these antiquated firearms that are so carelessly dismissed, are in many cases fine examples of classic American firearms and not “Junky guns!”
    As 12 yr. olds, my cousin and i used to ride out to the gravel pit on our bicycles with our 22’s and spend the early morning shooting without incident. We knew what we possessed, and what dangers ran with the use of them. Many youngsters our age in those days had firearms available to them and used them without parental supervision because they had been well schooled in the responsibilities of the use and dangers of firearms.
    We ran our own traplines and processed the pelts of the animals we took.
    There was another discipline we were expected to honor which as evidenced by many of our leaders, is not typical today.

  2. No! That is entirely incorrect! The only thing that Obama can do is see that the provision of the Federal Firearms Act of 1934 be enforced, and it does not apply to the so called “Antiquated” guns addressed here. That act is specific in its restrictions and applies to machine guns and short barreled shotguns.
    Obama is out of line and should be called on it.
    If you don’t grasp that, how can we expect members of Congress to who represent the American people.
    Obama has gone beyond the legitimate scope as the Executive, and Congress is failing in its duties not to stop this maverick.
    He should be impeached!
    Unfortunately in this country, the criminal is afforded more protections than the average citizen who desires only to provide for his family, and enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    The pursuit of happiness you understand extends beyond purely selfish pleasures as many believe all that is desired. It speaks to the health and vigor of the nation which today is languishing under an oppressive and tyrannical government.
    We were told this day would come by no less an authority than Benjamin Franklin, but as many persons know little of our national history, or national Fathers, and the foundation this country was built on, it is hardly surprising.
    Obama may not make law or regulate commerce. That is a function of the Congress!

  3. @Sujith,
    My concern mirrors almost everyone’s here including BNI’s. In your provided website this wording is found, “steps the White House already determined the president could take on his own.”
    That is the first evidence of tyranny!
    It is not that the President does not understand the role of Congress, he does! I believe it has been said, he was a Constitutional authority and taught it in his capacity as a professor at the University of Chicago. He said it himself, March 30, 2007, at which time he derided George Bush.
    He also understands that the people are ripe to be run roughshod over because they do not demand our Constitutional protections be exercised to prevent the actions of a tyrant from being enforced.
    The White House cannot be allowed “Steps on its own,” ever! Not without the consent of Congress in whom all power resides as expressing the will of the people.
    It is one reason I state, there is little difference between democrats and republicans, they are both become strange bedfellows in opposition to the founding principles of government.
    The people of the United States are behaving stupidly and are as much a part of the shenannigans of the White House as this coruupt man at the helm!
    Obama and the whole of his administration should be impeached!
    They are altogether corrupt!
    If you believe the experiences of the Netherlands, France, Germany, Australia, England, Italy, and elsewhere are disturbing, wait until it is here. It is coming, and the lethargy and indifference of the people because of selfish satisfaction is the cause of it.
    If you believe we have a loss of control now, wait until they drag persons and shoot persons in the streets while others mill about here as demonstrated in the video above.
    That is fully capable of being enacted here!
    We have a legal means of addressing this, we should execise it!
    Pretty soon, it will be the thugs who are in control!
    Mark my words!

    • The steps obama can take on his own, are limited to banning import of 50 year old guns…not changing constitutional rights…that requires congress approval.

  4. The acts of true cowardly muslims of the evil cult of islam. The good news is the extermination of muslims by muslims. We waste time when we put them in jails to be broken out to murder again. The muslim rebels exterminate their muslim enemies so that they never come back again. One wish would be that every executioner and head cutting savage would one day be executed or have their heads cut off. I hope that what goes around, comes around. ‘Take out the garbage’.

  5. I say let them kill each other!!! Close all borders and people coming from these terrorist nations…then deport them all…it sounds so easy too bad we cant take over for a week we would have this cleaned up in no time!!

    • Although he isn’t very bright, that doesn’t mean he isn’t cunning and evil. He is not crazy, and we must rid ourselves of the idea that he is not capable of evil just because he appears to be incompetent and stupid. He is doing exactly what his master satan wants him to do. You know him by his fruits, and they are rancid.

  6. About the masturbating raper’s $2,000 ‘compensation’. Of course this is outragious, but, it is a natural outgrowth of the ‘politically correct’ mindset that is now rampant throughout the western world.
    Those who are behind this whole PC conspiracy need to be identified, & dealt with in an appropriate manner

  7. Do the Syrians (& foreign volunteers) speak English or are the American troops who are training them speak Arabic? Are the America troops the few Muslims (& reverts) from insideously treasonous activity reported at Lackland AFB

  8. BNI,
    Obama signed two executive orders on gun control if the report is accurate. I was hoping you would post my remarks to that but it came back as a “Duplicate post.” It was not.
    What I posted (And appears denied), was on the states rights to maintain militias, and how by doing so, limits government intrusion infringing on our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms.
    We shall have the same event taking place here as depicted in the above video, if that right is not protected as the states will be directly affected as a result of their citizens right being harmed.
    I do not know if my remarks were spammed or not?
    Should I send it again?
    I know it is lengthy, but follow it through to its conclusion and let me know.
    We are in a terrible situation.

  9. BNI,
    Obama continues to weaken our armed forces! If the states have no opportunity to resist individually and in concert with one another, we shall be destroyed. It works even as the AIDS virus of the sodomite has infected us, and death with discrimination shall be the result.
    Before any one becomes outraged, recall that it has long been trumpeted that AIDS does not discriminate. But we know it does! It is because it discriminates, we can identify “At risk groups.” If you do not belong to any of the identified at risk groups, you are not going to get AIDS.
    This is more serious immediately. And the same discrimination shall apply. Rather than ungodliness,licentiousness and incontinence being our downfall only, it will come by a very real and threatening theopolitical opposition to a people who once heralded the laws of nature and nature’s God, and the providence of the Supreme Being who governed all our affairs.
    Now that we have become any enemy to Israel, our judgement is at the gates.

  10. This same behavior is coming here. We are no longer united as a compact of states under a Federal Constitution. If you look at the acts of the individual states legislatures, the Federal courts, and commissions of communities civil governance, we are being made ripe for this very thing.
    I had intended to post the following at Oath Keepers but decided to do so here.

    Drudge Report, Aug. 29, 2013

    My curiosity is raised by what I believe a profaning of the Constitution by our President and apparently as may be acceded to by members of both houses of the Congress, the House of Representatives, and the Senate.
    It is enough Congress may cause a law previously vetoed by the President to go into effect by Constitutional provisions, but I do not understand how the President can bypass Congress to make law, when Congress is the sole authority reserving to itself that power alone.
    The Executive understands this because Biden this morning said “If Congress won’t act, we will fight for a new Congress.”
    That means a Congress disposed to exercising tyrannical power, and not exercising the will of all the people.
    We have seen what a maverick judicial branch and lesser courts may accomplish!
    What is it about , “The Congress shall have power…To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers, and all other powers vested by this Constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof,” as stipulated in Article 1, sec. 8, clause 18, that the President does not understand? The President does understand and that is why the fight for a “New Congress!”
    What about the reservations stipulated in the Constitution regarding States rights?
    We all remember the draft, do we not? At least the older of us!
    We have our services, Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. We have appropriations of monies for the support of armies. Each two years, appropriations are revisited.
    As it is, we now have a “Voluntary citizen military.”
    No conscription is in force, although all eligible persons must register should a “Draft” become necessary.
    However, beyond that, the states themselves are responsible for the erection of militias, and the appointment of the officers of their militia.
    The President is Commander in Chief of the military powers only, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines, and of the “Militia of the several states,” only when the militias of the several states are employed in actual service to the United States!
    Other than that he can be nothing more than a requestor, not a commander.
    That command of states militias would be left to the Executive Officer of the state individually, in time of quiet.
    As I see it, the President has no jurisdiction over the militias of the several states except in time of national emergency or time of war!
    Militia may be those of our citizen forces, guards, coast guards (Other than federal), etc., called upon as conditions may require, both voluntary and conscripted (drafted), but the militias of the individual states remain at the discretion of the states themselves.
    It is not necessary for a state to even have a militia, should it choose not to do so.
    However, a condition exists for the governance of militias and the provision of arms and discipline, as effected by Congress. But this can be done only when the militias again, are in the employ of the United States. That is a Constitutional stipulation.
    The officers and authority of training of militia must remain under the discretion of the individual states, constitutionally.
    Congress provides the mandate of discipline for doing so, and may enforce that discipline only as lawfully able.
    Again, that is only when the militias are in the employ of the United States.
    That would be at the direction of the states Executive or by Congressional mandate (Draft).
    Before such order by the state’s executive, they remain in the employ of the state only.
    This is why the citizens right to possess firearms is desirable.
    It relieves the state the burden of providing firearms except as the citizens of the states themselves may choose or deem wise.
    It relieves the Federal Government the need to provide firearms except as deemed necessary to supply persons who shall effect mission requirements.
    It secures the full exercise of our citizens right to possess firearms as they may choose to do so or not, without impugning that right.
    The opportunity for an armed citizenry must not be disturbed.
    The only ones who would desire such a condition, are they who would subject the people to oppressive and tyrannical measures.
    This President and current administration have already shown themselves to be threatening to our welfare as a free nation, gradually instituting policies that are antithetical to American freewill resolve and determination.
    He has usurped powers not his to enjoy.
    He has wasted our substance, giving our wealth to those who would destroy us.
    He is depleting our treasuries.
    He is importing those who are antithetical to our laws and our Constitution and as such imply a threat.
    He should be impeached.

  11. what make anyone thiink forwarding this videos to any of our reps will help? they have their own agenda
    these are not savages they are not sub-human they are a disease that must be destroyed like a cancer
    they kill civilians and blame it on assad and our govt is just too stupid to get it. we need to stay out of this.

  12. I eat my lunch watching these videos. Nothing improves my appetite like watching muslim scum killing other muslim scum.

  13. They are war criminals, OBAMA is a war criminal because support his uslis fellows to do, with american guns and bullets!!!

      • BNI, in Rancho Cucamonga,California, an Islamic man tried to attack police officers with a sword while screaming allah-akbar. The officers shot him with bean bags. (They should have used true bullets. I think they used non lethal means to subdue him due to PC. Had the criminal not been a Muslim, the police would have used real bullets.) His father had called the police because the son had a sword and was high on drugs and was bipolar (The father blamed drugs and bipolar for his son’s violence, instead of the obvious cause, Islam…) The father was afraid for his safety.
        If the deputies had not been armed, or if the man had attacked an innocent person on the street, we would have had the same scenario as in England, with the butchering of the soldier Lee Rigby and the other 2 victims who were ignored by the media.
        As the number of followers of the religion of “peace, love, and tolerance” increases, so is the violence…
        Please go to the link

        • MRB, bean bags? What the hell is that. In NYC the police use bullets. Dhimmi Caliphornia kissing muslim ass. Is that in Sheriff Lee Baca’s county? He is in bed with the muslim scum there.

        • BNI: Lee Bacca is in Los Angeles. Rancho Cucamonga is in San Bernardino County. I am sure the officers did not shoot the creep out of PC. In any other case, if a person charges at the police with a lethal arm he /she gets bullets. I am afraid that we are starting to have a bit of a taste of what is coming in the future…If you go to the site I posted, you can read about the crime in more details.

  14. Remember that the Muslim Brotherhood is the great grand daddy of all raghead terrorist groups. So we are paying our enemies to attack us. They shouldn’t have too much trouble with the Syrian aircraft. Fast and Furious 2.0 (SA-7 Grails ) from Libya took care of that problem.
    Can we all say thank you to Hillary for that one.

  15. dnr: Really?! Well, just in case you REALLY don’t know.
    The answer is, because OUR Commander-in-Chief is one of them who hate us and his main aim is to destroy us.

        • It happens to me too. Are you in Canada? I’m wondering if there is some sort of “block” that is causing this. Maybe some key words, or something/someone is collecting some comments? I know I specifically started a new “Yahoo” email and user acct to avoid any association to my regular email accounts and profiles, that could be traced to my Facebook, twitter and MSN, through a email address search. Google, FaceBook, YouTube, LiveLeak and others, have options to search based on an email address. Better safe than ending up as a hood ornament on a arselifter’s cab

          Luck favors the prepared.

      • Obama if he supports this, is not my president…I declare we do not have a president, just a terrorist in charge. Obama scares me to death..makes me want to throw we have to have him for three more years?

  16. I’d like to pass this this on and post it to a leftist website, but I know that people will ask for more proof/sources.


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