French Muslim girl, 16, attempts to commit suicide after two men tried to rip off her (illegal) headbag

veil1-349x220-customThe 16-year-old Muslim is reportedly in a critical condition in a hospital after jumping out a fourth story window at her home in Trappes, Paris yesterday. While her motives for suicide remain unclear, she is believed to have also unsuccessfully tried to overdose on pills last week according to French newspaper Le Parisien.

France 24 Police Attacked 20130720-1UK Daily Mail  In July, hundreds of Muslim rioters clashed with riot police in the Parisian suburb after attempts were made to fine a woman for wearing an illegal full Islamic veil. Since the controversial burka ban which was introduced across France in 2011 there have been several violent incidents involving Muslims across the country.

During the Muslim riots in Trappes in July, hundreds of (foaming-at-the-mouth) Muslims surrounded the police headquarters in the area and bombarded officers with stones while they also torched cars in the streets and vandalised property. Police in Trappes said: ‘The disturbances are related to the arrest of a man who objected to his wife being arrested for wearing a veil. 

JULY: Muslim riots over arrest of veiled woman in Trappes
JULY: Muslim riots over arrest  of veiled woman in Trappes

Worried that the girl’s suicide attempt might spark more riots by Muslims, police were stationed in the commuter town to the west of the French capital on Monday night but no disorder unfolded.

The girl told police that on August 12 she was approached by two ‘European looking’ men with shaved heads near Square Berlioz as she left a friend’s house at 5.45pm. The men allegedly shouted anti-Muslim and remarks at her before wielding a box cutter. They ripped off her veil, pushed her over and hit her. Le Parisien newspaper reported that she had ‘light scratch marks’ on her throat and face.


Police in Yveslines are currently investigating the attack and looking at CCTV footage but are struggling because no eye witnesses to the attack have come forward.

Women found guilty of wearing veils which cover the face in public can be fined the equivalent of £130 and be forced to attend citizenship classes.

In March, a Frenchman who ripped a Muslim woman’s veil off her eyes was given a five-month suspended prison sentence. The 30-year-old said he was merely trying to ‘enforce’ his country’s laws when he carried out the attack in the city of Nantes.