GREAT IDEA! Israel will pay an African country to take thousands of African Muslim illegals off its hands and off the government dole

AfricanIsraeli_JPG-viWe should do that with our illegal aliens, too. Israel has agreed to provide substantial economic and military aid to an unnamed African state in return for their taking in illegal alien African refugees from southern Tel Aviv.

Middle East Monitor  Haaretz newspaper has reported that Israel is preparing to start a large-scale campaign to deport African immigrants after September’s Jewish holidays. It revealed that the Israeli government has reached an agreement with an unnamed African country to “absorb” the migrants in return for agricultural and other assistance, including sophisticated military technology.


“The deal includes the supply of artillery and mortars, surveillance equipment, fighter jet upgrades and probably unmanned aerial vehicles,” said Haaretz.

Prime Minister Netanyahu’s special envoy Hagai Hadas said that Israel should be able to send 90 per cent of the immigrants who arrived from Africa in recent years, especially from Sudan and Eritrea. The increase in their numbers has provoked a wave of anger and racism against the Africans in Israel. (See the bullet points below for the reasons why)


Last year, Likud Knesset Member Miri Regev described African Muslim invaders as a “cancer” in the state, accusing them of being behind the fear and lack of personal security in Tel Aviv neighborhoods.


There are 57 Muslim countries in the world. So why does it fall on a tiny country like Israel to have to take in tens of thousands of African Muslim invaders? Most of these refugees go right through Egypt on their way to Israel. No more. In just 3 years, Southern Tel Aviv Israeli residents have had to endure:

* 50 – 60,000 African Muslim infiltrators

* Israeli women unable to go to the market without being robbed

* Africans taking jobs from young Israelis

* Little girls can no longer play outside because of the danger from Muslim men

* Rape rates among Israeli women and girls are soaring as never before

Israelis in Southern Tel Aviv are fed up with bearing the brunt of this African infiltration, made worse when the more affluent Israelis from the North come down and tell them they should welcome the Africans.

Bleeding heart Leftist Israelis come bearing signs to stir things up in Southern Tel Aviv:


Israelis who live in Southern Tel Aviv fight back: