ST LOUIS: Terror-linked CAIR demands law enforcement/FBI officials investigate the ‘motive’ behind a neighborhood fight with a Muslim

Discrimination_posterThe local chapter a Muslim Brotherhood front group, CAIR, is asking police to investigate possible anti-Muslim bias as a motivation behind a violent encounter, which they want classified as a ‘hate crime,’ that sent an 18-year-old Muslim to the hospital after an argument with a neighbor whose car the Muslim had allegedly been caught scratching.

KSDK  Faizan Syed, executive director of the St. Louis branch of CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations), said that Hamado Muhando spent three days at Saint Louis University Hospital’s ICU after being struck in the back of the head following an incident with a neighbor’s boyfriend over his car being scratched by Muhando.

130829020716_hamadi-4The police report said the victim (Muhando) went to the front door to talk with the suspect, who was demanding money for the damage to his vehicle.  An argument ensued and the suspect struck the victim, who fell and hit the concrete. The report said the investigation was ongoing and classified the matter as “third-degree assault.”  No arrests have been made.

130829020716_hamadi-horizontalAfter being discharged from the hospital, Muhando was in a neck brace for three weeks. Doctors have restricted him from driving for the next six months as a result of the head trauma he suffered. Muhando said he’s had to postpone his freshman year at college until the spring due to lingering effects of his injury.

Syed said the family has reported incidents of being singled out for their religion and targeted in the past: having a rock thrown through their window, tires slashed, and religious slurs hurled at their children. In each of those instances, Syed said the family filed police reports, but the department failed to follow-up in their investigations. (Police tend to ignore nuisance claims after they get enough of them from the same people)

VIDEO below is 18 minutes of the usual CAIR crapola. I couldn’t stand more than 2.