UNCONFIRMED: Video claims many Syrian children killed in chemical attack were kidnapped by FSA rebels

FSA rebels and their Libyan terrorist allies kidnapped dozens of children and women from the Latakia countryside. Many of these children were those who died in the chemical attack. Pictures of several of the children killed by Sarin chemical gas in Ghouta were identified by their parents as those who were kidnapped from Latakia.


There is the story and video where rebels admitted using and setting off the chemicals that killed all the adults and children. The video apparently has been removed by the Obama Regime, but you can read the story HERE

Before it’s News  (h/t Arnie)The rebel militias use the kidnapped women and children in exchange for rebel militias imprisoned by the Syrian military. “Activists are relaying that a number of these children whom never returned to their families and reported killed appeared on another report but about 350 kilometers away in Damascus countryside ‘Ghouta’. Their family members identified the children appearing in the report of the victims of the alleged attacks as those kidnapped in Latakia countryside, killed and piled to be used to blame the Syrian state for a chemical attack. 

This would not be the first time the US/NATO-backed terrorist rebels have slaughtered civilians and used them to demonize the State, Houla Massacre is one of those infamous crimes.”

Below is a video clip that kidnapped children and women and the kidnappers are giving interview. The video has English captions. (It probably won’t be up long)