You know, there’s a lot to be said for a ‘sneak attack’

ethismanonbapolitics1366591735-viBarack Hussein Obama is like a gossipy teenage girl who can’t wait to call up all his little friends and tell them to tell the world how smart/tough he is.

Our friend Ezra Levant in Canada does a good job of scolding Obama, a pussywhipped sorry excuse for an American Commander-in-Chief, whose loyalties are solidly and publicly with al-Qaeda’s founders in the Muslim Brotherhood (fighting against the Syrian government). Obama not only has armed and funded the al-Qaeda-linked FSA rebels in Syria, he probably was behind the chemical attacks launched by the rebels and blamed on Assad. He has lost his Muslim Brotherhood stronghold in Egypt, so he’s in a hurry to replace it with a Brotherhood takedown and takeover of Syria. But he better watch out for Tunisia, Libya, and Turkey, too, where anti-Muslim Brotherhood protests are growing in number. Just my opinion. –BNI