DESPICABLE! German Chancellor Angela Merkel promises easier visas for Turkish Muslims

In an appearance on Turkish television, Chancellor Merkel has campaigned for the votes of German-Turks in the federal elections on 22 September. The Chancellor, on TGRT Europe, raised the prospect of easing restrictions on the awarding of visas.


Islam vs Europe  Thankfully, however, no change was apparent in her skeptical attitude on the question of Turkey’s membership of the EU.

The almost 700,000 voters of Turkish descent in Germany traditionally tend to vote for the SPD [Socialists] and Greens; according to a poll for the website of the “Deutsch-Türkischen Journals” [German-Turkish Journal] around 43 per cent of German-Turks vote SPD, followed by the Greens with around 22 per cent and the CDU [tn: Merkel’s party, mainstream right] with around 20 per cent.