SYRIA: Obama-armed and funded al-Qaeda linked rebels force 24 civilian passengers off bus and behead all of them, including a mother and baby

UnknownAl-Qaeda linked terrorists in Syria have beheaded all 24 Syrian passengers traveling from Tartus to Ras al-Ain in northeast of Syria, among them a mother and a 40-day old infant.

En. Alalam Gunmen from the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and Levant stopped the bus on the road in Talkalakh and killed everyone before setting the bus on fire.


According to media reports, the attack was carried out because the passengers who were from three different villages in Ras al-Ain, supported anti-terrorist Kurdish groups which were formed recently to defend Kurdish population against anti-Syria terrorists. Bodies of a mother and her 40-days infant were also seen among the dead, which were recognized by their relatives.

Syrian Kurdish leader Saleh Muslim warned on Friday that the Kurd minority is facing an ethnic cleansing by al-Qaeda terrorists. While there is no end in sight to the bloody U.S. and foreign-fueled conflict in Syria, another front has been formed between the Kurdish militia and extremist militants in Northern Syria.

Al-Qaeda militants kill 24 civilians near Ras al-Ain

Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups operating in the country, including the al-Nusra Front, are trying to capture Kurdish territories and make them part of a state they want to create in the region. Following deadly attacks on Kurdish regions in recent months, groups of Kurdish militia were formed to protect their people.

Anti-Syria armed groups continue to target civilians amid US threats against Syrian army and government which have made militants find it easier to widen their attacks.

Following worldwide criticism, US President Barack Obama delayed an imminent military strike against Syria on August 31, sending the matter to the Congress to get more support.



44 comments on “SYRIA: Obama-armed and funded al-Qaeda linked rebels force 24 civilian passengers off bus and behead all of them, including a mother and baby

  1. Thanks for taking our TAX MONEY from our mouth & our Children’s mouth and giving it to the QAEDAS & the TERRORISTS to kill the poor Syrian Muslims & Christians, but every thing turned arround the 24 we sent to kill were KILLED & BEHEADED all the 24 of them they then burned the BUS they were in. OBAMA LEAVE THE SYRIANS ALONE & LET THEM TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES FOR GOD’S SAKE.

  2. Striking terror into the hearts of the unbeliever, killing the unbeliever, smiting the unbeliever with the Islamic sword, forcing the unbeliever to payJizyah while living as a sub human under Sharia law is how Islam thrives. the left defanged and declawed Christianity decades ago. Now we have evil Islam stalking us like a hungry Wolf. Hey, America, its time for us to get into bitch mode now or face life as a Kafir.

  3. Bonni…May you and yours have a Healthy & Happy New Year. The same goes to ALL those who follow this site, that yearn for a Year that sees a permanent end to every enemy to America and her allies. L’ Shana Tova

  4. This all just goes to show you that when f’ing muzzies don’t have Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Bahai, Jews, Sikhs or Zoroastrians to kill they turn on each other like rabid dogs.

  5. Just so everyone knows, the kurds are muslimes too. Muslime kurds in Turkey happily took part in the genocide and enslavement of 2.5 million Armenian and Assyrian Christians, because they’re still f’ing muslimes.

  6. Since I am “guilty” of being pro life it seems to me that being dead is just that, being dead. It is hard for me to visualize the horror of having your head cut off while you are still alive. I for one am sick and tired of people killing people of any age.
    The politicians should asked themselves how they would feel if they had relatives on that bus. Many of us know that many politicians are still having cocktails while innocent people are being killed.
    Since I have been a reader of BNI, I have been well informed of the brutality of the islamist savages. Let me say I would never give our military rules of engagement when it comes to fighting savages.

    • I too, would cancel all rules of engagement. But, the J.O. in the white house never would because he hates our military people. S’cuse the racism if you see any.

  7. The mind boggles at the actions of these koranimals and president’s bow to kiss their feet!
    Why are the West taking the side of Alqeda who were recently our sworn enemies?

    • Because Obama supports the Muslim Brotherhood and its goal to take over the Middle East. The MB were the founders of al-Qaeda and they are still their military arm. Obama is so pissed over what happened in Egypt with the MB ouster, that I believe he stepped up his efforts to have the MB take over in Syria by deposing Assad. I don’t have actual evidence I can post, but because Obama is arming the al-qaeda rebels (and has been from the beginning), by shipping American weapons from Benghazi to his good pal Erdogan (also MB) in Turkey, who shipped them onto the rebels in Syria, there is a good possibility he shipped chemical weapons, to them, too, possibly via Saudi Arabia. But as far as the chemical weapons go, videos have shown stockpiles of chemical weapons in rebel warehouses that were raided by the Syrian Army. The rebels were behind some of the earlier chemical weapons attacks as confirmed by the UN.

      The UN this time are nearly positive that the weapons were launched from rebel areas.

  8. These things are not “gunmen,” nor are they “rebels.” They are nothing short of “MONSTERS,” running loose on this earth. Kill them-All of them.
    Eff you, CAIRmonster> Council on psuedo-American monsters

  9. I have never hated, despised, and loathed from the very core of my being, an American president as much as I do this piece of shit, (b)arack (h)ussein (o)bama, a rank imposter of the first and worst order, and a divisive, America-hating, spawn of Satan! To all who would would declare my hatred for him is simply because he’s black, I would say, Hell yes! Absolutely true! He has the blackest heart any human could possibly possess! All black…….on the inside, his very soul, darker than coal!

  10. In the meantime what happened to Odumbo’s scandals?Benghazi? Fast and Furious? NSA?Obama Care? They have been swept under the rug and being replaced by Syria.Where are the opposition to war: Sean Penn and the Hollyweird crowd, Cindy Sheerhan? Oh, this is Obamas’s war,hence the silence.

  11. Assuredly, these wonderful representatives of Islam who have enjoyed Obama’s largesse will eventually find their way to the USA under some sort of bullshit status and then vote for Hillary.

  12. Why is aggressive warmonger, Turkey, a member of NATO?

    End Muslim Turkey’s ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of Cyprus!

    Muslim warmonger, Turkey, must NEVER become a member of the EU!
    Turkey would flood Europe and Britain with many millions of conquering Muslims.

      • Well said Linda! We know where Obama stands–with the muslim brotherhood, and we know where the British govt. stands; again with their muslims and Obama. Must have been devastating to Cameron that some of the Brits. woke up and voted against his strike on Syria.

        Amazing the number of TV channels ‘agreeing’ with Obama and Kerry that Assad has ‘killed THOUSANDS of his own people’ with gas! Now why would he do that? He’s fighting the ‘organ eating’ rebels, not his own people. Even SUN news here in Canada is propagating that ludicrous nonsense, also FOX; we expect it from ABC, NBC, CNN and all the lefty media. RT (Russia today) seems much more balanced.

        I agree with you on Cyprus. Turkey has really become a rogue state, Ataturk will be turning in his grave.

        • Exactly Pete, Ataturk IS spinning in his grave. Kemalism is dead in Turkey, replaced by Neo Ottomanism, with the goal of re-establishing the Caliphate. A Turkish Caliphate. Linda is right, Turkey must be expelled from NATO and from all negotiations for gaining EU membership.

  13. Is the utterly ruthless and excessively wicked Obama regime (with very strong support from UK ruling elites) determined to make America the biggest sponsor of Muslim TERRORISM in the world? The blood of many barbarically slaughtered innocents is on the hands of the Obama regime and other Western leaders.

    The 9/11 Muslim terrorist attack was used as a convenient EXCUSE to take away freedoms from Americans and SUPPOSEDLY to fight Muslim terrorism. What a LIE! The exact opposite is the dreadful reality. Bloodthirsty American leaders finance, arm and train Muslim terrorists to wage barbaric war against innocents.

    Bible, Genesis 4:10 And God said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.”

    Our traitor Western leaders have also colonized our countries, especially Britain and Europe, with many millions of Muslims. Bloodthirsty Western ruling elites WANT Muslims to OBEY commands in the Quran and mosques to wage jihad against us INSIDE our Western countries. We are betrayed in every way.

    • But the moslem brotherhood rebels are adding fresh tarnish to the ‘mb’ brand, that not all the Tariq Ramadans in the world can erase. And of course IFTikhar Ahmed and Nihad ‘islamist’ Awad are totally schtumm about this, unless they have tried to blame it on the djooooz.

      I think it won’t take long before some of the well-trained Kurds from their occupied territories in Iraq and Turkey come to teach those mb thugs a lesson. Thus, the war will spread. And if ALL the Kurds unite, and use their oil revenue, they could teach neo-islamist thug Tayyip Erdogan Armenicide a lesson.

      BTW, AT THIS MOMENT, sock-puppet Kerry is speaking out of both sides of his mouth, and back-pedalling furiously, trying to do damage control for Buraq ‘teleprompter’ obuMBoy – “limited engagement”, “degrade Assad’s ability to use chemical weapons”, “not destroy him”…


  14. If Assad is “so brutal”, what does it make these “freedom fighters”????

    IMO; Assad had nothing to do with the sarin gas attack and he’s, to my knowledge, NEVER beheaded anyone.
    Who’s the real evil here? Sick!!!

  15. and just think, we’re not supposd to OFFEND these PsOS!!! Give me a freaking brealk! I detest them ALL; most especially that freaking ass POS MUSLIIME in the WH!
    People better wake UP and realize HE IS ONE OF THEM!! People better start screaming from their roof tops to IMPEACH this TRAITOR!

  16. Bravo to you BNi for centering your not un noticed news articles on the real situation in side Syria ! They not only expose these so called freedom fighters for the terrorist they are but also the administration who backs them . Truth will do what a vote could not do .

  17. This is absolutely disgusting! I head about Obama’s Syria bullshit recently, and I hope the Americans will threaten this tyrant with impeachment, as well as jail sentences for him and Clinton, McCain, and Bush (The filth had the nerve to say that Obama should ignore public opinion and attack anyway)!

    • Obama pushed his desires to the Brink; but things fell apart when the British parliament voted against supporting him in his desire to attack Syria based on nothing more than his purported moral outrage over what? WMD gas used by who?…”someone” in Syria?

      So President Obama now says he will hold off and will first seek the approval of Congress – Why no Congressional approval for Libya but needs approval for Syria?.(the answer is coming)

      So – If Obama on his own volition ordered an attack that could start WWIII he would without a doubt be impeached as American legislators would point the finger at Obama in an effort to appeases World Wide Ire over the most foolish US. President in World History.

      But – if Obama succeeds in persuading Congress to back an attack on Syria…an attack that leads to WWIII – Obama then gets to put the blame on Congress!

      This is all looking like a Fascist setup designed to destroy American Conservatives and world economic stability once and for all, and at the same time.

      If Congress gives Obama it’s support then come what may Obama the Illegitimate poser can just sit back and say “I was just following the will of the people – I have
      no choice in such matters once congress has spoken”.

      With Obama’s penchant for avoiding responsibility and always blaming others… What other strategy could there possibly be? :)

  18. I sent emails to my Congressman and Senators urging them to vote NO! on attacking Syria and aiding the rebels. I suggested either killing them all and letting God sort ’em or watching quietly from the sidelines.

  19. Dear G-d,what sort of demonic creatures are these(for want of a better word)people?Iknow what they are but even so,just when you think you’ve seen it all,seen the evil depths they will sink to and then………Dear G-d,please strike these devil worshippers with you almighty hand…………G-d rest their souls.

  20. A setup perpetrated by Al Qaeda to further inflame the situation in Syria and to whip up maniacal hatred against anyone.
    After generations of Moslem intermarriage and incestuous interbreeding the first price paid is the generally low IQ known to be common amongst all followers of Islam.
    But is that the only price paid – a lower IQ?
    Or is there something more like eventually having offspring being born without a soul?
    Looking like a human but in truth nothing more than an unfeeling amoral animal , nothing more than a receptacle for malevolent evil bent on killing and willing to self destruct to satisfy Satan aka Al Lah the hater of women?

    The evidence seems to be in abundance world wide.

  21. These are the bloodthirsty 7th century savages we’re not only supporting, but allowing into our free civilized societies under the guise of “refugees.” We would be safer importing smallpox and bubonic plague than Islamic savages.

  22. I am sickened, heartbroken and enraged by the cruelty of these sick savages. Imagine how much these people suffered. I am reminded of the words from Genesis: ‘Thy brother’s blood cries to me from the ground!’

    How long before this evil DEATH CULT is finally removed from our precious planet?

    This shows how evil jihad truly is.

  23. Who is Obama? Who are his friends? Who are his bosses? Does a Saudi prince give Obama his orders?

    The Sunni Syrian savages are practising normative Islamic beheading, rather than an aberration. This doctrine is consistent with the Salafism of Saudia Arabia.

    The Turkish government is interested in a revived caliphate led by Turkish Sunnis.

    They want to KNOCK OUT Shi’ite influence in Syria, rejoin with Arab world and declare the new CALIPHATE.

    Obama is playing into the hands of the evil CALIPHATE party led by Erdogan.


    • @perceptor1 – You asked “Who is Obama? Who are his friends? Who are his bosses?”. Well, perceptor1, Obama is the commander and chief of America, thanks to the majority American people who voted for a new cellular phone. No one clued into the fact that when he went to impoverished people and ghetto’s, was just veiled way to hide the fact, that he knew these ghetto people would take the phones because they’re stupid and easily coerced to vote for him due to the cell handouts. He knew that the people had no clue and no understanding about what his agenda was about and they’re easily bought. If Obama was really actually being nice and caring, Obama would have handed out things like food, shelter, clothing, or any other item that would improve the lives and standard of living.

      His friends? He has none, that’s why he’s so easy to “Buy” as Obama doesn’t have any friends who’ll condemn his actions, leaving him with a clear conscience when he lied and promised things if he was voted in.

      His bosses? The “boss” of any and every President, is the people of the nation. But, in Obama’s case, it’s the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda. Obama is getting sloppy though, as it’s now obvious, that the war on terror was lost and if more Americans would take their heads out of the sand, they’d realize they’ve lost as it’s evident by Obama using taxpayer money to fund the same groups who are destroying, murdering and so many other vile attacks on Innocent people, including children. Obama is paying Al-Qaeda murderer’s and violent radical Muslim twatwaffles to hate and destroy America,

      Your comment and the some of the questions you asked, shows just how pathetic, maddening and ridiculous regarding the current POTUS.

    • Obama is a Jesuit-trained communist Muslim. He was trained by Jesuit priest Gregory Galluzzo in Chicago under the auspices of a Roman Catholic community organization called the Gamaliel Foundation, of which he was associated with for 20 years before becoming Senator of Illinois. Google Jesuit Oath.

  24. It is extremely difficult not to become hardened to such happenings. Equally hard to believe in benevolent “Supreme Beings” by any name. I will admit to hoping there truly is a Hell after the Cristian understanding. The thought of eternal torment for these savages, pleases me.

    • Still the Kenyan muslim along with Kerry and the whole gang of warped, traitorous democrats and two republicans-turned-democrats (you know who I mean) are supporting these barbaric, murderous cretins.

      Americans seem to have forgotten what the words ‘impeachment’ and ‘traitor’ mean.

      Obama and the sanctimonious, lying Kerry are still bleating about Assad “killing thousands of his people with chemical weapons”, which is nonsense since he could never beat the rebels by killing thousands of his own people—utterly ludicrous! Americans should demand the truth from these serial liars. Seems to me that Obama is just insisting on congress OK’ing his ridiculous strike on Syria so he can shift the blame on to them when/if things go horribly wrong.

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