First look at the Obama-approved Muslim Brotherhood replacement for Bashar Assad of Syria

hassan hachimi-01After being banned in Syria for more than 30 years, the Muslim Brotherhood has appointed as its new chief in Syria, a Canadian Muslim, Hassan Hachimi, who will head the political arm of the Brotherhood, no doubt with its sights set on doing what Mohamed Morsi did in Egypt – bribing his way to the presidency – under the guise of democracy. The military arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, is busy staging chemical attacks on behalf of Barack Hussein Obama.

Creeping Sharia (h/t Susan K)  The political bureau of the Syria’s Muslim brotherhood (MB) announced (August 9, 2013) the official return of the Islamic movement to open political activity on Syrian soil after more than three decades of being banned by the Syrian regime.

Following is a translation of the MB’s announcement (originally in Arabic):

“Hassan Hachimi, MB’s head of political bureau, inaugurated during his visit to Aleppo in northern Syria few days ago the first office of the organization in the country after an absence that lasted decades of open political activity of the MB.” “The opening of an office of the MB party inside Syria is a great challenge in the face of Assad’s regime and a step that stresses the Muslim Brotherhood’s determination for a public return and to found, along with all other Syrian groups, a new political life in the country.”


“The decision to open the first office in Aleppo comes to pursue the current effort that intends to connect the political, military and civil activities, to coordinate between them and to enhance the MB’s efforts to unite the ranks and message in order to expedite the fall of the Syrian regime.”

Hassan Hachimi, 50, a Toronto architect, fled in 1979 his hometown of Aleppo to Saudi Arabia after his father was persecuted for involvement in the Muslim Brotherhood. In 1996 he arrived in Canada and soon has become increasingly involved in the political activity of the Syrian opposition in exile. In April 2006 he attended in Montreal a conference of the Syrian opposition in exile which called for democratic reforms.

Hachimi was first and officially mentioned as the chief of the political bureau of the Muslim Brotherhood on April 15, 2013. He replaced in this position Ali Al-Bayanouni, the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.