VIRGINIA: Big ugly mosque to be built in the middle of farm country despite neighbors objections

mosquejpg-811a9b29adbd3332_largeA Muslim group that has worshiped for the past five years in a storefront off Lynnhaven Parkway wants to build a mosque in southern Virginia Beach.  The worship center proposed for a 9-acre site at Landstown and Salem roads has the blessing of the city’s Planning Commission, which recently recommended, on a 10-0 vote, that the City Council grant a conditional use permit.

But the uber leftist source of this story, PILOT Online, seems to have a problem with people who don’t want the mosque in their backyard. (See reader comments below)


The Crescent Community Center Corp. agreed to the conditions: It will not have outdoor speakers or a public address system, alleviating fears about calls to prayer echoing through the neighborhood. Nevertheless, some neighbors are dismayed, complaining that the mosque will bring traffic and noise to a mostly rural area.

They argue that the roads are too narrow and flood easily and that a building where 225 people will worship is incompatible with horse stables, cattle grazing and crops nearby. No one speaking before the Planning Commission suggested the mosque should be rejected because of the religion being practiced.


That disdain has mostly been expressed in letters, emails and online forums, the vast majority of it anonymous. The writers, usually quick to espouse First Amendment rights for their own faith and words, conveniently want to pick and choose the religions protected by the Constitution.

That fear-mongering can’t help but recall the furor in 2010 when a Muslim group in New York City that had worshiped for years in lower Manhattan bought a vacant building two blocks from the World Trade Center site for a community center. That center, operating in the old building while it raises money for a new facility, hosts lectures, classes and events open to everyone.

Virginia Beach’s Planning Commission rightly ignored the scare tactics and looked at the facts. The plan will go to the City Council on Sept. 10 for a final vote. It should be approved.

Remember this infamous Virginia mosque?

Fort Hood Muslims



Submitted by James C. Frost, Virginia Beach, VA on Tue, 09/03/2013 at 8:55 am.

It’s ironic that the Virginian Pilot levels criticism at those making “anonymous comments” when editors have the ability to change the commenting permissions from open to verified comments where a name and city of residence is required and published-just like you require for editorial responses, letters to the editor and just about every story regarding race IF you even allow comments on those stories at all.

People have a RIGHT to express their opinion about a religion that wishes to establish a greater presence in our community especially since so much hatred has been directed at our nation and her citizens by members of this religion.

Remember that while religious leaders like Pat Robertson might say some embarrassing and stupid things, he hasn’t issued a Fatwa demanding someone’s death for insulting his religion or called for the destruction of Israel as many Islamic leaders have done on numerous occasions. One must also remember that the planes used in the September 11th attacks were hijacked and piloted by Muslims.

Islam doesn’t have a great record of tolerance towards women nor is it very accepting of the gay community, either. Islam also practices “honor killings” of girls who “shame” their family. Add to this the well-documented fact that many Islamic Centers and Mosques are actively raising money to fund terrorists, I think people are smart to ask questions and the Pilot shouldn’t try to shame people or government officials into silence or blind acceptance.


Submitted by James C. Frost, Virginia Beach, VA on Tue, 09/03/2013 at 10:17 am.

For all of the crazy things protestant faiths come up with (and there have been some doozies), I would like to see just HALF as much “tolerance” for their beliefs and their rights to speak them that the main-stream media shows for Islam.

I’d also like to see the same level of criticism for Islam that the media directs at protestant faiths, but that just doesn’t happen.

I know where your comment was heading, but I dare say that the main-stream media never holds back on attacking Christianity and more recently, those of the Jewish faith.

Now the paper is attacking it’s readers for asking the questions and raising the issues that were once the self-appointed responsibility of the fourth estate.


Submitted by Keith T Bailey, Virginia Beach, VA on Tue, 09/03/2013 at 12:50 pm.

Just how would that bother the horses, cows and crops?

If accepted as a legitimate reason for the roads, it would set up a standard for rejecting any other religion’s church on similar small roads.


Submitted by James C. Frost, Virginia Beach, VA on Tue, 09/03/2013 at 1:05 pm.

I have no problem with the establishment of the Mosque as such, what I do however have a problem with it the way in which the Pilot all but calls those who raised concerns about it’s presence racists or xenophobes.

Are we no longer allowed to voice our concerns about ANY project or, are we simply just supposed to keep quiet depending on who is asking for what?


Submitted by Zeno Nichols Jr, Chesapeake, VA on Tue, 09/03/2013 at 1:09 pm.

There are two types of Muslims. Those that are violent, and those that are not violent yet.