PUNCH. SPIT. SLUR. When a Muslim assaults a man in the street, he gets off with a ‘good behavior bond’

AUSTRALIA: An argument between two Muslims in front of Today Tonight’s cameras boiled over when Omar Ammouche, 31, punched and spit on community leader Jamal Daoud, and called him a dog.


The Herald  (h/t David P) Mr Daoud had invited a film crew onto the streets of western Sydney to talk about ongoing threats, violence and extortion by Sunni Muslims against Shiite shop owners. A crowd quickly gathered and Mr Daoud was spat on and harassed by a group of men, who emerged from the Al-Risalah bookshop. Mr Ammouche was caught on camera delivering a blow to Mr Daoud’s right cheek, spitting in his face and calling him a dog.

Mr Ammouche pleaded guilty to common assault but Magistrate Elaine Truscott decided not to record a conviction against him in Bankstown Local Court on Wednesday. He was given a 12-month good behaviour bond instead and ordered not to approach his victim. Magistrate Truscott said Mr Ammouche was a good community member and a “community builder.” (If you consider building a community of radical Muslims “good”)

Said Daoud, “Now the extremists and the likes of Omar Ammouche will see this as a green light to continue their terror campaign against community members who oppose their agendas.”