Banned by the U.S. media, this should be required viewing for every adult and child over 12.

It is estimated that at least 200 people jumped to their deaths, far more than can be seen in the photographs taken that morning. The jumping started shortly after the first jet hit at 8:46 a.m. People jumped continuously during the 102 minutes that the north tower stood. It took just 10 seconds to fall but it wasn’t fast enough for the victims to lose consciousness before they hit the ground.

Below is the LiveLeak version in case the Youtube version gets taken down:


FDNY first responders on hearing people jumping to their deaths from the top of the towers.


89 comments on “9/11 JUMPERS

  1. Remember the video of OBL (may he burn in perpetual fire) laughing at the news of the WTC Towers collapse and the people jumping. Remember that fat slut in ramalah passing out candy as her neighbors celebrated. Remember with a bright shining hate that the job is not complete until they are all DEAD and burning in hell..

  2. Thank you for keeping this out there on 9/11! I watch everything I can every year even if I have already seen it because we dont need to forget how we felt that day because when we do we let the enemy change the story of our history! Itvis not an easy thing to see but it keeps the fire lit against these monsters!

  3. it would have been better that that day never happened. the waving woman looked like she was burning when she fell and in the shot of the couple holding hands one’s feet were burning
    those 19 are regarded as heroes in the muslim world. heroes they are not
    they were cowards who took full advantage of the western lifestyle they ordered porn drank heavily and partied very heartily. they violated every tenet of the “ideology” they fanatically believed in.

  4. Its so depressing i cannot watch it again, but it needs to be kept in peoples minds because the leftards and madslimes will do anything to blame Bush and his government.
    I hate the cunts that call it a conspiracy by the US, to push the blame away from mudslimes.
    At work the mudsloid IT guy was telling me that 9-11 was done by the Jews and Americans for Oil.?? With thousands of pages of utter crap to back up his views..
    I suggested to him to read some economics books starting with Adam Smiths critique of mercantilism, and why its pointless for America to steal oil, he just carried on talking, I stopped listening..

  5. Thank God for people like you who still remembers that MONSTROSITY unabated and the way it DESERVES to be remembered!!!! No less, thank you so very much for speaking the truth in love – and keep it up!!!!

    Yes, notwithstanding my loathing of modern architecture, I’d gladly go along with the rebuilding of the Twin Towers to be the way they were – only better yet (not just bigger) so as to make such a collapse as what happened to be that much harder and so that people could have a better chance at escape (including the secretion of parachutes).

    DEATH TO ISLAM – and ALL other totalitarianism, period!!!!!

  6. I’ve seen this many times, but become lethally angry and can’t watch it any longer.
    Muslims are nothing but maggots on the corpses of once great nations.
    Islam is poison and death.
    May Islam and all it’s adherents become extinct within our lifetimes.
    Never forget.
    Thank God for this community.

  7. A religion ? Pisslam ? Not a governing system ? Hey TRUTHspittahCrap, thanks to your atrophied neurons incapable of even half-firing, you have no idea where you’ve landed here, do you ?! You’d better run and take the position of submission towards your black pebble and beg forgiveness fora having failed miserably in your attempted taqqiya crap, and today of all days you asshole !

    • BRAVISSIMO, Monsieur Alain!!! Bien dit!!! [Well said!!!]

      Better yet, let that good-for-nothing get on the first plane to Saudi Arabia and there go and renounce his US citizenship while pledging allegiance to the “king” of that benighted country!!!! THEN he’ll learn what Islam is truly all about…

      [Given how ultra-RACIST and SUPREMACIST Islam happens to actually be in practise – and how blacks are especially disdained in it – I’m both horrified and bewildered as to why so many blacks are converting to it… Are they so extra-bitter against the whites that they prefer in the worst case to jump from the frying-pan right into the fire??? Truly a prime example of just how all-consuming real hate and vengeance can be…]

  8. Beautiful and precious, cherished 3,000 brothers and sisters. We will NEVER forget you. Never. You are always in our hearts. We will never stop fighting for our freedom against the terrible EVIL of Islam. We fight in memory of you whose lives were so cruelly and savagely taken by devout Muslims. And we fight for all innocent humanity.

  9. Bonnie, Absolutely, this should be shown to every child over 12 in the Free World. The Muslims who slaughtered our cherished 3,000 innocents whilst shouting praise and worship to their DEATH god, were NOT extremist Muslims. They were Muslims who were OBEYING commands in the Quran and mosques to wage jihad against intensely HATED NON-Muslims.

  10. It was 9/11 that got me investigating islam. I could understand some people wanting to kill others, but could not work out why anyone would kill themselves at the same time. I thought it must be like some kind of a cult, and stated digging.The more I found out, the more I despised islam, and those who have imported it into our world.
    However, I’m staggered that more people haven’t yet awakened to the true horror that islam is, despite all the evidence.
    Keep up the good work BNI.

  11. You all make me smile. If god does exist none of you will be entering his kingdom. You people are blind to the issues and have no idea what is happening around you. Islam is a religion dipshit and is in no way a governing system.

    • And guess what? Nor will you – you’re destined to an eternity in hell. Islam isn’t only a religion, it’s an entire system – politcal, moral, social, economic. Don’t you know anything about sharia banking, idiot? What about social – ya know, where you aren’t allowed to listen to music, drink wine, and you bash your women and treat them like dogs? How about moral? Oh yes, a good example would be a dipshit Muzzie of 50 marrying an 8 year old girl, commonly known as a pedophile. yes?

      Time for a reality check, you evil piece of shit.

  12. How STUPID can we be to not see that islam is NOT a religion, but a totalitarian system dedicated to the destruction of America? They WILL not stop until we are destroyed, therefore we MUST stop appeasing them and start throwing them out of this country. If you are muslim you don’t belong here.

    • Id kick your teeth down your throat if we ever met. You talk about belonging here, you don;t belong here. Ancestors to america stole and pillaged this land from mexi o, spain, and natives and you talk about belonging? BTW islam is a religion dipshit, look it up. You are the stupid one, long as you keep it shut and stick to internet bashing you might keep living.

      • You Moslem SOUL-MURDERER!!!!

        EVERYBODY AND EVERYTHING is infinitely better than Islam was, is and EVER shall be!!!!

        We have read the Qu’rân (or at least parts of it – and we’re well-prepared to check it out on-line at every opportunity), know the Hadiths, Sira and the whole rest of that dunghill!!!! Furthermore, we know how frighteningly much Islam has in common with both Communism and Nazism (both anti-theistic movements that hate all other religions but their own – whether it be Islam or atheism hardly matters because “allah” is the MOST IMPOTENT counterfeit ‘god’ that has EVER existed)!!!!

        You are yet one more flesh-and-blood – yet sub-human!!! – agent of the supreme DEVIL, Satan himself, and it’s my duty to warn you of the evil fate that awaits you all who love serving him!!!!


        Not to forget: DEATH TO ISLAM, an ideology that pretends to be a religion yet is just as bloodthirsty as anything Adolf Hitler or Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels ever dreamed up…

        • Islam is one trillion times worse than communism and fascism. Islam is the greatest threat to innocent humanity that the world has ever know. GOD HELP the WORLD’S INNOCENTS!

      • Muslims INVADED and OCCUPIED 56 countries. Muslims STOLE these countries from the people they belonged to: Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and other people.

        The Muslim invasions and occupations involved the most barbaric, INHUMAN atrocities and genocides of hundreds of millions of non-Muslims. Muslims also took many, many slaves from the nations they invaded and occupied. The suffering of non-Muslims continues to this very day.

        Every merciless, cruel act by Muslims (and other people) is recorded in Heavenly Books. On the Day of Judgment, the Holy One, who dwells in unapproachable light, will give terrifying and ETERNAL punishment to every person who showed NO mercy to his fellow human beings.

      • Centuries ago, Egypt was a Christian country INVADED and OCCUPIED by Muslims. STOLEN by Muslims.

        Under Islam, Egypt’s Christians have lived in hell for centuries. The kidnappings, rapes and violent conversion to Islam of Christian children and other horrors has worsened under the Muslim Brotherhood. What happened to Christian Egypt is a WARNING to the world.

        The next stage of a nation conquered by Muslims is the MASSIVE kidnapping of non-Muslim female CHRISTIAN children by male Muslims. The kidnappings are perpetrated with the full cooperation of ruling elites, courts and the police. The agonized parents NEVER get their beloved children back.

        The severely abused, terrorized girls are FOREVER separated from their loving parents and family. These terrible crimes against God and humanity must NOT be allowed to happen in America, Europe, Britain and other countries!

        Egyptian Christian Copts cry out in agony:

        The Passion of the Copts

      • Your religion is profane.
        Your prophet went into a cave and talked to a DEMON.
        You demand blood-sacrifice and call it religion. It isn’t it’s propitiary magic, idolatry and evil.
        If Muslims worshiped God, nothing like would ever have been done.
        But you don’t. You have your desert demon, and nothing else.

      • muslim terrorists in the Philippines are holding 200 people hostage chained together as a human shield, demanding face time with the UN secretary general.

  13. Nothing will be done as long as Obama is in office! The Muslims will take over the USA & Obama will be leading them. God help all of us if he wins this election!

  14. Watched the videos and now as usual, i’m pissed off.
    Seeing them again is both good and bad, and we as a nation can not ever , ever, forget.

  15. Every Male and Female over the age of 12 years in Western Countries should have to view this whole presentation. This was not just a crime against the U.S.A, but against the whole of normal thinking humanity. muslims are not part of normal humanity so it would be like “water running off a ducks back”

  16. I was fixing my breakfast when the first news of a crash into the WTC came on Fox, but they didn’t realize what it was. While I was eating I looked at the set, saw the second plane coming around the other Tower & said, aloud to myself, ‘What the Hell is going on!’. I called my husband, a veteran of WWII & the Korean War, & his comment was, ‘This is WWIII.’. How right he was. Thank Heavens Gore wasn’t the President.

  17. Not in all the 11 years that I’ve watched documentaries about that most awful day, 9/11, there has never been a mention about the insane religion that caused it, islam.
    9/11 happened BECAUSE of their diabolical hatred of America, the “great satan” and Israel, “The Little Satan,”
    These people will never be satisfied by anything less than America’s and Israel’s complete annihilation.
    I want to see people make the connection between innocent people being forced to make the horrendous decision to either jump from 97 stories or be immolated and maniac muslims that drove them to that decision.
    As Sept. 11 remains a day of intense mourning and grief for people of conscience and morality, for muslims, this day remains and always will be a day of victory and celebration.

  18. I am always a mess on this day. Bonni, thank you for sharing all of these videos. We must NEVER forget our fellow citizens and we must NEVER forget who did this: muslims.

      • I’m not even from New York, but I feel like it was yesterday too. How Americans can forget this is beyond me. I hear about the “smell”. I remember visiting the “hole” that was the World Trade Center, five years ago, in the pouring rain, and I smelled it. I don’t know what it was, but it was a lingering smell of death, horror and evil.
        Damn it, Bonni, we WILL PREVAIL over this evil. I know it in my soul.

        Don’t you EVER stop posting the truth. Love ya, sistah!

        • Tammi, I was in Manhattan on that day and for weeks after. And I’ll never forget that smell. I still get a sick feeling when I look at the downtown skyline and don’t see the Twins there. A new building is going up finally, but it is very ordinary looking. They should have rebuilt the 2 towers, only higher.

    • So are you going to turn against your fellow hate filled Republicans because Timothy McVeigh – and in fact ALL domestic terrorists – was an extreme right winger? Didn’t think so. Thank you for showing you are nothing but a hate filled bitch

    • And these are “moderate” and get to sit around the table with MP’s and even the PM.


      This fucktard is one of the most dangerous people in the UK, this vile musloid is one of the “nice” faces of islam, he also has the ear of our PM and the Leader of the Labour Party..
      The fucktards that show the real shitty islam on their sleeve they are dangerous, but this piece of paedo worshiping shit, is a cancer that eats from within, truly dangerous…
      He is also Political Editor for the Huffington Post.

    • trin, guess what! I went to a seminar that Pamela Geller held on Stop the Islamization of Nations in NYC and met Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carroll from the EDL there. I was surprised that they both knew my blog very well. I was also surprised that Tommy got into the US considering he was stopped at JFK Airport and sent home a few years ago. They were both great and I spoke with them for about 20 minutes. Both of them spoke at the seminar and got a lot of applause from the audience.

      Paul Weston of British Freedom was supposed to be there but he couldn’t make it. Lars Vilks, the Swedish Mohammed the Dog artist was there too. And there were a lot of security people ther.

  19. I will never forget that day, and I will always remember and honor the victims and the heroes who sacrifice their lives to save those people.

    11 years later and justice is still not delivered. Sure, Bin Laden is dead (or at least they say he is), they are doing something at Guantanamo bay, but the fact is, the real culprit – Islam is at large and is a bigger danger than ever before – and people in the western world are enabling them.

  20. Eleven years since 9/11. Eleven is judgment. Americans will decide this year
    if they are going to go down the path to death or to life.

    Choose life.

    The problem with the War on Terror is the war should have been against islam. America should have gone in with the laws of God to replace islam. You cannot better the lives of those who follow Allah and his false prophet.

    I’ll never forget.

      • You are not anti-Islam. You are a hate filled bigot who despises Muslims so much that you want to kill 1.5 billion human beings for their beliefs. It kind of sounds like you are exactly like the terrorists who committed these cowardly attacks. Replace “American” with “Muslim” and your hate filled radical ideology matches the 19 people who not only hijacked planes but an entire religion as well. Or are you too stupid to figure that out?

      • Thank God that Ms. BNI banned you, “gordon”: it’s YOU that’s the Communist and/or Moslem bigot!!!!

        Again I say: YOU, “gordon”, are the “hate-filled” MONSTER (worse than a bigot) who would rather see the entire West perish and the whole world be swallowed up by Islam or Marxism!!! May the 3,000 ghosts of the innocent victims who died that day (2001/09/11) haunt your dreams and blight the entire rest of your life – and if you don’t repent, may you rot in Hell all the way to the Last Judgement!!!!

        [Ms. BNI, today it’s exactly 9 months ago that I had to tell off two FORMER “friends” who used to be dear to me. I was reviewing my correspondence with them yesterday, and the wound feels as fresh as if it had happened right then. When I see such BRAZEN (let alone gratuitous) attacks by our twin ENEMIES, it makes my blood boil…]

  21. Dear Lord God. How evil is this world that a group of people think they are justified in carrying out mass murder? What twisted psyche could convince itself that this act was right and good? Abba Father, I know why you destroyed the inhabitants of this world the first time. I don’t know why you are staying your hand this time.
    God bless every victim of this egregious crime against God and humankind.

  22. this day september eleven is their special day I will try for them to lay aside thoughts of hate for this evil islam and try to think of and remember only them ! tommrow I will pick up my sword .God DAMN THIS EVIL CULT .

    • Thank You BNI for for your extra effort with you we can set a steady course. besides can not watch Fox or the msm ulgy american obama is takeing advantage of this day.

      • Alan, a cult is a religion based on a man. And no true born again Christians and Jews do not base their religion on a (single) man. Christians base their religion on the Son of God, as He said He was. Jews base their religion on the One God.

  23. the debt has still not been repaid and probably never will be.
    WE will remember, we must make sure that those who claim to lead us do not either.

  24. BNI, Thanks for this tribute to all the innocent victims of 9/11. The remembrance of this muslim terror attack still brings tears to my eyes for the victims and steel to my heart where muslims are concerned. That day helped to create many of the world’s staunchest counter-jihadis who have continued spreading the facts about islam for the last 11 years and will no doubt continue until it is eradicated. Never forget!

  25. The top video was the video that led me to Barenakedislam. I was watching the falling man, a doco on History Channel. It haunted me, but compelled me to know more, and I found my way here.
    I watched 911 as it happened, I stayed up all night (it happened at about 23:15 Aus Sydney time on Sept 11) During the live viewing they actually showed bodies from about 6 feet away after they’d hit the pavement. It was horrendous. I couldn’t ever imagine what those poor souls went through, but I pray they’re all resting in peace.

  26. Never ever forget and don’t let leftards & muslims re-write history. Teach your children & grandchildren the facts about 9/11

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