Emboldened by Egypt’s ouster of radical Islamist leader Morsi, Tunisia and Libya are not far behind, with Turkey showing growing resistance against its Muslim Brotherhood leader, Erdogan

Police used water cannon and tear gas yesterday in a bid to break up fresh anti-government protests across Turkey. The crowds shouted “AKP murderer,” denouncing the governing Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party of Recep Erdogan(AKP).

Erdogan government chases protesters from town to town
Erdogan’s police chases anti-government protesters from town to town

Middle East Online  Thousands of people angry over the death of a 22-year-old demonstrator in southern Turkey on Monday clashed with police in Istanbul, the capital Ankara, the western city of Izmir as well as in the southern cities of Mersin and Atakya.

In Istanbul, the Turkish commercial hub where an unprecedented wave of anti-government protests erupted in June, around a thousand protesters clashed with police who fired tear gas and water cannon, the CNN-Turk television channel reported.

Several protesters were hurt and around 20 were arrested during the demonstrations in Kadikoy Square, it said. In Izmir, a large city in the west, more than 2,500 people marched through the city centre in defiance of police who fired tear gas, the newspaper Hurriyet said. Similar clashes occurred in Ankara, Mersin and in Antakya, the city in southern Turkey near the Syrian border where Ahmet Atakan, 22, died.