ARKANSAS Leftie teacher invited a Muslim to speak to her class on 9/11…angry parents say, “No Way!”

Note the sneaky manner in which a teacher invites a Muslim to proselytize impressionable young kids ON September 11th! Without even telling the parents! And notice how the media focused mostly on those who thought it was a good idea.

It was only 30-some miles away in 2009 that another Muslim, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, waged jihad in Little Rock, Arkansas shooting up an Army recruiting base killing one and wounding another. The Sister of professed jihadi says he changed after converting to Islam. Another foreign-funded Muslim group in Little Rock was planning a Muslim-only enclave in the area back in 2006. But we should just understand them and let them preach to our children?


So who was the Muslim speaker? What Islamic group(s) is he a member of? What mosque does he attend? Has the school vetted him and his level of adherence to sharia law? Is he part of the separatist group mentioned above? Despite the cancellation, it appears only temporary. That’s right, the Muslim dawah has been RESCHEDULED. …I hobotzcarandco

Contact info for this school

Haynes, Brenda Position: Superintendent of Schools

TEL: 1-870-942-3135