SYRIA: When they aren’t beheading them, Obama-backed al-Qaeda rebels are humiliating the Christians

The deteriorating situation in Syria is rapidly spiraling out of control and creating a hell for Syrian Christians, far worse anything the mainstream US media are reporting, or the Obama Regime is acknowledging. Below, a Christian woman is tied to a pillar in Aleppo by an al-Qaeda linked gang and left with a note encouraging bypassers to spit on her.


The gangs of terrorists (for that is what they are, not ‘rebels’) are appropriating Christian-owned property by force, beating, torturing, and murdering Christians, and making any normal existence, for those who remain, impossible. Yet the Obama administration continues to support the ‘rebels’.

The Christian woman in the photograph is tied to a pillar in the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood of Aleppo. She is one of the “criminals” arrested for unknown reasons by a new Islamist commission in what they call the “freed regions of Syria”. The paper at her feet says: “Those who don’t spit at this woman have no honor!”

It is a disgrace that our government continues to provide both moral and military support to these terrorists, in contravention of every convention of human rights and the rules of war. This is particularly agregious in light of our knowledge that many of these fighters are aligned with al Qaeda, our openly proclaimed enemy, and one of the organizations on our State Department list of terrorist organizations.