SYRIA: When they aren’t beheading them, Obama-backed al-Qaeda rebels are humiliating the Christians

The deteriorating situation in Syria is rapidly spiraling out of control and creating a hell for Syrian Christians, far worse anything the mainstream US media are reporting, or the Obama Regime is acknowledging. Below, a Christian woman is tied to a pillar in Aleppo by an al-Qaeda linked gang and left with a note encouraging bypassers to spit on her.


The gangs of terrorists (for that is what they are, not ‘rebels’) are appropriating Christian-owned property by force, beating, torturing, and murdering Christians, and making any normal existence, for those who remain, impossible. Yet the Obama administration continues to support the ‘rebels’.

The Christian woman in the photograph is tied to a pillar in the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood of Aleppo. She is one of the “criminals” arrested for unknown reasons by a new Islamist commission in what they call the “freed regions of Syria”. The paper at her feet says: “Those who don’t spit at this woman have no honor!”

It is a disgrace that our government continues to provide both moral and military support to these terrorists, in contravention of every convention of human rights and the rules of war. This is particularly agregious in light of our knowledge that many of these fighters are aligned with al Qaeda, our openly proclaimed enemy, and one of the organizations on our State Department list of terrorist organizations.


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  1. I put these on Facebook, I pray that my christian brothers and sisters pray, for our sister thats getting spit at for being a Christian, Dear Lord have your way, mercy!

  2. If anyone here knew anything about christian persecution in the mid east or what the assad regime has done for decades with american protection, led by presidents that were not obama, you would know very well how evil assad is.
    People on this story say why hasnt the church been outraged by this? I ask you, why are you not outraged by decades of documented evidence submitted to the US government of assad crucifying christians? Torturing them, out lawing them. Did you know christians were outlawed by assad? the only ones he didnt kill are the ones who obeyed him and did not worship God as the only God? What about all the evidence amnesty international collected for deades? Where was the outrage then?

    You people know nothing, but God is the witness. If this story was true, then Christians in the mid east would know about it, make no mistake – the christians of the mid east defend each other, not like western christians who ignore persecution.

    Do you even know Christian rebels have existed for over 2,000 years? Eisted as free christians, despite the killings? Do you know christians are fighting in the FSA in Al Qqaeda? why would they need to do that to survive if assad was an angel?

    Be very careful who you support in this war. America has been signing the death warrents of christians in the middle east for decades and they still stand by the power of God alone!

  3. obama is a coward b*****d slave of the sunni saudi arabia and al qaeda (read mo brotherhood) and so are kerry,hagel,mccain and graham ,all these shits are slaves of sunni wahabi long as people dosen’t realise that saudi arabia is an enemy of the free world ,declare an out and out war against it,decimate and destroy it,till then this atrocities will continue.the house of sunni wahabi sauds with their al qaeda and mo brotherhood cronies will keep paying the obamas,hollandes and camerons with wholesome paycheques and oil subsidies to carry out both their offensive and defensive(stealth) jihad.

  4. Isn’t this person a civilian? What the hell does a civilian have to do with fighting? Oh I forgot she is a CHRISTIAN. What I won’t ever forget is how our liberal media has aided our enemies. I think they will pay a price for not reporting the truth. We all have long memories when it comes to who helped torture and kill innocent woman, men, and children. Get ready for hell liberal media. Change your ways before it is to late.

  5. The Obama government who financed, armed and trained the FSA rebels-Al Qaeda are responsible for the vicious assault on this woman. Who knows what the cruel infidel-haters already did to her?

    The Obama regime have blood on their hands. They are responsible for every atrocity and murder being perpetrated by THEIR Muslim terrorists. These barbaric, satanic acts are not enough for Obama and his regime. Obama is still talking about a military attack? Instead of talking about RESCUING the Christians and all the other innocents from the Muslim terrorists Obama has unleashed on Syria’s innocents.

  6. Hear, hear, BNI. This woman is not wearing any head covering so maybe that was her crime. Or perhaps showing her feet. Doesn’t matter if she was dragged out of bed. whatever she did, she is guilty because of her gender. Make me want to puke. Worse still makes me want to puke that the west, whether with resources like the US or mere moral support, adds any aid to these disgusting terrorists.

  7. Where the hell is the Christian outrage? Muslims riot over perceived insult, and Christians are doing nothing about their fellow Christians being slaughtered.

  8. this is so sad ,,d root of all this evil is in d koran sanctioned by mohammed which a people is brainwashed into believing is right to kill non muslims,,,because they follow blindly his teachings….please universal father help these people in their ignorance lord we need your intervention…….amen

    • She may already be dead. See the light color in her hair? I first thought she had dyed her hair, but I just read elsewhere she was partially scalped.

      I, too, have wondered if she will be left there until she dies. I can’t stop thinking about her. I wish there was an update of her.

  9. that could be my daughter ! you son of a bitch obama gun running bastard . there is going to be a reckoning by God we have had enough .

  10. My poor, beloved, Christian sister. I just want to put my arms around her and hug her tight. For her persecution, she’ll be richly blessed and rewarded. Those that spit on her, they too will have to stand before the White Throne Judgement seat of Father God and explain to Him why they spat on His child.

  11. Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood as he did when he visited Egypt a few months ago; in fact I think Hussein Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood so he does not care about Christians.

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