PETITION to give Barack Hussein Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize to Russian President Valdimir Putin

putin-with-obamas-nobel-peace-prizeWhere as Barack Hussein Obama made a unilateral commitment to attacking Syria, engaging our military in unwanted conflict, and doing so without the support of the American people, we resolve that Obama should deliver his 2009 Nobel Peace Prize to a man far more worthy – Russian president Vladimir Putin. Where as Mr. Putin has enabled the United States to avoid an unwanted and unwarranted military action, he has brought us to the ‘brink’ of peace.




31 comments on “PETITION to give Barack Hussein Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize to Russian President Valdimir Putin

  1. I signed this petition in error believing it was to have the peace prize removed from Obama. I did not mean to sign this misguided petition praising a Russian leader. My bad, always read a petition you’re signing! It was really inappropriate to praise the Russian leader and qutie foolish. I’m so sorry I can’t go erase my vote on this petition, may God forgive me.

  2. Obama should never have accepted the Peace Prize in the first place, because he didn’t do any freaking thing to deserve it. They only gave it to him because of his skin color and race… which is a form of racism in my opinion. He should be ashamed for having received a prize he did not deserve. I totally lost respect for the Nobel Prize when it was awarded to Barack Hussein Obama/ or Barry Soetoro(?) who did not do anything to deserve it.Shame on them.
    Obama supposedly gave Al Gore $500 million( of the tax payers hard earned money, of course) to start a factory of hybrid cars and it was to be built in …NORWAY!!! I think that’s why both of them received the NPP. I have not heard anything about the factory anymore and what happened to the $$$. We know that Al Gore keeps getting richer and richer-and fatter and fatter.
    I wish BHO would ride into the sunset and we’d never hear about him any longer. We are still allowed to have wishful thinking….

    • Obama’s peace prize? Just one more blot on the character of Norway, whose people were/are so embarrassed over the actions of the pathetic clowns who make these unbelievably stupid decisions.
      Obama, Arafat, Gore, those three disgusting mistakes alone are reason to disband the peace prize gang.
      On the positive side, (yes, there is one) Norway has finally plucked up the courage to get rid of the once excellent but lately terminally stupid Arbeiderparti (Labour) and go Conservative. (as I predicted they would, but not by the numbers I had hoped)

  3. Petitions and – BOTH of them are pissing into the wind. To do EITHER are a waste of time and an insult to our collective intelligence; the well-meaning efforts of bored people with too much time on their hands, and no meaning in their lives…

    You want to make REAL SHIT happen??? Get ‘boots on the ground’ experience through grassroots opposition to those New World Order assholes…now THERE is meaning, as long as you pick your battles CAREFULLY and wisely…

  4. OH how lucky we are ! We have a leader who was elected by loafers, bums, welfare sucks and racists who was made to look a mentally challenged pre-schooler in diplomacy by Bebe and then made to look like the same mentally challenged pre-schooler in foreign policy by a flat out Communist. All other nations are laughing at him. I would be laughing at him too if it wasn’t so Nationally embarrasing. He’s made patriotic Americans feel they went to a formal dinner without their pants. Good for you, Barack ! What a masterstroke in arrogant stupidity !

  5. Bonnie, I have signed the petition and have also recommended you for a Nobel Prize for a “Genious Idea”, if they don’t have provision, they should create one. I hope, we don’t need another petition to them. Really brilliant idea.

      • maybe so but there are civilian awards that you could qualify for.
        regardless though don’t think so God blesses you every day. Why? you have survived every attempt to shut you down that blessing is finer and more pure than any medal given by humans

        • No question mark Bonni. God is your your PILOT, you are the co-pilot! Who do you think put the passion in your heart? You are the Esther of our time, you have been called for a, “time such as this.” (Esther 4:14) God is using you in a very mighty way. I felt it instinctually from the first time I read this blog. Will continue to pray for you every day!

        • Mrs.P, well, I am not very religious, but who knows? I kind of think 9/11 put the passion in my heart. I still can’t look at the NYC skyline without feeling sadness and anger.

        • It’s not about being “religious”, YOU have nothing to do with it, when He wants to use you He will. What pushed your righteous indignation over 911 to the next level? Many of us were outraged but you ACTED. Jesus was “non-religious”, holy, but not religious in the negative sense of the word. Why do you think the Jewish “religious” establishment wanted to kill him? He exposed them for the hypocrites they were, he was a revolutionary and a threat to to their power. Sound familiar?

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