“He huffed and he puffed, and the big bad IDF wolf blew the house down”

According to ‘WAFA,’ the Palestinian mouthpiece, a big wind, allegedly caused by Israeli IDF helicopters, blew away Arab ‘homes’ in the Jordan Valley.


WAFA (h/t EoZ) The official Palestinian  ‘news’ agency alleges wind caused by landing Israeli military helicopters Thursday blew away three Palestinian canvas tents used as homes in an area in the Jordan Valley, according to witnesses. They said the Israeli helicopters landed in the middle of an area where Palestinian herders reside causing three tents to be blown away due to the wind caused by the helicopter blades, displacing three families who were left without shelter.

Even though this happened on Thursday, not even the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions have bothered mentioning this on their site, perhaps because they know quite well that a high percentage of Arab stories are completely bogus, and they’ll only publicize those that have at least a tiny grain of truth.

“I think I missed Barack Obama,” says Israeli pilot at 0:24 below. LOL!