DENMARKISTAN? Iranian artist convicted of ‘racism’ for correctly criticising Islam

artistWhat ‘race’ is Islam? Iranian artist Firoozeh Bazrafkan, 31, has now been convicted by a court in Denmark, for saying, “Islam leads to more rapes and many Muslim daughters are killed by their relatives.”

Islam vs Europe (h/t Susan K)  Firoozeh Bazrafkan quoted on her blog another man who wrote, among other things, that “I am very sure that Muslim men extensively beat, rape and kill their daughters worldwide.”

She has now been fined in the Court of Appeals for violating Denmark’s so-called racism statute. The lower court had acquitted her. “Why punish an artist who holds something up for debate when others who threatened my life escape punishment?,” said Bazkrafkan to Jyllands-Posten.

If she does not pay the fine, she spends five days in jail – something she prefers. “It’s a question of principle. I’d rather go to jail than pay the fine,” she says.

In this video, she is celebrating the Islamic revolution in Iran: