Anti-Islam tension on Montreal bus as Canadian man tells Muslim woman to take off her headbag and go back where she came from

This video, taken Aug. 28,  shows a male passenger angrily telling a Muslim woman in a headbag (hijab) to go back to her own country. The altercation lasted between five and ten minutes.


Digital Journal  The Huffington Post publicized an exclusive video clip yesterday showing just how religious tensions are rising in Quebec. A male passenger on a Montreal city bus exchanged violent words with a female passenger wearing the traditional Muslim headbag (hijab). The video shows a male bus passenger angrily telling a female passenger wearing traditional Muslim garb to “go back to her own country.”

The anonymous video owner told the Huffington Post Quebec that the argument between the two passengers lasted between five and 10 minutes and kicked off as soon as the Muslim woman got on the bus. The male antagonist told her to take off her headscarf. The woman stuck up for herself and her male attacker shouted a couple of times: “This is our home! With Marois, we’re going to take off your hat.”


The mention of the “hat” referred to the woman’s hijab, which is one of several religious symbols the Marois Parti Quebecois intends to ban from public life. The ‘Charter of Quebec Values’ was released a week ago by the Parti Quebecois government and has fueled debate on minority rights. The Party compares the wearing of religious dress to political slogans and this is forbidden to public servants.

According to the Quebec Human Rights Commission there has been “a recent rise in hateful incidents beyond what’s been reported in the media.” Last weekend it was reported that a woman from Quebec City was told to take off her veil in a shopping mall. During the altercation her son was spat upon. A mosque in the Saguenay area was also sprayed with pig’s blood on Sunday, Sept. 1.


Some comments typical of the HuffingtonPost:

Justin Trudeau, MP
Quebecers are open and generous. Banning religious headwear for public employees doesn’t honour that and it’s wrong.

Of course rural Quebec supports Charter of Quebec Values. It’s because they’re intolerant, and ignorant of diversity, & should be educated.

John Ivison
Has Canada ever seen a more discriminatory, poorly designed law than the Quebec Charter? Or one that will be more wildly popular?

Brent Gerchicoff
Charter of #QuebecValues is nothing but obvious ploy to force immigrants and allophones out before another Referendum #Quebec #PQ #Montreal

BlueLiberal MikhailM
Quebec controversial ‘values charter’ says anyone giving/receiving public services needs face uncovered @nationalpost

Kirti Patel
So to summarize the Quebec Charter: If you are not white,French speaking and Catholic then get the Fuck out. #quebecvalues #QuebecCharter

Rima Berns-McGown
It’s not a #QuebecCharter of secular values, but of racism, which says u don’t really want Muslims, Sikhs or Jews to belong #qcpoli #cdnpoli

Quinn MacDonald
Stop it Quebec, you’re embarrassing yourself: Quebec religious symbols ban proposal roundly condemned #quebec #qbpoli

awkward ashlie
So, is #Quebec going to ban crosses in public buildings along with hijabs and turbans? Fucking ridiculous.

@680News I knew it was a matter of time. The niqab ban was just the appetizer to this. Pathetic that Quebec doesn’t value basic human rights

Justin Ling
This is going to be a really boring Halloween in Quebec.

Morgan Knox
The proposed Quebec Charter of Values scares and embarasses me. Is this the image of Canada you want to send the rest of the world? #cdnpoli