Muslims comprise just 5% of the population in the Philippines but are behind virtually all the terrorism there

Allow Muslims into your country and eventually you will have a terrorism problem.  Media silent as Muslims ethnically cleanse 60,000 Christians in Philippines.


Frontpage Magazine  When thousands of Muslims become refugees, then you can’t get the media to shut up about it for weeks. Thousands of Muslim migrants invading Burma became “refugees” and the media has spent the better part of a year ranting about how evil the Buddhists are.

But when Muslim terrorists attack a Christian city creating tens of thousands of refugees, you couldn’t pay the media to cover the story, whether it’s in Syria, Egypt or closer to home in the Philippines.

Muslim terrorist attack

One of two Muslim terrorist attacks in Cotabato City

Philippine troops have started to battle their way into coastal villages in the south where Muslim rebels have held scores of residents hostage in a six-day standoff, sparking fierce clashes that have killed 56 people and displaced more than 60,000, officials said Saturday.

President Benigno Aquino III said more firefights were expected but assured more than 62,000 displaced villagers being sheltered at a sports complex in Zamboanga city that the rebels’ capability to sow trouble has been degraded and the government was working to end the crisis soon.

Zamboanga is the 6th largest city in the country and 3/4 Christian and an obvious target for the MNLF Muslim terrorists (who are of course denying responsibility and blaming a rogue leader). It’s an obvious target because of its central influence in Mindanao. It’s the city that Muslims want. And it’s likely that the MNLF is finding shelter in the Muslim parts of the city.

Muslim terrorist attack Cotabato City

Muslim terrorist attack Cotabato City

 Terrorism in the Philippines are conflicts based on political issues conducted by rebel organizations against the Philippine government, its citizens and supporters. Most terrorism in the country are conducted byIslamic terrorist groups. The most active terrorist groups in the Philippines are the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Moro National Liberation FrontAbu SayyafRajah Sulaiman Movement and Jemaah Islamiyah.


Since January 2000 radical Islamist groups and Islamist separatist forces in the Philippines have carried out over 40 major bombings against civilians and civilian property, mostly in the southern regions of the country around MindanaoBasilanJolo and other nearby islands. 

Numerous bombings have also been carried out in and around Metro Manila, though several hundred kilometres from the conflict in the southern regions, due to its political importance. In the period from 2000 to 2007 attacks killed nearly 400 Filipino civilians and injured well over one thousand five hundred more,more casualties than caused by bombings and other attacks inIndonesia, Morocco, Spain, Turkey, or Britain during the same period.

Fighting has resumed between government troops and Muslim rebels in the southern Philippines, despite a recently agreed ceasefire. 

BBC Officials said troops were battling to retake a series of villages near Zamboanga city, where members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) are holding about 100 people hostage. More than 50 people have died in the violence, now in its sixth day. Another 60,000 people have fled their homes and a curfew is in place.







muslim trademark in philippines massacre sexual mutilation of victims




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  1. They have been trouble since the first Spanish voyagers landed there. They were subdued pretty well by the army of occupation after the Spanish-American War. The simple solution was simply to kill them if they showed their faces outside of Zamboanga PI. The only good thing accomplished by these terrorists was to introduction of the M-1911 into the inventory. A very capable piece of equipment for introducing them to their Allah.
    The PI Army is doing an admirable job of culling these people from their gene pool. 150 at last count.

    • The muslim extremist in Mindanao, south of Manila, were the hotbed of rebellion and terrorism. It showed muslim extremist and christian can’t live together, no matter what. They believed that infidel christian must be exterminated in the face of the earth by pretext of autonomous government. It is religious fanatisim. It can never be cured except by exclusion,complete and bloodshed.The Philippine government treated both muslim and christian, fairly and equally but muslim mixed religion and government . Like the American Indian war, both cannot live together.

  2. Im from Zamboanga City,Philippines, yes its very dangerous here. The muslim factions are taking it out on us civilians because the government did not fulfill their promise to the muslims. The government promised that Mindanao will be their land, sort of an autonomous region for muslims. I think it’s the government’s fault that they made such empty promises. Anyway, the military is killing them one by one so it’s their loss. I heard that they are retreating to a nearby island.haha. The turmoil is a couple of kilometers away from my house. You can’t sleep at night because of explosions and gunfire.hehe but if they ever come here knocking on my door, I will attack them with pig’s blood or entrails, I prepared some just in case. :)

    • Aldrian, sorry your government had to learn the hard way that you can’t make deals with Muslims. Give a little and they keep demanding more. Happy to hear the Army is taking care of business.

      • My government sucks up to Obama bin Laden. whatever He says our government follows. Probably hell say something like “dont hold your filipino muslim brothers against you, theyre still filipinos”..

    • If they are retreating to a nearby island, does it not take a small boat or some kind of boat? Is the army shooting the boats also?

    • Heaven help you and all the good people of the Philippines. As much as I love to travel, the Philippines are now off my bucket list.

      We were sitting in a hotel in Amman, Jordan, once, waiting for the restaurant to open. The place was filed with people when there was a very loud explosion. The Americans in my party all came about six inches off their chairs while the locals never flinched. It was shelling on the West Bank…something I cannot imagine getting used to.

  3. The primary reason that I felt a sense of schadenfreude when I saw the manner in gaddafi was transitioned to hell. gaddafi provided the seed money for the muslim insurgency in Mindanao some forty five years ago. In the end (pun intended) he was treated just as he treated one the poorest countries in Asia. I hate him and his demon spawn for what he did to the Philippines.

  4. Paris & Sujith, both excellent comments. I agree no western country has ever benefitted from infestation by muslims, and for years now I’ve asked anyone to name one positive thing muslims have brought to the west—I have yet to receive an answer.
    But the main fault lies not with the lying, bullying murderous muslim filth, but with our own gutless, traitorous politicians who appease them. A simple threat: “We’ll riot if you don’t” or “We’ll kill you” is enough to terrorize our gutless ‘leaders’.

    To think, England endured ‘the blitz!’ And of course it isn’t only England, but the entire western world which is caving in to a ridiculous ‘schoolyard bully’ who has found out that with simple threats they can achieve almost anything.

    And still the west welcomes the ENEMY into our midst.

  5. Obomber should dispatch some marines to help the poor darlings oppressed by the ruthless regime. Hold on, no oil in the Philippines? Call back the marines.

  6. Well a rather simple solution to the demise of the People of the Philippine’s would be for the Government to arm every Patriot ( also included in the agreement should be a bounty of $1,000.00 for every head they turn in) with one of those Carbines, M1’s that the mutt pretending to be someone’s pResident refuses to allow back into the States for the collectors and lawful Patriots because of their ease of utility ( a very powerful .308 caliber round) and as a battle tested winner at accuracy.
    But, as we have seen, heard and much to our dismay, that’s just not going to happen, why, because these weapons were very effective in combating muscumbugs of the second world war are a favorite of any living member of the Veterans community. That shitbarker, caliming to be someone’s pResident, Obama’s bin lyn’ has a very good reason not to allow these weapons back here as it is quite possible they will be used against his peeps in the upcoming Civil War, 2.0 version, so the Philippine Government has my permission ( my tax dollars paid for them) to hand them out to qualified veterans of their lands to fight these mutts til their numbers are so small as to render them ineffective as a political warring faction or the social hazard they’ve become. Problem solved, next. What if it were so simple? One would almost take wagers on the demise of the muslim population because they would be as rare as the dodo birds of long past and that would be a very good situation overall for all involved in this insurrection.

    I,mohareb…………………………………………………….approve this message.
    Semper Fi. Get some ROK Marines, get some.

  7. A fool and his money is soon parted.

    A dhimi and his life is soon parted when they are dumb enough to
    sign a agreement and then expect the muslims to respect it ??!!

    Their Propat himself signed agreement not to attack non muslims
    but when he was strong enough broke the agreement and slaughtered
    the dhimmis.

    And you expect his cult members to be any different ?

    And with Mooslimes awash with petro dollars they can buy anyone
    including the senators and the mdia…even Predisent and his adminstration.

  8. Has any country benefited from muslim immigration? Ever? Here in the UK we have had massive muslim immigration and we have seen no go areas crop up in most large towns and cities, an epidemic of rape and most other crimes ranging from fraud to murder, indigenous children being held back in schools, public services being swamped, a surge in welfare dependency, massive increase in security costs and gross inconvenience to travelers due to the constant terrorism threat. The cost of healthcare and insurance has rocketed due to their presence.
    And, to add insult to injury, we have had to endure our traitorous politicians ( particularily our ex PM Brown) constantly gobbing off about the “enormous contribution” that muslims make to the general well being of the country.
    They are about as welcome as a turd in a swimming pool.

    • Why single out Brown ? They are all at it . Have you not seen Dhimmi Dave Cameron and Water boy Clegg’s video messages to the muslims at ramadamadingdong ? I’m sure BNI has them on here somewhere.

    • Talk is cheap, I sure would love to see a list of the muslim contributions to British society. These stupid politicians spout off with whatever comes into their simple little minds and never have the facts to back them up. HOW THE H can anyone contribute to society when are totally involved in tearing down that very society. Are these politicians really this dimwitted? Is someone handing them million of dollars/pounds/whatever under the table? How else can they be so stupid? I am serious…do they never hear the news…have they forgotten 9/11 and the nearly daily beheadings and bombings the rest of us hear about?

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