BNI makes the CAIR list of the “Inner Core” of anti-Islam groups

BNI is listed on page 23, and fortunately contains very little information about me, other than CAIR’s efforts to have BNI banned from the internet.

Read the full report here

Groups in the Islamophobia Network’s Inner Core

(Groups listed with a state abbreviation tend to operate only in that state.)

■ ACT! For America
■ American Freedom Defense Initiative
■ American Freedom Law Center
■ American Public Policy Alliance
■ American-Islamic Forum for Democracy
■ Americans Against Hate (Fla.)
■ Atlas Shrugs
■ Bare Naked Islam
■ Bay People (N.Y.)
■ Center for Security Policy
■ Center for the Study of Political Islam
■ Christian Action Network
■ Citizens for National Security (Fla.)
■ Concerned American Citizens (Calif.)
■ Concerned Citizens for the First Amendment (Calif.) ■ Counter Terrorism Operations Center (Fla.)
■ David Horowitz Freedom Center
■ (Mich.)
■ Dove World Outreach Center
■ Florida Family Association (Fla.)
■ Former Muslims United
■ Forum for Middle East Understanding
■ Gates of Vienna
■ Investigative Project on Terrorism
■ Jihad Watch
■ Middle East Forum
■ Middle East Media Research Institute
■ Militant Islam Monitor
■ SAE Productions
■ Society of Americans for National Existence
■ Stop the Islamization of Nations
■ Strategic Engagement Group
■ Tennessee Freedom Coalition (Tenn.)
■ The Clarion Fund
■ The Shoebat Foundation
■ The United West (Fla.)
■ The Virginia Anti-Shariah Taskforce (Va.)