FLORIDA: CAIR FAILS to get Palm Beach County Administrator to take “disciplinary action” against an employee who posted the truth about Islam on his personal Facebook page

Palm Beach County Administrator Bob Weisman says he will not take disciplinary action against a public affairs employee who posted an anti-Islamic message on his Facebook page. (See related links below)


CAIR  WPTV-Channel 5 reported Thursday that John Jamason, manager of the county’s media and public information division, posted: “Never forget. There is no such thing as radical Islam. All Islam is radical. There may be Muslims who don’t practice their religion, much like others. The Quran is a book that preaches hate.” Weisman said that the county would not take action against Jamason because the “comments relating to Islam were private and not made during county work time or on county equipment.” Jamason did not return a call for comment Wednesday.


One of the state’s leading Muslim groups, the Council on American-Islamic Relations Florida Inc., said the post could affect Jamason’s ability to work with other employees or respond to Muslim residents. Last week, Nezar Hamze’s (photo above) group submitted a lengthy public records request to the county asking for a host of data relating to Jamason’s county email address and use of social media sites at work. The county is in the process of responding to that request. “We are investigating,” Hamze said.

Hamze was the one who took on Allen West…and was humiliated by him in a Townhall meeting as well as in a letter (below):


In an email message to the group Wednesday, Weisman said he would meet leaders to discuss the issue.Hamze said the group plans to meet with Weisman after it finishes its investigation.