SUNDAY, SEPT. 22nd, NYC MUSLIM DAY PARADE where Muslims block traffic in midtown Manhattan so they can pray for the coming Islamic Caliphate to destroy the USA as we know it


This SUNDAY, September 22, 2013, come march with terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR-NY at the 28th Annual MUSLIM DAY PARADE in New York City, starting at 12:30 PM.


This year’s theme is “ISLAM’S CONTRIBUTION TO HUMAN CIVILIZATION.” (So I guess we should expect to see some of the inventions Muslim stole from all the societies they infiltrated and then claimed as their own) The parade will start from 38th Street & Madison Ave, Manhattan at 12:30 PM. Keep an eye out for our CAIR-NY Banner. Join us as we unite with the Muslim community of New York. Come and Show Your Support! Bring your friends and family for this joyous event. 

Here are some highlights from previous Muslim Day Parades in New York City, cancelled only one time, right after September 11, 2001:

NY State Senator, Tony Avella, stormed off the stage at the 2012 parade after hearing anti-American rhetoric by Muslim speakers.  Avella is also seen on camera telling reporter Tom Trento that he left the event before speaking because he was “offended” by what he heard.

Notice the Black Flag of Jihad on parade. It’s the same flag that was seen hanging on the US Consulate in Benghazy after four Americans were killed by al-Qaeda militias.

Look what we have here, the NYPD, who lost so many on 9/11, thanks to Muslims, are marching in the 2012 Muslim Day Parade. Disgraceful.

From Muslim Day Parade 2011:  Muslims were screaming out to parade marchers, “Put down the American flag that is killing our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

This is what you’ll run into on Madison Avenue, from 38 – 42nd streets. Forget about trying to drive, you won’t be able to walk there either without being harassed by Muslims who don’t want infidels stepping on their prayer rugs. Don’t expect protection from the NYPD either. Only Muslim police officers will be on duty. And you’ll be the one arrested, if they aren’t too busy banging their own heads on the ground.