Top UK Islamic cleric blasts face-covering Muslim veils as “dangerous and un-Islamic”

“For Muslims to claim that the niqab/burka is Islamic is both deceitful and dangerous,” said Dr Taj Hargey, adding that the quran does NOT instruct women to cover their faces.”


UK Daily Star  Hargey, spoke after a judge ruled that a Muslim crime ­suspect could sit through much of her trial wearing the covering. He also blasted those who pressured Birmingham Metropolitan College to drop a ban on all face-coverings including veils for security reasons.

Dr Hargey, from the Muslim Educational Centre in Oxford, said: “Nowhere in the Koran is there any religious compulsion for women to conceal their faces. And he stressed that women were barred from covering their faces inside a mosque or at the Islamic holy city of Mecca.

(This imam better have 24/7 bodyguards)