New Jersey female Muslim protester in Times Square to support terror-linked Muslim Brotherhood, assaulted and called a “terrorist”

TimesSquarearrest_thumb_250x250An unidentified man was captured on video swearing at Times Square (Anti-Coup/pro-Islamofascist ‘democracy’) demonstrators, including a woman wearing a headbag, who he called a “fucking terrorist” before hurling a paper sign at her.

Village Voice  “Are you out of your mind?” the woman, Rachel Gunnoe, is heard starting to say before the man charges toward her. He was quickly handcuffed by two NYPD officers, but it remains unclear whether the man will face any charges. The demonstrators were in Times Square to protest the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi and the al-Qaeda-linked Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.


Rachel Gunnoe, an unemployed Muslim woman from New Jersey, said,  “I was holding a sign that said ‘Mr. Obama it is a military coup,’ and he took the sign out of my hands and he threw it and said that I’m a fucking terrorist.” The sign hit her square in the nose. “Thank god I wear glasses ’cause it probably would have hit my eye.”

Gunnoe says she told officers at the scene she wanted to press charges, and was told that she did not need to give a statement because the officers witnessed the attack.


On Sunday, a spokesperson for the New York chapter of Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) said the organization was communicating with the NYPD about the incident.

“Any ‘American’ should be able to engage in peaceful protest (in support of a Muslim terrorist group) without fear of assault or intimidation based on that person’s religion, ethnicity or national origin,” CAIR-NY’s Operations Coordinator Sadyia Khalique said in a statement. “We urge that appropriate charges be brought against the alleged assailant.”

Whether or not their appeals will be heard remains unclear. In the video, the man is detained by police officers, but a spokesperson for the NYPD contacted Sunday was not aware of the incident, and said there was no record of any arrests for assault made in that location–W. 41 Street and Seventh Avenue–on Saturday.