4 Pinocchios for John Kerry, Secretary of State Caliphate


The UN released its report on chemical weapons use in Syria. You can read it here. It’s not that long, just some forty pages including legal appendices. John Kerry says it confirms that the Assad regime fired the gas rockets. Unfortunately, that is not what the actual report says. In a court, Kerry’s case might be seen as circumstantial at best, certainly not enough for a jury to return a guilty verdict in a murder trial.


FireDogLake (h/t Mike F) 

Kerry said this :

And what did they [the UN inspectors] learn? They returned with several crucial details that  confirmed that the Assad regime is guilty of carrying out that attack, even though that was not the mandate of the UN report. But anybody who reads the facts and puts the dots together, which is easy to do – and they made it easy to do – understands what those facts mean.

liegraphic-300x208The White House added: “Indeed, several crucial details confirm the regime’s guilt.” The problem is that the report does not confirm anything other than chemical weapons were used. I can’t give you a quote because the report simply does not say– anywhere– that the Syria Army, or the rebels, or anyone by name– used the weapons. But don’t believe me. Unlike Kerry, I provide links, so check the full text of the report. If you don’t care to read it all, skip to page five, “Conclusions.” It just isn’t there. No one is named as the culprit.

Regardless, Kerry goes on to make his circumstantial argument:

We, the United States, have associated one of the munitions identified in the UN report, the 122-millimeter improvised rocket, with previous Assad regime attacks. There’s no indication – none – that the opposition is in possession or has launched a CW variant of these rockets such as the kind that was used in the 21st of August attack. Equally significant, the environmental, chemical, and medical samples that the UN investigators collected provide clear and compelling evidence that the surface-to-surface rockets used in this attack contained the nerve agent sarin. We know the Assad regime possesses sarin and there’s not a shred of evidence, however, that the opposition does.


Objection your Honor! The prosecutor is jumping to a conclusion not supported by the evidence. He has found a gun next to the body. That the victim is sadly dead was never in question. That that gun was used to kill him was never in question. However, what, if anything, ties that gun and thus the murder to my client? Where is that evidence your Honor? The prosecutor is jumping from A to C in a capital case without putting the gun in my client’s hand.

Sustained. The prosecution must show evidence that the defendant actually used the gun to commit the crime.

Who shot the gas rockets? Could they have been fired by rogue military elements not acting under Assad’s orders? Could the Syrian army have lost control of some rockets which were picked up by the rebels (Vladimir Putin has made that very claim, that the rebels themselves fired the gas rockets in an attempt to draw the United States into the conflict)?

Could a third party have supplied such rockets to the rebels to create a pretext for war? As there is no evidence in the UN report that the trigger was pulled by the Syrian Army under Assad’s orders, there is no evidence that the rebels pulled it and no evidence that someone else did. That’s why the UN report does not draw a conclusion of guilt– there’s no evidence on which to base such a conclusion.


A final point. Page 22 of the report says:

As with other sites, the locations have been well-traveled by other individuals prior to the arrival of the [UN] Mission. Time spent on the sites was well-used but limited. During the time spent at these locations, individuals arrived carrying other suspected munitions indicating that such potential evidence is being moved and possibly manipulated.

Evidence tampering? A contaminated crime scene? Your Honor, I move that charges be dismissed against my client.

Sustained. Prosecutor Kerry, I hold you in contempt!

The U.S. is wholly misrepresenting facts in favor of another Middle East war. Unlike a fictional murder trial where one man’s life is on the line, should the U.S. attack Syria many, many people will lose their lives.



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  1. I don’t know what it is about this man but he freaks me out. I mean,just look at his eyes in the photo…….they look pure evil to me and whenever I see him on TV reports his eyes still have that same look……….and as if that’s not bad enough,he resembles a character off the Muppet Show……….think it’s his long thin strip of a mouth……….

  2. My son-in-law was a forward observer for a 155 batt in nam. he was out 20 mi. from the batteries and spotted 4 surface to air rockets being installed. He waited for them to finish and called in a strike. Nothing happened! He waited for 1st light and repeated with the same result. When he got back the fire control officer told him that the target was in an area that could not be shelled. Our boys were betrayed by the politicians in nam as they were in Korea. Lurch was part of the show then and now.

  3. kerry is a liar and a traitor to the military during the viet nam war. His testimony is a bizzarre lie to destroy our military to the world. Knowing many viet nam veterans who served bravely for our country, they are America’s best. This is one of the reason’s why the liar, when outed by veterans of viet nam had no chance of becoming the commander and chief.

  4. where does it say that Assad used sarin? Kerry is desperately trying to drum up support to overthrow Assad the last Caliphate ended in 1929 (i think) by Ataturk. it’s over done with why try to revivet it?

  5. You want to see Kerry at his most annoying, what a video of him testifying before Congress back in the Viet Nam days. Traitorous, smug, pompous asshole.

  6. If the “comedy” industry would simply take what the buffoons in the Obama administration and the high-office Democrats in our congress are dishing out for them, they’d be making money hand-over-fist, and they’d still have enough material for years to come. Instead, everyone totally ignore the buffoonery and incompetence, and instead we’re supposed to assume that they’re the best the whole world has to offer, as MSNBC trumpets day after day. If these people are so insane that they want to destroy themselves, I wish they’d just do so, instead of dragging the sane along with them.

  7. In the real world, Kerry’s assertions of fact-free opinion AS fact would be “perjury.”

    But this scenario is more like the bizarro politically correct world we currently live in:

    Prosecutor: “Your honor, using their own words, we’ll prove islam is a crime gang!”
    Defense: “Objection, Your Honor! That’s inflammatory and hurtful language!”
    Judge: “Sustained! Case dismissed! Bailiff, arrest the prosecutor for slander!”


  8. kerry says we the United States by GOD who the hell does he think he is that piece of shit there is no we , I ever lay eyes on him it will be him an me . the faked american hero forgets some of us are still around

  9. I was sick and tired of seeing hillary on the news lying and now I have to hear stories about kerry another liar. I hold the msm responsible for all that is going on, because without the help from the msm this lying from politicians would be investigated.
    If dr.joseph goebbels was right, it only pertains to the stupid people. Similar to the lies muslims tell each other to get people to do the unthinkable,

  10. Obama hired Kerry to destroy his presidency. Obama is trying to knock out all Shi’ites and allow the Alawites to be massacred so the Sunnite Moslems can rule the entire region. The Western peoples made a deal with the Alawites in 1920 that cannot be renegotiated without real treachery! Kerry is flexible so they hired him to destroy the Alawites.

    The American people need to speak out.

  11. I forgot to mention that the 122 field rocket is as ubiquitous as the AK-47. They can be fired using just a bipod to support the rocket as was done to me so many times in my military excursions. The warheads for binary chemicals can be assembled by simply creating two chambers in a warhead with nothing but a simple point detonating fuse. It’s crude but workable. Chemicals can be simply concentrated insecticide in a single chambered warhead.

  12. I have despised that man since the day he threw military ribbons over the Whitehouse fence. He was still in the Navy when he did that and even the medals were a lie. He wanted the world to think that they were his when in fact they came from any Army Navy store nearby.
    So, now the lies continue some forty one years later..

  13. And I have read allegations that the FSA “accidentally” mishandled chemical weapons, killing hundreds. AND they admitted same. NOT widely published or noted.
    Here is one source:

    Evidence: Syria gas attack work of U.S. allies
    Contrary evidence arises as U.S. considers punishing Assad regime
    Published: 08/26/2013 at 9:33 PM

    Chilling information~! And these are whom we are supporting???
    OR, try this one on for size:
    Syrian FSA Rebels Claim Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack: Conclusive Video Evidence

    But our “ruling elite” in the States choose to ignore the tendrils of evidence, or to even question the hints, and go with the rope hawsers of their own bigotry, to further their own imperious agenda.
    As BNI has shown before, al-Assad is the moderate, who stands against the extremist elements in his country, as did Mubarak and Nassar before him, in Egypt.

    Could be, that we’re digging our own graves, and handing the murder weapons to our executioners~!

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