Syrian Army soldiers rescue 16-year-old girl who was pimped out by her FSA father to the rebels

It’s called ‘Sex Jihad.’ Women prostitute themselves to FSA rebels as a way to help the war effort. In this case, the teen girl’s father allowed fellow FSA rebels to rape her on multiple occasions, and her mother warned her to shut up and not tell anyone about it.


35 comments on “Syrian Army soldiers rescue 16-year-old girl who was pimped out by her FSA father to the rebels

  1. Hmmm, you guys obviously haven’t heard of Liberia, where 70% of all the women have been raped at some stage in their life, and it’s a predominantly (85%) Christian.

  2. I wonder if the scuzzlum families were paid to pimp their daughters out to jihadi apes? How sickening. Where is the outrage in the scuzzlum world? where are the protests?

  3. Well I suppose the camel has to have a day off now and again……..How can any Mother just stand by and allow this to happen to one of her own,or not even be outraged hearing about it happening to someone else’s child? All Mothers in every species protects it’s offspring but not these satan followers,they are all pure evil. “Choose life!” we are told in the Bible and these people have surely chosen death.

  4. What sort of “religion” provides rationalization for a daughter to be pimped by her own father? Even the most pagan person who ever lived in times past would be disgusted by this sort of thing happening on earth. Islam is soul-rape, and it leaves people without the ability to make respectable and conscious decisions. This sort of thing just blows my mind, because I cannot imagine how a human being arrives to the point where they become complete inhuman monsters like the people in this story are.

  5. the only ones who saved her was the Syrian Army (the bad guys) and the FSA (good guys to some) used this girl as a piece of meat

  6. If the “rebels” win this thing, they will accuse this girl of prostitution, and she’ll either be shot, hanged, or beheaded. Islam is the most despicable “religion” ever. It was borne out of the very mind of Lucifer.


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  8. Bible, Psalm 27:10 For my father and my mother have forsaken me, but the LORD will take me up.

    Thank you Merciful God for rescuing this child from MONSTERS.

    Thank you merciful Syrian Army soldiers for rescuing this child.
    Psalm 41:1 How blessed is he who considers the helpless; the LORD will deliver him in a day of trouble.

    The vile, demonic FSA rebels that include Obama-George Soros’ big favorites-Al Qaeda, have been armed and trained by U.S. forces. America’s light once shone to the whole world. How dim that light has become. The light is almost gone now.

    Obama-George Soros’ immoral, EVIL war against Syria’s INNOCENTS must stop now!

  9. They hate all things western, yet they are one of the sickest, most perverted cults on the face of this earth. What else can you expect from monsters who worship the devil himself.

    And this is just one child…how many more are being sacrificed for this evil jihad in the name of that devil?

    Poor, poor little kids. Their own mothers think it is fine for them to be treated like this and do nothing to protect them.

    • Apparently it is, it is a part of a Sunni religion. Jihad Al Nikah is the fatwa of Muhammad Al-Arifi, very known Sunni scholar in Muslim world

      • Offensive Jihad is an intergral part of the Qur’an and most sahih two ahadiths. There have been quibbles over whether or not a Caliph is required to lead it, but then again “defensively” offensive jihad is allowed so long as ANY infidel troops occupy ANY “muslim” territories – anywhere in the world.

    • Same here. I have threatened a paedophile in the past that I would ‘do him in’ if he came anywhere near any of my three daughters.

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