The New Muslim Brotherhood four-fingered R4BIA symbol isn’t what Muslims want you to think it is


You may have seen the four-fingered yellow signs, first in Egypt, in protest of the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi. But just this weekend in NY City, they were in abundance at the Muslim Day Parade on Madison Avenue and at the pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstration in Times Square.


Make no mistake, this is not a sign of double peace and it has nothing to do with democracy as Muslims would have you believe. It is all about the Muslim Brotherhood (aka radical Islamists) having just been ousted in Egypt and the efforts to put them back in power despite overwhelming opposition by the vast majority of Egyptians, who, along with the Egyptian Military, successfully deposed the terrorist regime.


The logo symbolizes the worldwide push for a new Islamic Caliphate which was supposed to have had Egypt as its base to extend to the other Arab Spring Islamist-led countries like Tunisia and Libya. This effort was supported, both financially and politically, by Barack Hussein Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood-laden administration. He was joined in support by the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, Obama’s self-proclaimed best friend among international leaders.


In my humble opinion, the sudden urgency Obama has displayed for the removal of Bashar Assad from Syria,  is directly related to the ‘failure’ of Egypt to maintain the Muslim Brotherhood stronghold. Without Egypt, both Obama and Erdogan view Syria as the likely successor to set up a Brotherhood base, from which a second effort to gain control of Egypt could be launched.


They can’t be happy that just today, a court in Egypt has declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be illegal and has ordered all of its assets there confiscated. So, Obama and Erdogan need Syria now, more than ever.


The Muslim Brotherhood declared at the start of the Arab Spring: First we take down the dictators – Mubarak of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya, and Beji Caid el-Sebsi of Tunisia, replacing them with Islamic rulers and sharia law. Next we get rid of the Kings – Abdullah of Jordan and Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. All of this would be the start of the new Islamic Caliphate headed by Turkey’s Erdogan. (Where Iran fits into this picture, I’m not sure)


In any case, you’ll be seeing a lot of this yellow symbol. Think of it as DANGER AHEAD.



h/t Citizen Warrior