BOB BECKEL ROCKS! “No New Mosques until Muslims denounce savage terrorist attack on Nairobi mall”

FOX News resident Liberal, Bob Beckel, for all his liberal views on everything else, is a diehard counter-jihadist and says what the cowards in Washington DC should should be saying about the growing Muslim problem in America and around the world.

This isn’t a one-off. Check links below for other Beckel anti-Islam rants.







42 comments on “BOB BECKEL ROCKS! “No New Mosques until Muslims denounce savage terrorist attack on Nairobi mall”

  1. All Muslims need to be made accountable..Good work Bob..Islam out if the U S and out it the western world altogether.. It is the only way. The behavior the Islamic world to terrorist attacks have made them inappropriate to live in our world .The whole lot of them need to get out. The weakness of Western leaders is sickening.

  2. I don’t care if they denounce it. NO MOSQUES. Get rid of the existing ones and get rid of the moslem population.

  3. If there is such a thing as “moderate” nut, they CAN’T speak out about islamic violence or else they are going against their number one objective: convince America of islamophonia and become a protected class. Much rather have that than to denounce something they know is part of their beliefs.

    • No, Unk, unconditional rejection of all Muslims and mosques. Muslims will never sincerely condemn and abjure terrorism because it is an intrinsic sacrament. They lie when they claim to denounce it “in the strongest possible terms”.

      These are the only possible terms: God damn terrorism, terrorists, their supporters, facilitators, finaciers, approving audience and the institution that perpetuates and propagates the doctrines which inspire them. There are no other terms for denouncing and condemnint Islamic terrorism.

      Screw reciprocity: it will never happen. Read the Pact of Umar and Reliance of The Traveller O11.5.

      No mosques, no Muslims, no students, no immigrants. Send them all home at once.

      • Oh, I know all that, D! I just meant, “Wouldn’t it be refreshingly amazing if one of ‘our leaders’ had the balls to actually make such repricocity a de-rigeur requirement for permitting new mosques to be built – especially knowing that it was calling their bluff?


  4. Dear BNI:

    Well said Bob Beckel! He has called the muzHAMs on the carpet several times during “The Five” show he appears on. Keep it up Beckel!

  5. I absolutely agree with Bob in principal; however he erroneously assumes that there ARE “moderate” muslimes out there who MIGHT actually speak out against the maniacal islamofascist sonsofbitches who go around killing anyone; men, women and children who are not muslimes!!…..He (Beckel) does have it quite right when he says that if they do NOT speak out against these attacks, openly denouncing them; then they are cowards….Helloooooo, Bob!…I may be one of those “radical islamophobes” but I would say that without a doubt they will not speak out (hmm, I think I may have a song here) against these attacks precisely because they ARE cowards, and arselifter=coward!….Keep up the good work Bob; if you hold fast, you may be on the muslimes hit list along with my favorite Baptist preacher, Terry Jones and other defenders against pislam infiltration and dominination…..That is if you aren’t already, which is likely since you have demonstrated the gonads to speak out openly against the demonic demented lowlife arse lifting head banging sonsofbitches who kill indiscrimininately, for fun while shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

  6. Beckel is still a prat…..He keeps saying that, “This is not what your prophet would want”…….Proves just how much most of these commentators actually know about Islam and the muslim mindset…..
    The media, along with ALL our politicians need to get their heads out of their arses and see things for what they truly are instead of either denying it outright or making statements and then trying to cover what they’ve said with tripe about their prophet or what the Qur’an says…….

    It’s as stupid….Like a Jew denying the Holocaust even though his whole family and friends have been slaughtered by the enemy…Even Conservatives embrace the crap that is fed to them about Islam…SHAME on them all who fall for it….

      • I agree, its way too easy for us to comment on Beckel , at least he is doing what he does , while most other media heads don’t even want to go near it.

        We need to use go after islamic jihad and not muslims at the outset, till
        majority wake up to realise the real problem is not just jihadists but Islam

        Then it would be time to go after Islam itself.

        If you need to eat an elephant , you can’t take it in one go , you need to cut it to smaller pieces …thats the kind of strategy that can work .

        Educate and create groundswell of anti-islamic support , then the rest becomes easier.

      • I know what you’re sayin BNI…I’ve been active in this game for over a decade now and I’m sick to the back teeth of Idiots (no matter who or what political leanings they have) being so damn ignorant of THE FACTS about Islam and its promoters…..
        I will repeat…..They need to get educated BEFORE making any statements about which they know little or nothing….

        Beckel does what he does because he’s like Biden…Puts his mouth into drive before putting his brain into gear….He’s still an Obama torch carrier and Lefty fool…..
        I heard him just the other day saying that most “Tea Partiers” weren’t racists…This from a supposedly intelligent carcase that used to call them “Tea Party Terrorists” and insinuated that they were as bad as Islamic terrorists and butchers…..The man is a dick and I’m a Brit saying it…

        Lefty Liberals are the same the world over……Idiot morons who have an imaginary world view of some fantasy Utopia…..Our houses need to be cleaned and these dhimmi traitors along with their muslim counterparts need to be humbled….

        Rant over..Lol….Feel better now……

        • You know how things like Obama claim Assad’s targeting “his own” people? How can they be “his” people (apart from the fact that most of them aren’t even Syrians) when they are opposed to the government he is trying to defend from terrorists?
          They used to say the same sorts of things about Dracula (“He impaled lots of his own people”) when in fact the only ones that got it were the lefty traitors of his time!
          It’s funny how the enemedia refers to all the heavily-armed, violent jihadi invaders as “civilians” all the time (because of course, not being part of the government they violently oppose, nor of any other national army, they are, by default, only civilians) as if that were some sort of valid distinction. The Sicilian Mafia are all civilians, too.

  7. I agree with him up to the point where he said, “This is not what your prophet meant, *as far as?* I know.” That’s the problem in a nut shell. The mall attack is EXACTLY what Muhammed meant. “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” Quaran 8:12. These terrorists were waging “cookbook” jihad. The sooner everyone finally stops trying to say all religions are equal the better. We can’t keep saying “terrorism isn’t in the Quaran.” When we say this, it gives cover to Islam. Islam is just rotten, and it should be thrown on the trash heap of history.

  8. I did not like the laughter from the rest of the panel after Mr. Beckel’s remark’s. It only makes the dummies in this world think it may have been a joke. It also wouldn’t motivate me to speak out if I were a muslim, if people are laughing about what Mr. Beckel said. Don’t forget nobody know’s better than muslim’s what will happen if they speak out against jihad. I know the laughter wasn’t meant to be aimed at the comment. It was only a happy reaction to a liberal speaking his mind.
    Maybe Mr. Beckel should take aim at the msm as well.

    • They laughed because even Fox News is riddled with Political Correctness and let’s not forget that one of the financial backers of Murdochs Fox is an Islamist sympathizer and can pull strings…..This is why Glenn Beck was finished…getting too near the truth…

    • I thought exactly the same way, like a nervous laugh. What you might expect from sinislam dhimmis. I.e. beholden to socialism/Marxism or mohammedanism, or any combination thereof.

    • TON, I saw last night. A lot of what he says is true and I reported on how Obama illegally raised over $1 million for Odinga’s campaign in 2007 when O was a US Senator. Nobody seemed interested back then. I didn’t post it because he is with Alex Jones, which automatically makes anything he says suspect for a lot of people, myself included. Jones is right about half the time, I just never know which half.

  9. Sanity is beginning to prevail.

    Moslem terrorism coming to a shopping mall near you.

    Is CAIR doing anything to stop it?

    Oh…I see…CAIR does NOTHING to stop terrorism, but they tell us not to REPORT the terrorism…

    …see no jihad, hear no jihad, speak no jihad.

    • cair:

      See no weevil
      Hear no weevil
      Speak no weevil

      Weevil is code for anything less than unctuous support for mohammed and his idolatrous followers.

  10. I think we should start a petition to have CAIR named as an accessory to the Kenya massacre, considering CAIR’s defense of Al-Shabaab and their opposition to fighting terrorism. We should also mention CAIR’s role in the Holy Land Foundation trial.


  12. I hope he has a body guard. The is probably a fatwa on him for disrespecting Islam.
    Personally he has my support for his stand on this issue.
    If he had been on NPR and simply said he was uncomfortable with a bunch of ragheads praying on an airplane he would have been fired/

  13. You are correct – the president of America said quite clearly that the critics of Islam will not survive in the future and he American people voted him n for a second term

  14. Doesn’t he realise that the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of islam?

    After all Barrack Hussein Obama told us that at the UN so it must be true.

    Mustn’t it?

    • Ergo: The future WILL belong to those who praise or even accept the prophet (so-called) of islam (not to anyone else, just a murdering caravan bandit). obuMBoy et al?

  15. I was watching this one and about fell off the couch!! He’s got it right on this subject!! Then yesterday he said he had a lot of mulimes emails calling him on it. hahaha…HE’s NOT apologizing!!! Said he doesn’t have to explain himself to them, doesn’t CARE what they think! I loved it.

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