BREAKING! Michael Savage to replace Sean Hannity on WABC Radio


Fulfilling a prediction he made last month, top-rated radio host Michael Savage will take over the prime afternoon-drive slot on Cumulus Media Networks stations. The 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern Time slot is currently held by Sean Hannity, who has ended his relationship with the network.

Hannity has indicated he intends to leave Cumulus and its flagship New York radio station WABC when the contract for his nationally syndicated radio talk show expires at the end of the year. Savage will take over the 3 – 6PM slot in January 2014. In case you don’t know, Savage has been banned from entering Britain for the past several years. He is on the same list with Islamic terrorists. If his show in not in your market, you can listen to him here: TalkStream Live


This is what I love about Michael Savage:

If it won’t play, here’s the link:


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  1. That is exactly how I feel. Sean has been doing great educating people about islam which is what I think every talk show host should be doing. I don’t care for the arguing or the uncle sean crap. I quit listening to savage when after he wrote a novel and kept bragging one of his characters was a good muslim. Like BNI, I think the greatest threat to America is islam and we have to educate others if we want America survive.

  2. I miss his tv show, about 10 years ago now. Or I would listen to him on the radio, and mute my tv with all the video of the US invading Iraq.

  3. In defense of Savage and Hannity as well as other conservative radio hosts. No one is going to be perfect all the time. Dead Air on the radio is a no, no and many times things are said that could have been said better if time allowed. We are all guilty of saying things that if we had time could have been said better.
    I have always thought of myself as lucky to have had so many people like Savage on the radio, otherwise how would we get the truth about what is going on around the world.
    The same goes for the internet and all the information we can only get from people like those at BNI, Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, Walid Shoebat and many more. Tney all do their best to keep us informed. I call it, “fighting fire with fire.” Works for me.

    • Stelios, I agree..I like Sean, Marc Levin but Rush is a bit much for me. I Love Charles Krauthammer but don’t always agree with him on every subject but he is able to legitimize why he says what he does. He was a psychiatrist and a libertarian in his younger foolish years.

  4. I have a sort of love-hate relationship with Savage: He’s endlessly entertaining & enlightening, but he’s often also a mysoginist and has such negative things to say about people who really don’t deserve his spiteful tongue. Also, he either has a major complex or he’s just naturally obnoxious, pronouncing how wonderful he is several times every hour. Sometimes that merits mentioning; mostly, however, it’s just annoying and makes him seem petty and trying to prove how wonderful he is, etc. He needs to let his opinions, intelligence and knowledge speak for themselves – they don’t need personal endorsements all the time. Finally, he often insults and is totally impatient with a caller who only means well and – at least up to that point – praises Michael and has only good things to say; but, like a woman during her menstrual cycle, he often flies off the handle and insults and is rude to a caller whose only offense has been to ask, “How’re ya doing?” Of course, Savage is too important and doesn’t have time for such “meaningless” niceties. Whenever he does that, I seem to feel the pain & embarassment of the caller himself!

    Lately I’ve begun to see Sean Hannity in a new light: He’s NOT like all the other right-wing talk-show guys. He’s become much more knowledgeable – and CRITICAL – about pisslam, and he seems not to do the same old tirades that he did in the past. For a long time I couldn’t stand him; but, as I said, lately I’ve begun to hear him in a new light – and especially appreciate his support of the TRUE Conservative/Libertarian officials in Congress.

    • Joy, I don’t like his narcissism either, but I figure there’s always something about any radio host that I don’t like, so I ignore that stuff. I’m so sick of Hannity’s “dirty air and dirty water” tirades, I use him as white noise when I’m working. I also don’t agree with Savage on everything, but he’s different, and I like different.

      • You put it right on target, BNI! I, too, like Savage for his uniqueness and forthright remarks. It’ll be interesting to see which local station out here in Cactus Land (CA Desert) carries him. We recently got a REAL jolt of wonderfulness when – out of the blue & without fanfare – one of the local stations started carrying 3 hours of Mark Levin in the 3-6 PM drive time!! Hannity is currently on the other talk radio station from 12 Noon – 3 PM. Should be very interesting come Jan. 2014, eh?

  5. Friggin AWESOME!!!!! Thank you for announcing this BNI. I miss Savage so much as I would listen to him from a Vegas station but he was suddenly not there anymore many months ago. I am going to try to get him online somehow, yeah!!!!!

  6. Sean Hannity has an AGENDA and I have tried to get an interview with him so I could further expose the corruption in out government, specifically U.S Customs and other agencies. Agencies I actually worked and have insider’s information. Seans’ program director Lauren was resistant and very difficult and wanted “proof” of my whistle-blowing which I gave and she still gave excuses. I have done interviews with newsmedia since 1995 and also Dateline NBC as well as with Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes, George Putnam of KIEV in Los Angeles. Since when does the media ignore a real whistle-blower with specifics about our country’s national security, smuggling, internal corruption, and corrupt political appointees including our own Congressmen and Senators.
    I took an Oath and was retaliated against and suffered death threats and they don’t “expire”.
    Where’s the help and assistance? Under the law, we are supposed to be protected and we are NOT!
    I have no pension or retirement and all I can do now is “consultant” work.
    I have been fighting corruption for over 25 years.
    Here is a Mark Twain quote: “In the beginning of a change the Patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot”.

    • John, you should try to contact Savage. You’ll probably have to call in to the show one day, a little before it starts and speak to the producer because there is no available email address for him.

      • John,

        Sign up to free blog or set up your blog and write about it and do a pressrelease . This can get your story exposure and you can do it anonymously if you want to.

        If Press/ media wants a interview , speak to only those you know you
        can trust and use email service based outside USA

        Try Russian or chinese servers.

        BNI , you can do an exclusive story , as corruption is the root cause of Islamic infiltration and Islamo pandering senators and media. Unless
        the story reaches the public , its only going to encourage such corrupt practices even more..

      • If anybody remembers the Vince Foster incident? A reporter by the name of Christopher Ruddy did an in depth book and research, with my help, as I was former U.S. Secret Service. Ruddy also wrote a really good article on me and my plight of exposing corruption within my other former agency at U.S. Customs in 1995. See the Pittsburgh Union Tribune.
        I have received Death Threats while trying to inform the American public and all I get is retaliation by the Government.
        I was even a “guest” of the Government when they used an “illegal alien” who is a convicted Felon who got caught lying to “set up” other Customs officials. All illegal procedures and violations of the Law by U.S. Attorney’s. Entrapment and use of an informant is illegal.
        Further, when I tried to recontact Chris Ruddy of News max, I come to find out that he has “flipped” and gone over to the “Dark side” and friends with Bill Clinton, which is giving approval of Hillary by proxy.(Hillary had something to do with the Vince Foster homicide/Suicide and ransacked Foster’s office(also a violation of law) to cover up any tracks)
        Hillary has made it known she does NOT like her SS guards or cops and doesn’t want them around her. (Let her run for President with out them then!!)
        I have NEVER seen such a stupid group of people in my life since the Democrats in charge right now.
        Barry Soetoro(his real name) from Kenya, fires 10,000 Border Patrol , then has a job opening set up so he can hire who HE wants.(probably all Muslims?)
        Why are WE the People allowing such transgressions to occur? Barry has giving aid and comfort to the enemy and that is HIGH TREASON!
        We need people with Military experience or law enforcement to handle a country, NOT “Politicians”….Now I hear talk that Democrats want to have a female President?
        Sounds like the Democrats are running “bets” to see if they can just do it inspite of the Country and the “Damage” it will do. Either way, we need someone with real experience NOT POLITICAL HACKS !!!
        Hell, if we are that bad off, I’ll run for office and fix things quickly and NO support to Muslim Terrorist countries, or groups, and no funding to countries that are supposed to be our “allies”, or drug producing countries, etc…No more Games !!! ,…..John (Just another whistle-blower and Patriot)

  7. I’ve been a loyal “Savagette” for about 13 years now. Mike Is the uncle I never had, and I adore him.

  8. I’ve been listening to Savage since he first went on the air in San Fran in the mid nineties.
    Unfortunately I couldn’t watch your video. It wouldn’t start for me — “video not found”.

  9. Love it. Thank you so much.

    I finally finished a difficult conversation with a stupid anglo-leftie whose only response to my intelligent and documented replies was to say how bigoted, racist and hateful I am. I finally told her to leave Québec and move to Ontario.

    I’ve realized there is no point in debating with these people. Total waste of time. Although I am certain I instilled a bit of doubt in her mind.

    OUF. Thanks again for the feel good video.

    • Marcia, no, his ratings have gone down. People are getting tired of hearing the same tirades day in and day out, at least on radio. But he’ll probably be picked up by other stations like WOR in NYC.

  10. That time slot is good for everyone on the East coast but not as good for those of us on the Left coast. But Hannity had to go. Savage really speaks truth to power. I don’t always agree with him, like his Zimmerman views, but for the most part, he is a serious voice in this war.

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